Scott's Story - Adolf Hitler's Operation Fail Safe Story By Novice Paul Dutton Rewritten By Jean-Marie Stucksi

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Scott's Story


Prologue - Hans' visit to Tesla and construction of the Watch
Chapter I - A Destiny's Awakening - Scott receives the letter from Hans and the watch
Chapter II - Air of Change - Scott travels back in time and meets Hitler
Chapter III - Through the Eye of Insanity - Scott struggles to convince his family and friends and what happened, and returns back in time.
Chapter IV - Night and Fog - The IRA operation and German invasion of Ireland ( the title is also a reference to the Nazi decree about the Gestapo)
Chapter V - The Might of a God's Hammer - Operation Thor's Hammer is implemented
Chapter VI - The Fall of the Red Giant - Thanks to Leon Dégrelle actions, Stalin is captured and the Soviet Union is beaten
Chapter VII - Conspiracy of Death - Scott partecipates to the Wannsee Conference
Chapter VIII - Air of War - The Battle for England, Scott's new planes are put to trial
Chapter IX - Mutter und Vater - Scott's encounters with his father Cyril and his mother in the altered timeline
Chapter X - Nokmim - Scott learns of the danger of the dangers of the Nokmim and confronts his uncles
Chapter XI - Blood is thicker than water - Scott returns to Cyril and has him killed, and also embarks on the quest to capture Churchill. The title also foreshadows the plot twist of Hitler's real relationship with Scott, which is explored in the next chapter.
Chapter XII - A Phoenix of Blood - Scott is flogged and humiliated, but like a Phoenix in its flames, he's bound to be reborn and fulfill his destiny as he's really Hitler' son.
Chapter XIII - A Game of Minds - Scott manages to return back in time and stage an operation against the 2012-Era United Nations. This  however brings the Nokmim and Professor Hawkings into the game, giving  start to the final showdown between Scott and the Reich's enemies.


New York City January 7th 1943

Famed inventor Nikola Tesla died on the 33rd floor room 27 in the New Yorker Hotel.
Within hours of his body being discovered by maid Alice Monaghan, Tesla's nephew arrives at the hotel and is taken to room 3327, only to find his body as well that his uncle technical papers and note books have already been removed. The coroner, as well an hotel guest that is also a medic, diagnose the death is due heart failure. Speculation of the presents and the press is that the FBI had acquired his items and secretly designated them as top secret. They were wrong.
Before Nikola Tesla's supposed heart attack General SS-Obergruppenführer and Dr Ing. Hans Friedrich Karl Franz Kammler had travelled to the morning of January 7th 1943 in New York City, posing as a wealthy  German businessman interested in investing large sums of money in Nikola Tesla wireless electricity.  
During the meeting Nikola Tesla shows Hans how he envisioned a world with free electricity, electric cars, vertical thrust vehicles and pin point laser technology. Hans tells Tesla he is impressed with what he has told him, then hands him the first payment cheque of one million dollars to fund  Nikola Tesla’s wireless technology. Tesla places it in to his coat pocket, and Hans tells him that he needs to gather his papers and note books and get ready to travel to Germany within the hour as he has a plane already fuelled for the trip back to Germany. At first, Tesla has some doubts about the whole affair.
''Isn't a war ongoing in Germany?'' he ask dubiously ''I don't really want to be declared a traitor by the USA government''. Hans is quick to reassure him ''Don't worry, mr, Tesla. No one will know you have been i Germany, we will keep the secret safe. Also, if we succeed, there will be no more war and you will be hailed as an hero by both Germany and America''. Tesla is visibly reassured and says ''Then let me grab my items and I’ll be ready to travel''.
He then proceeds to reveal and unlock an hidden safe in the wardrobe. Once opened, he removes his papers from within the safe, and then Hans asks him: ''With my funding, you have everything you need to complete your work, and I know you realize your work could end all wars and give the people the much needed free electricity. It's simply marvelous, dr. Tesla.'' to which Tesla replies''Yes, effectively here we have my life’s work all down on paper, and exposed in a way that even a child could comprehend it!''
With a sudden move Hans places his left arm around Tesla’s shoulder using the hand to hold his nose and his mouth shut, he then delivers a powerful blow to the chest using his right hand.
Eyes widened, Tesla falls to his knees succumbing to the induced fatal heart attack, Hans still holding his mouth shut as he falls face down on the floor.

Hans proceeds to put Tesla in a fetal position to make it look like he has died in his sleep, Hans gathers Tesla’s paper work he places them in his breath case. He then gently removes the cheque from Tesla’s pocket only to find another note book in the same pocket as the cheque. Intrigued, Hans starts frisking Tesla's body and finds more paper work hidden in the waist band and inner coat pockets along with a safe deposit key with a label on for Seamen's Bank for Savings, 74 Wall St., New York City key number 369.
He proceeds to place everything in the breath case as well, then discreetly exits the room and quietly leaves the hotel. On his way out he stops by the bell boy: ''Please, do send someone to check on my friend, dr. Nikola Tesla, in his room. He wasn't very well during our meeting and send me my way while lamenting chest pains.''''I understand, sir'' replies the bell boy ''I will send a maid to check immediately.'' ''Do it quickly'' replies Hans doing his best to sound worried '' I am really worried and I'm starting to think he's going to need medical treatment''. He then proceeds to hand ten dollars to the bell boy and make his leave.
When the maid sent by the bell boy arrives at room 3327, she tries the door and finds it unlocked, she then excuses herself and walks in only to find Nikola Tesla already deceased laying on his bed. She then proceeds to call for help, and a passing guest who is also a doctor intervenes and confirmes the scientist's death. The police is called and when it arrives, FBI  agents in gray three pieces suits are with them. They frisks and search the whole room to no avail: Tesla's lifetime work is gone.
Now Hans has over 700 patterned inventions of Nikola Tesla along with the secret Tesla  coils technology as well as the scientist’s safe deposit key.
When Hans' taxi arrives at Seamen's Bank for Savings, 74 Wall St, he pays his fair and tells the driver that there is another 100 dollars in it for him if he waits. Hans then gets out of the taxi and walks into the bank.
He goes up to the reception desk and asks to see the bank manager to which the manager arrives, shakes Hans' hand and bring into his office to talk business.
After a cursory drink, Hans says to him:“ I have the key and verbal permission to retrieve the belongings of Nikola Tesla safe deposit box number 369 “ the manager hums a little and replies   “ I’m sorry, but I would also need to have Nikola Tesla signature along with his password (which is ''talking with planets'') on one of our forms before I can even take you down to the deposit vault “
Hans then relaxs on his chair and replies “ Well, then we have a little issue: Nikola Tesla has deceased this afternoon from a heart attack “the manager frowns for a moment, then replies “ Well if you would be able to get me his death certificate along with the approval of his next of kin then I’m sure that would be just fine “.
Having reached the limits of his patience, Hans puts his hand into his breath case, he pulls out a black ivory-plated Luger, cocks it and  points it at the manager’s head and says with cold voice: “ Well, I'm afraid I have to insist you to take to the vault and allow me to open the safe deposit box 369. Trust me, another refusal will be the last thing you will ever say“ the manager pales but manages to blurt “ In that case let me take you down to the vault “. They then get up and Hans cooly  says ''Schon, now don't be an idiot, play nice with me and I will play nice with you, ja?'' ''I understand, sir.''
The two men walk down the stairs to the vault where the safe deposit box is held.
Hans orders the manager to open the vault to which he complies, they walk into the vault and the man shows Hans the safe deposit box. Hans places the key into the box and unlocks it, he then tells the manager to get on his knees, he walks behind him as the man is saying “ Please sir, don’t kill me I have a family “ Hans cracks him with the gun on the back of his head with such brutality to knock him unconscious, making him slumping to the floor, with blood pouring out of the open wound leaving a puddle getting larger and larger as his body pumps the blood around his body and out of the wound. After one minute, the blood starts to get from red to black, irreversibly staining the white pealy pavement.
Hans opens the box only to find a book which is hand written by Nikola Tesla himself, entitled
''My Mind’s Eye''. The book reveals the inside of the working mind of Nikola Tesla as without this book none of Tesla’s inventions could have been built, or even been conceivable. The document is  filled in the gaps to create all Nikola Tesla’s inventions.
For Hans, this the Holy Grail. He places the book into his breath case, he removes the vault keys from the manager’s waist and he pulls the gates shut, he locks them behind him then he walks up the stairs and out of the building then into his waiting taxi, he travels to the LGA Airport. He then pays the agreed money to the taxi driver and hands him 50 dollars more and says ''You have never seen me, understood?'' to which the man replies ''Seen what?''.
Hans personal airplane, disguised as military civil recon, is fuelled  and waiting to take him back to Germany.

In the time between February 1943 and April 1954, ᛋᛋ-Obergruppenführer Hans Kammler
oversaw hundreds of shell oil companies all around the world.
These facilities were run by the SS alongside the Vril Society, and built hundreds of Tesla receiving stations purposely made to look like ordinary oil rigs facilities.Those stations have been built specifically in particular nodal points on Earth,to allow electricity to jump wirelessly from station to station.
The station themselves have been built with four specifically designed Tesla Coil dishes placed
around the base. Once powered up those bases resonated electro-plasma around the whole tower, placing them in a fazed state out of synchronization and invisible in our timeline and dimension.
Those towers were to be used to permanently keep powered every type of Nazi Wonder Waffe and devices, like the Die Glockes ( also known as Nazi Bells).
Once each station has been placed out of our timeline's faze, the respective front company would be dissolved or run at loss.
This was the modus operandi for every company until every receiving station was completed, with the final one being ultimated on 30th March 1945.

After Adolf Hitler seized power in Germany on January 30 1933 Albert Einstein decides to cut all contacts to German institutions with which he had worked .On March 28 he declared he was  leaving the Prussian Academy of Sciences but before he could leave for  America, he was arrested by the Gestapo and  imprisoned,  and forced to work on top secret weapon projects for the  Third Reich under the watchful eye of SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Hans Kammler .
April 1945 nearing the end of the war

In the Owl Mountains, inside an underground complex of tunnels and facilities called ''Der Riese'', the Giant, located beneath Furstenstein Castle, Hans Kammler is overseeing the build of the Die Glocke Designator Pocket Watch version 4. The three previous designators where catastrophic failures.  They practically burnt the test subjects alive as soon as the power button was pressed. This resulted in the grotesque and gory death of many men.
Most of these men were kidnapped German watch makers who had worked at the Hanhart Chronographen before and after the War, while some came from the Stuttgart Uhrhandelmessen Werke.
These workers were forced to build the watches, with their effort coadiuvated by physicist Albert Einstein, who was using Nikola Tesla’s notes to build power coil and relays along with the radiation buffering coil systems for the Die Glockes.
For the past two years Physicist Albert Einstein has been forced to work with the SS Office IX, the Technische Ausrüstung und Maschinen Amt, the technical and machine department.
The Vril Society, alongside the office,  used Einstein’s own design for the nuclear power core but it was way too unstable and in an early, prototypal state.
By using Nikola Tesla’s  notes, Einstein had finally been able to build the power core by using the serbian mastermind's technical data. He miniaturised a power receiving station, powered by miniature high voltage Tesla Coils that draw power from the network of Tesla receiving stations around the world.
These coils were run by the very first android computer made from reverse engineered parts from an unknown and mysterious space ship that landed in Nurtemberg, Germany in 1936.
Only three Die Glockes  had them built in their interphase, the fourth one had a Jewish infant child’s brain as a ''live'' intelligence interface instead of an android computer. This was made possible by Doktor and SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer Josef Mengele research done in Auschwitz Konzentrationlager.
Hans knows there's very little time left, and orders the watch makers to hurry up or he will have them shot. SS men in gray uniforms patrol the workshops with MP-40s in their arms while yelling things such as ''Also los, Bewegung!!'', ''Schnellen ja! Machen sie auch schneller!''
Albert Einstein, his brow madid with sweat replies " They cannot hurry, without my radiation coil system everything will fail as if my calculations are wrong  even under the 1%,  the resulting worm hole will engulf the user  within radiation feedback loops which will destory him and the watch as before.
You need these Die Glockes and the watch to be the most accurate possible or it will fail again ."
Unfazed, Hans replies: '' It'd better work this time as you are testing it personally, dr. Einstein.  I’ve lost three good Aryan SS Officers who were my personal friends, and they were too much for my tastes. I am not going to lose another.'' he takes a deep breath, then calls over his assistant, a balding SS-Sturmbannfuhrer (Major) in black uniform wearing a monocle ''Sturmbannfuhrer Lindstrom, keep an eye on him for now. If he does anything stupid, shoot him.''''Jawohl, Herr General'' replies Lindstrom unholstering his black Walther P38.
Just then one German watch maker  jumps up and shouts: ''Herr General,  I think we’ve  done it  this time! I have used Nikola Tesla’s notes to create it but we do need to install these radiation buffering coil systems that Albert Einstein is building in the four Die Glockes first to be really ready for testing  the watch – with this, it should be fully functional.''
The radiation feedback loops coil systems are of a relatively simple but ingenious design, they were made from two inch thick copper piping with the diameter of eight inches; these pipes were in a circle and their circumference was forty feet around, inside the pipe are hundreds of circular magnets each one facing the same pole north to north, south to south and around the outer circular piping was copper wire completely rapped around like a coil. Inside the Die Glocke there were two of these copper coils: one as the North Pole and one as the South Pole. When they power up the magnets inside spin and push each other forcing them to spin around inside the pipe: the more power the faster the magnets spins. This simple design allows the Die Glocke’s to keep the wormhole stable.

Later that day Hans oversees the radiation feedback coil systems fitting into the four Die Glockes which were launched into space from The Henge, which is a complex ring of stones similar to Stonehenge in England, as both were built by ancient and mysterious civilizations.
Before the launch the Die Glockes had a thin material placed over the outer shells. There had been just enough material for all four Die Glockes ; when powered up this material forges itself together, creating one total skin that covers the outer shell, this material when forged together creates a  light reflective surface, also each  Die Glocke  is set with a different set of rotating mystic key coded runes which are around the base of the Die Glockes. These items when activated shields the Glocke from the enemy and future man made machines giving them the power to stay hidden.

Since Einstein's usefulness it's over and his hatred for the Nazi regime, Hans is not a fool and ties him up to a metal chair bolted to the pavement. He sets the watch for five hours in the past using the same coordinates of the Der Riese facility , he pins the watch to Albert Einstein’s chest ands presses the power button and steps back. Lindstrom, the other SS soldiers and the workers watch without saying a word.
Just then Albert Einstein screams in agony as the symbol on the back of the watch depicting the Schwarze Sonne( the black sun) attaches itself to him, each ray is an electrode, each electrode pierces his skin as it melts his flesh as the watch becomes part of him, just then a blinding white light emanates from the watch encircling the doctor, and blinding everyone else.
As the light dissipates Albert Einstein and the chair have disappeared.
Five hours back in time Albert Einstein appears within the white light intact still tied to the chair, as the German watch maker states he’s finished his work on the watch and that it is fully functional, he looks up , he is temporarily blinded by the light.
As the light dissipates his vision becomes clear, only to see himself tied to a chair with the watch attached to his chest , the same watch the watch maker is holding in his hand, now the watch maker  knows it was a success as Albert Einstein is also sitting at the work bench next to him.
Horrified Albert Einstein is restrained by Sturmbannfuhrer Lindstrom and another SS soldier as he watches on while Hans tries to remove the watch that is attached to the version of himself tied to the chair but the watch can’t be removed as it has become part of his flesh, then Hans removes his SS Honor Dagger; he  cuts two words in Albert Einstein’s chest, then Hans unclips his holster  he removes his custom white plated Luger , then places the gun towards Albert Einstein’s head who is tied to the chair, as Hans points it at his head, he hears the other Albert Einstein who is being restrained at the bench alongside the watch maker. He's screaming: ''No no please, my god no, you need me!!! Please don’t do this!!'' Hans ignores his plea as he shoots him through the head.  Albert Einstein watches as a bullet pass through his future self’s head and his brain matter splats alongside blood and gore all over the wall behind himself. With tears streaming down his face as now he knows his fate is sealed, then he watches his future self-disappear  within a blinding white light as the watch takes him back from when he came. Now back 5 hours in the future the white light appears then dissipates  Hans see Albert Einstein still tied up to the chair but with his brains blown out and the words “ Es werk“ ( ''It works'') cut into his chest, Hans smells the burnt flesh of the powder burn  on the mussel of his gun.
He says:''Excellent,   now that’s what you call a success.'' Hans uses his dagger to cut the watch out from Albert Einstein chest picking out the flesh from the electrodes so the symbol of the black sun is reformed its natural shape.
Knowing his work is done Hans kammler calls Adolf Hitler in the Fuhrerbunker, he tells him that operation Fail Safe test was a 100% successful.
He asks: ''What are your orders now, Mein Fuhrer?''''Proceed immediately'' replies Hitler with voice trembling with emotion '' Gott ist mit uns!! We can't be defeated now. Operation Failsafe is a go. Sieg Heil!''.
Later that night, der Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler arrives to check Hans' progresses.
''For your success'' he says in a speech to the SS troops and officers of the Der Riese facility ''you are all getting promotion and are awarded with NSDAP Golden Badge.'' The crowd explodes in a volley of jubilation and Heil Hitlers.
As Kammler, Himmler, Lindstrom and the other officers make a toast to their success with 1st class quality Champagne; the soldiers starts partying and drinking beer while singing songs such as ''Erika'' and ''SS Marschiert in Feindesland''.
The morning after, the workers are brought out in the woods and shot.
After all the witnesses are disposed of, and the loyal SS troops are rewarded, Hans returns in the laboratory. In the meantime, Himmler oversees that Lindstrom and the other SS soldiers get the last german and jewish scientists locked in the Der Riese inner chambers.
Hans pick up the modified refrigeration back pack, removes some test tubes and vials from a cooler and all the paperwork relating to Operation Fail Safe. He places everything in his backpack, then orders that the surviving workers and scientists locked in the complex are to be buried alive by blowing up the only entrance.
Hans now stands on a deserted hill, the watch in hand and wearing the backpack.
Himmler, Lindstrom and the other officers watch him.  ''Good luck, Hans'' says Himmler ''in your mission rests the fate of the Third Reich'' ''I know, Reichsfuhrer'' replies Hans with determined voice ''I will not fail. Heil Hitler!'' . Himmler and the officers salute him , and he presses the button.
The watch starts to glow white and feel hot, starts to melt his flesh and attach itself to his hand. He then gets engulfed in white light, blinding Himmler and the SS officers. When the light vanishes and they can see again, Hans is gone. He is now traveling to a mysterious destination in Cambridge, England.

Chapter I – A Destiny's Awakening

Today, April 20th 2012

Picture a battlefield engulfed in a bloody and savage firefight. Elite Waffen-SS soldiers to the left, soldiers of the 11th British Corps to the right.
A German SS Marschall is standing atop the battlefield. He is an SS Oberst-Gruppenfuhrer wearing a grey, closed collar uniform festoned with medals, and his name is Scott Sutton.  He gives orders to the Panzer Divion I, his troops have to take the English stronghold at all costs. They are the only ones who can accomplish this mission: the Wehrmacht has withdrawn it's support due to Generaloberst Heinz Guderian's orders. He thinks the mission is impossible, but Scott intend to prove him wrong.
Scott gives the orders to his assistant, an SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer ''Obersturmbannfuhrer Riedman, make the big of our troops advance. The only prisoner we need is Lieutenant General Robert Noden. Kill everyone else, keep only him alive.''''Jawohl, Herr Oberst-Gruppenfuhrer!'' replies Riedman., and relays the orders to the lower officers.
The battle goes on, and the German's centre colum falls back and shouts retreat, much to the English' surprise. They waste no time taking the bait, charging into what they think it's the weak link, and soon they are encircled and massacred. It was a trap, and very few English soldiers survive the onslaught. After the bloodbath, the SS soldiers prevail and starts to execute every prisoner, while Lieutenant General Robert Noden is marched to Scott at gunpoint.
As the two men meet, they shake their hands. ''Jolly good show, old chap'' compliments General Noden ''same time next month?'' '' You bet it'' replies SS Marschall and Oberst-Gruppenfuhrer Scott ''but next time it's your turn to win. Now let's go to relax and drink some beer!''.
Then all the dead English and German troops get up and clean themselves of the dirt. It was all been a WW-II re-enactment.

Monday April 23rd 2012

Monday April 23rd,9am.
Scott is at Addenbrookes hospital, receiving the results of his blood test and his MIR scan.
The doctor tells Scott that his Pituitary gland has switched off the production of testosterone and that he will require an injection of hormone replacement every two weeks by his doctors.
The doctor explains: ''It will be needed a follow-up in one year’s time doing more blood tests to make sure you is getting the correct amount of the hormone replacement. Any question, mr. Sutton?''''No, it's all clear, thank you doctor'' replies Scott, and is now free to go home.

Scott is an IT specialist at Cambridge Computer Supplies High Street, Chesterton, Cambridge.
He is on an annual salary of £24,000 and lives in Chesterton with his partner Rebecca  and four of his kid's children.
One clouded, rainy day Scott receives a large parcel from his uncle Hans in Germany.
Little he knows this is the day where the truth about his True Destiny will unfold.
In the parcel there is a letter, a large and majestic oil painting in which Scott is depicted in black SS uniform receiving a medal from Adolf Hitler and three diagrams: one is of a medal called ''Sieg Uber England'' (Victory over England) and the other two are of a pocket watch called The Designator.
Intrigued by those items, Scott reads the letter.
Here folloes the letter's content:

Dear Scott,

All of your life you have known me as your uncle Hans.
But the truth is another, a truth you may find hard to accept, but the truth nonetheless.
I've been watching over you since your birth in March, 1965. My full name and title is SS-Obergruppenfuhrer und Generalleutnant der Waffen-SS Dr Hans Friedrich Karl Franz Kammler.

Along with this letter, I have sent you a large 3ft x 5ft original oil painting, created in 1942.
In this wonderful artwork you are depicted receiving a medal known as the Victory over England "Sieg uber England" Auszeichnung in Gold, manufactured by Dreschler und Sohn of Munchen.
However, this event has not happened in your lifetime as yet, I will explain to you all about the painting soon but first and foremost I must explain you the current state of affairs.
The History as you know it tells of a Germany beaten by the Allied Coalition but our sum leader, Der Fuhrer Adolf Hitler had one last plan to see his Thousand Year Reich come to fruition, a plan that was instigated in the 1933 and implemented in April 1945.

History also tells of the infamous concentration camp called Auschwitz. Created by SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Theodor Eicke under der Fuhrer's orders, this necessary evil was not a 'death camp' at all, it was in fact a laboratory complex built for my dear friend SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer and Doktor Josef Mengele whose work required live, human test subjects, of which the camp offered an endless supply, to use as guinea pigs.
Mengele was developing a serum which, when injected into the body causes a tumour-like cell to grow on the cerebrum and frontal lobe. The tumour causes a tenfold increase in brain capacity, rendering feats such as learning a language in a day or memorizing complex mathematical algorithms possible.
Also, at the same time Dr Mengele was creating the first test-tube 'younglings' as he called them, in vitro babies you and I call them.

He altered their blood chemistry and composition using blood extracted from reptiles such as crocodiles; this would allow the younglings to heal a broken limb within a day or so, maintaining continued use but without feeling any pain. The amount of plasma in the blood was over three times more than normal; creating vast quantities of hemoglobin’s to aid the healing process. The first test-tube younglings created in the Lebensborn program were abominations with scaly skin, appearing more reptilian than humanoid; with no real intelligence and a a feral bloodlust. God knows how many researchers we have lost to these beasts. Because of their characteristics, we called them ''Troglodytes''.
Those failed test subjects were all disposed of except for one that Mengele kept as a pet knick named Rowdy because he was so noisy, but also not feral and very reliable and faithful.
The initial problems encountered were eventually overcome by trial and error and when Dr Mengele successfully produced his first full human hybrid test-tube youngling, we waited for our orders. For these feats, he was awarded with lots of medals and gold, and a promotion to SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer, which he wished to kept secret.

Until the end of April 1945 I oversaw the production of four Die Glocke time machines and also a gold watch called The Designator.
Each Die Glocke is mystically cloaked using a different set of rotating key-coded runes which are depicted around the base of the machines and around the rim of the watch outer-casing, providing a shield against any hostile, future man-made machines.
Also, each Die Glocke has an outer shell that can bend light this also makes it hard to detect, making it invisible to the naked eye.
On the rear of the watch is a symbol called the Schwarze Sonne, the Black Sun.
And each Die Glocke is linked to the Designator.
Upon setting time, date and co-ordinates on the watch dial, to the required destination and then pressing the power button, you will feel a pain like nothing you have felt before but this will only happen once as the watch will become part of you and merge with your flesh.Do not be afraid, as I know you have always been a very tenocious person, and as kid you never cried when you got hurt while playing.

The Black Sun's rays will glow white hot, shooting forth from the watch-case, each electrode attaching itself to your body, melting your flesh as the Designator becomes a part of you.
At this moment, a blinding light will engulf you and the nearest Die Glocke will open a portal in the fourth dimension, creating two wormholes in the same space but in different time zones, allowing you to travel through space and time, a quantum leap so to speak. With the Designator attached to you, you can control when and where you want to travel to past or future.
We also installed within the Die Glockes a radiation buffering coil system to stop a possible radiation feedback loop; this will keep the wormhole stable, and prevent a massive nuclear reaction.
Once you have played your part in the grand scheme, the past history of the Twentieth Century will change for the greater good of the Thousand Year Reich.

One of the four Die Glockes landed in Kerksburg, Pennsylvania late in the year of your birth, 1965. There are only three left in use. The Americans haven't discovered their true purpose although they have machine Nummer Vier. The Americans were led to believe that the Germans were developing a sort of 'vertical lift', so that's how they have come to see it.

Getting back to the watch, once it attaches itself to your flesh it uses your brain's electrical impulses to keep you in the time era you have set. You will stay in that time unless, by chance you have been rendered unconscious, should this happen, the watch will take you back from whence you came. Don't worry, this will not happen if you fall asleep, only if you get rendered inconscious against your will.
If the watch takes you back the dials will always show the last time, date and coordinates of where you were just in case they are needed.

The time machines were made for the Youngling to be born shortly after the Second World War, you were born in 1965 and as you probably have already guessed, you are the first and only full human hybrid Youngling. I know, this sudden knowledge may get you in disarray, but I plead you to keep a clear mind for your mission.

Now you are in your mid-forties the doctors at the hospital will have told you your pituitary gland had switched off, so now you need to have testosterone injected every fourteen days at your doctor’s study.
The nurse who injects you is switching the hormone for the serum made by Dr Mengele.
The serum injection will cause a tumour to grow and cover your cerebrum and your frontal lobe, just as I explained to you earlier.
This will forcefully change your personality, pushing you to the brink of insanity, living out everything that was and still is Der Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler. But this change will also help you to alter the outcome of the war for Germany, making them the victors and conquerors of the world.I'm afraid this will be the only way, and you will have to face much physical and psychological. But, I know you are a man of temper and steel, and you will overcome this.

Don't worry about the tumour when your doctors will discover it, as it won't kill you as your doctor’s will fear, you are a full human hybrid and your blood chemistry has been re-configured.
Your condition would certainly be terminal if you were a normal inferior human. When we tested the serum in Auschwitz on inferior untermenschen jew subjects they died an agonizing, terrible death, but it was fun to watch as the light faded from their eyes.

Before I had the watch removed from my hand, I travelled to your future and stole the painting from the War Museum in Berlin, along with the designs for the Victory Medal and the pocket watch, to show you your true destiny.  Sadly, when the surgeon removed the watch from my hand, the device's power source was damaged and in the process my hand was crippled.
My disability is not your concern though; it's the power source that needs to be repaired and the only men who knew how to do this I buried alive in a mountain in Poland to cover up the secrets regarding you and your true destiny.
None of what I have told you will ever be possible unless you find an alternative power source to activate the watch. I have total faith in your ability, you will certainly find a new and viable power source, otherwise the painting would not exist in your future for me to steal. Scott, don't worry about finding the Designator, I have it myself and will send it to you when the time is ready.

30th April 1945, Adolf and Eva Braun, faked their deaths and fled to a farm in Argentina where they later had two daughters.

Der Fuhrer's last order to me was to proceed with Operation Failsafe. I, Hans Kammler was never to be seen again and I was never hunted down for war crimes.
I was only ever mentioned once at the Nuremburg War Trials, or so I'm led to believe. It was as if I had disappeared without trace. Some even thought of me as dead.
I used the Designator at the end April 1945 on the mountainside in Poland where I had buried the scientists alive, who worked on the Die Glockes and watchmakers. I left with you and the serum in a modified, refrigerated back-pack to a secret destination in Cambridge England late in 1963 where I met up with the Guardians of the Black Sun, also known as Vril society in a meeting hall somewhere in Cambridge.
There I was presented with a true Aryan female, who was later to become your mother. The Black Sun design on the watch is a secret symbolic representation of you, which you will find out all in good time.

You have been entrusted for Operation Failsafe, let no one stand in the way of your true destiny, the Thousand Year Reich.

Heil Hitler.

Uncle Hans.

SS-Obergruppenfuhrer und Generalleutnant der Waffen-SS Dr Hans Friedrich Karl Franz. Kammler. “
P.S. : Once you have read this letter, destroy it as it’s for your eyes only.

When Scott finishes reading, his hands are trembling.
This all seems impossible, yet he understands that is the Truth. The painting, medal and other schemes are too real to be some kind of joke from is uncle.
Scott now knows this is his true destiny, and hows the letter to his partner Rebecca.
She is baffled, and says: ''You are joking, this a joke set up by that old mad man, you should know better!'' unfazed, Scott replies: ''Just wait and see. When the watch will arrive, you will see that this is the Truth.'' '' You are both mad!'' shrugs her.

Friday 27 April 2012 another small parcel turns up. It’s the watch that Hans promised Scott.
Now Scott is sure that everything is true,
But the watch is broken and non-functional, pre-set for end of April 1945. Coordinates: Ministergarten, centre of Berlin.
Scott tinkers with the watch but he has no luck repairing it.

Since England has been in the EU migrant workers have been flooding in England to make a better lives for themselves.
Sam Omar, the owner of Cambridge Computer Supplies decides he can only afford Scott on half pay at 20 hours per week instead of 40! This puts a strain on Scott`s home-life as they struggle to make ends meet.

Due to this, Scott starts to show signs of deep depression, and he seems to get more and more engrossed in the history of Germany in World War II and the dark side of the torture and killings of the enemies of the Third Reich.

He turns up early to work on a Monday only to find out a polish migrant worker is doing the other 20 hours a week he has currently been cut! His judgment clouded by rightful anger, Scott lashes to the Polish man and a fight ensues, Scott is told to leave and don’t come back until he can apologise!
His mind boggling, Scott goes straight to his eldest daughter, Samantha Sutton, shouting racist remarks and obscenities. The stress of the situation is taking its toll on him.
Sam calms him down and Scott asks Sam’s  boyfriend Mark Harris to come around and tattoo Nazi symbols on his body that Scott himself has designed.

It’s now Wednesday 2nd May, the day of the ceasefire between German and Allied troops.
Scott gets up and heads to work to apologize. When he arrives at work, Sam notices Scotts tattoo`s, Scott gets called into the office where Sam then tells Scott that due to this, he has to drop him. Angered, Scott throws a large tantrum. Police is called and Scott gets arrested but no charges are made and Scott is free to go home later that night.
Scott finally reaches his home, only to find his partner Rebecca is packing, as she’s leaving him. Confused and heartbroken, Scott asks: ''What’s going on, what are you doing?'' to which Rebecca  replies ''You now have no job, you got arrested, you have spent all our savings on Adolf Hitler and Nazi shit. Scott, do you realize that we couldn't afford the rent and other bills, they have spiralled out of control and we have an eviction order. An eviction order! And all you seem to care about is WW2 re-enactment or Adolf Hitler! You don’t seem to care about me and the kids anymore. You are not the same anymore, you have become sinister and frightening at times.'' she sighs '' I am worried for your health and I love you, but I also have to think about my children and my interests.''  
Scott is left speechless and says nothing. Rebecca  leaves with the kids.
After his eviction order is served, the Town Council re-house Scott into an old non-modernised house with dangerous electrics and very bad plumbing.
Scott’s depression is so bad now he only talks about Adolf Hitler, the Third Reich and how they should have won the war, as if they had won, this country would have been a better place to live.

Rebecca  gets a part time job to make ends meet while living with her mother. Scott is unemployable in his current state.
As Rebecca  leaves early for work, she calls around Scotts and she knocks his door.
Shuffling, Scott opens the door, Rebecca  walks in and says :''This place is a shit hole not fit for rats, look at this place! If you want me and the kids back you have to fix this place up starting with the electrics and plumbing. And that’s if you are somewhat capable to  pull yourself away from that shit you’re so indulged in and put that fucking watch down. And listen to me when I’m talking to you!" Scott ignores Rebecca  as she continues to rant and rave at him, Rebecca  says ''Forget it'' and leaves for work.

After a while of being on his own he manages to pulls himself together, picks up a screwdriver and step ladder and tries to fix the strip light in the kitchen. Whilst working on the light the step ladder moves and the screw driver slips Scott is electrocuted, but it’s unlike a normal electric shock: it’s a tingle that runs through his whole body, as if he was like a conductor, Just then The pocket watch in his top pocket glows white hot burning a hole in his shirt then melting his flesh as the electrode becoming part of him, Scott think he is having a heart attack with the pain in his chest when he see the blinding white light , the pain subsides and the white light fades he is partly blinded by the light, he can hear bullets ricochet. As this happens, he realizes that Uncle Hans told him the truth, and it wasn't a joke.
Scott is amazed as he finds himself transported in a middle of a fire fight in the streets of the Ministergarten in Berlin in April 1945 at the end of the war, the Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) and the Volkssturm alongside a lone Wehrmacht officer holding their own against Russian veteran troops. Bullets are flying everywhere.
Trying to not get himself killed, Scott runs to seek cover but is shot clean through his right four arm which spins him round and knocks him to the ground; he manages to pick himself up and find cover. A young Hitlerjugend boy sees Scott run into a corner of a building, and mistaking him for a enemy, he throws a hand grenade behind Scott’s position. Scott sees this and runs as fast as he can back into the hail of bullets, but the shockwave of the blast knocks Scott unconscious and the watch returns him from whence he came, engulfing him in white light. The Germans and Soviets not noticing, mistaking it as an artillery shell explosion.
Also, Scott brought most of the blast back with him within the white light smashing him into the kitchen cupboards, breaking them up as he falls to the floor unconscious. The kitchen now looks like a battle field.

On her way home from work Rebecca  decides to drop in on Scott she finds him knocked out cold in the wrecked kitchen. Alarmed and very worried for his health,, she calls for an ambulance, when the ambulance arrives they refuse to go in until the police have checked out the premises, thinking it could be worse of a simple incident. Rebecca fears it might be an attempted suicide, and the paramedics agree.
The police establish that the reason was Scott thinkering with pyrotechnics from his re-enactment that went off by mistake and he is taken to hospital.

Whilst at the hospital,  Rebecca  seeks out the doctor to find out what’s going on and requests Scott sees a physiatrist. Rebecca  asks for help because Scott’s obsession is getting out of hand and she thinks he tried to kill himself, as she knows he's depressed but not knowing what really happened. The doctor request X-rays and an MRI scan to see if Scott has got any serious damage during the explosion. The X-rays shows one broken bone where the bullet went clean through Scott’s arm and the MRI results show Scott has a brain tumour its unlike anything the doctors have seen before and they have no explanation on how Scott is still alive with a tumour this size.

Scott finally comes to senses, the doctor goes to Scotts bedside to give him the bad news.
Scott doesn’t seem to care about anything other than trying to tell the doctor he was just in Berlin in 1945, and if he could go back again he would devise a way of meet Adolf Hitler, without being killed as an English spy, and try to change the course of England, Germany and the world's history. ''I am serious, doc'' he proclaims with a resolved stare.
The doctor is worried and says “It wasn`t real Scott This is your brains way of coping with the tumour. We fear that those delusions may get worse," Scott tells the doc "You don’t understand, no-one understands, only I have this opportunity and I’m not going waste it.  I will re-create the accident even if it kills me. I got to try, I HAVE to,  anything would be better than this shit country we live in now, a disgusting immigration cesspit". The doctor is baffled, but says nothing.
Scotts arm get put in plaster and doctors request blood tests and a biopsy of the tumour. Scott allows the blood to be prelevated but refuse to the biopsy.

Chapter II – Air of Change

Scott discharges himself from the medical care, dresses up and goes home.
He finds a letter from Rebecca  stating that due to his current situation, he is to be deemed a danger to their kids and he can't see them for the time being. She also reccomends for him to help for the little time he has left. Initially a bit shaken by this, Scott quickly overcomes this emotions, as he rationalizes that if he is correct in what is happening, the future of the world and his own will be changed for the better.
Scott cuts off the cast from his arm, discovering that it has nearly healed, so he decides the only way to meet and gain Adolf Hitler's trust is to befriend him before his rise to power.
Scott then devises a plan to get Hitler think he saved him from bullets during the Putsch March on 8th Novemeber 1923.

Scott replaces the fuse wire for the downstairs room's lights, sets the Designator for 20th January 1923 outside Bürgerbräukeller Beer Hall in Munich , picks up the burnt screwdriver and crosses the two wires as before.
As predicted, the watch glows white hot and a white light soon engulfs him.
Overcoming the pain,  Scott finds himself in Munich outside the beer hall.
To sustain himself for the time being, Scott finds a labouring job and stays in Munich for most of that year.
He sits at the back of the beer hall every time Adolf Hitler makes a speech, Scott made sure he was there at the back of the hall to oversee that everything went well.
If someone from the opposition or a troublemaker threw a bottle or made Hitler look a fool Scott would get violent and hit them with his trusty Billy club until they passed out.
Hitler seems to not notice him, but Scott does not lose his confidence. He will get in the Fuhrer's inner circle, no matter the costs.
But one night late in October, everything chages.
A man keeps heckling Hitler during his speech, and SA brownshirts do not seem to take any action. Scott loses total control and hits him very hard in the mouth with his Billy club.
He hits him so hard that the man’s teeth flies across the table, then he jumps him and starts beating the ever living out of him. Blood, mucus and tears are getting out of the man's head, as he cries and begs for mercy. Scott does not listen to him, and brutally lodges his Billy club in the man's eye socket, popping out the eyeball in what is literally a shower of blood. Hitler stops speaching, and alongside the audience starts to watch the beating with amazed expression. Not satisfacted, Scott drags the mn while he's bleeding and screaming for mercy outside the hall and in the dark streets. He decides it's time to try out his new, shiny leather jackboots, and start stomping the man's head. With every hit, the skull crack open and the other eye pops out the socket, splurting blood and gray matter all over his boots and black trousers. Scott hears a police whistle in the cold of the night, and makes his leave as the clacking of the police's boots gets closer.
The following evening, as Scott enters the beer hall a SA brown shirt accosts him and informs him that Adolf Hitler has noticed him and would like ''a little chat''.As he enters Hitler's room, Scott notices the Fuhrer himself, his gaze staring out of the window in the distance.
''Your little display last night has attracted the attention of many of my supporters, and myself'' says Hitler while turning to Scott '' I appreciated it. It showed everyone to not mess with us.'' '' I just did what I felt it was right – he was making you ridicolous, and I couldn't stand that.'' replies Scott with deferent tone. Hitler quietly nods and says '' You seem to be a very capable and loyal man, and that's what I look for in my lieutenants. What's your name?'' ''My name is Scott Sutton, and I am a english  migrant in Germany.'' Hitler seems a little surprised for what Scott has said, then nods again.
'' My nationality is a problem?'' says Scott a little worried. Hitler shakes his head a little ''Not at all. The English are a proud people, and I admire them. Besides, you actions of last night demonstrated that you are more German in the facts than some of the ''men'' around here.''
Scott is moved by Hitler's words but says nothing. Hitler looks at him with trusting eyes, and says '' Say, Scott. The time of words has ended, and the time of action has come. We are going to act on the 8th of the next month, and we will start our crusade to free Germany from the Jews and democratic's claws. Would you be one of us, and watch my back?'' '' It would an honor, mein Fuhrer'' replies Scott. ''Good'' nods Hitler ''I wish that more of my men would be like you.''
In the following hours, Scott is given a SA uniform and gets the rank of SA-Fuhrer.  He also makes the acquaintance Heinrich Himmler and Julius Schreck, and quickly strikes up friendship with them. The young Himmler confides Scott '' One day, we will fund an army worthy of the Fuhrer, an army that will earn the praise of our allies and the fear of our enemies.'' Scott nods with approval: he knows that Himmler is speaking of the SS.
The days go on, and the fatidic day of the Putsch arrives.
Through a serious of clumsy manoeuvres, the Nazis took over the Bürgerbräukeller Beer Hall in Munich and detained some of the Bavarian government leaders on the evening on 8 November 1923.
The putsch attempt almost fell apart during that night. On the following day Hitler and the Nazi leadership, determined to seize the initiative by marching on downtown Munich, with the intetion to take over the Bavarian War Ministry.

It was a dull and cold day, and around 2000 Nazis marched to the town square to rally citizens to join their cause and north toward the War Ministry building on Ludwigstraße on 9 November 1923. During the march Scott made sure he was directly behind Adolf Hitler, guarding not only his back, but also his left and right.
The nationalsocialists crusaders approached a bridge over the Isar river they come upon a small Bavarian police barrier but they brushed them aside and the police let them through.
Halfway through the march Hitler gtes word that the Bavarian police had turned on Rohm and his SA brown shirts so Hitler decided to march to Rohm’s aid, as they came out of the narrow streets they were blocked by lines of Bavarian police on Residenzstraße by the side of the Feldherrnhalle.
Just before reaching the Odeonsplatz, Ulrich Graf steps forward and shouts, "Don´t shoot! His Excellency General Ludendorff is with us!" The police levelled their bayonets and pistols and start clubbing people.

A shot rings out. Whoever the shooter is,  police or Nazi Scott can’t see make out and just then a police Feldewebel slumps down dead. For a brief moment, silence falls on both parties.
Angered, the police open fire with a ragged burst of their carbines and Kar rifles.
Adolf Hitler has linked arms with his comrades in the second row, and Hitler’s friend and bodyguard Ernst Scheuber-Richter is killed and falls to the ground in the front of Hitler.
Seinsing the danger,  as they fell Scott put his left arm around Hitler’s neck using his full body weight on his shoulders forcing him down, at the same time Scott pulled Ulrich Graf in front of them both to shield them.
Graf gets shot several times ,as Scott pushes Hitler to the ground he dislocated his shoulder and Scott takes a bullet to his right shoulder which threw him to the ground cracking the back of his head and he was knocking him unconscious.

Chapter III – Through the Eye of Insanity

When Scott finally awakes he finds himself back in his kitchen on the floor. Still drifting in inconsciousness, it seems to him as he opened his eyes that someone was standing over him. He glances black, leather boots for a moment. In an eye blink, they disappear, and when Scott sit up, nobody's there.
To his amazement, he starts to realize that he must have brought back someone’s legs still clad in the boots back in the white light. The gory tops of the legs were fused like they had been cut with a plasma cutter and this amuses him.
He then realizes he had been shot and the bullet had gone straight through. He fully knows of his regenerative abilities, but the bullet has to be carved out for the wound to heal properly.  He heats up his trusty pocket knife he always carries with him using the gas cooker, he then burns the open wound on his shoulder to cauterize and close it.
He whinces a little, but being almost impervious to pain, he does not react much.
Scott can’t wait to tell his brother James what he has done, he runs to his place to tell him what happened.

But what James tells him doesn’t please Scott at all. ''Scott, you have to stop making your make-believe fairy world, you can get yourself in an institute if you don't change your tune. You have to try to live out well the scarce time you have left.''
Riped of uncontrollable anger at hearing his brother's cold words , Scott suddenly head butts his brother James making his nose explode in a shower of blood that starts pouring everywhere.

While James is disorientated Scott grabs James' son Andrew with laptop in hand from the couch by force. Andrew is a renowned computer hacker, at the early age of 10 he hacked Microsoft' servers and gave himself 50000 points which then allowed him order himself 1500 optical mouses, which made him an hefty sum of money.

Scotts needs Andrew’s skills for his next phase of the plan, and also grabs James' car keys , driving off with the boy in toe.
Scott takes him to the rear of Internet Jaffa Café in Mill Road which is owned by his former employer Sam Omar, from where Scott wants Andrew to hack the US government's FBI servers.
One contingency of the plan is that in the eventuality the hack is traced back to Sam he would be arrested for the crime as Scott cleverly orders Andrew to leave the evidence on the Jaffa Internet Café Internet server computer  that’s behind the shop counter, which will incriminate his former boss Sam Omar as a terrorist.

Scott gets Andrew to hack past the firewall, into the mainframe computer and to the American M.O.D archives, that Andrew shows Scott. Thanks to his Ubermensch abilities, Scott finds easy to memorize and remember.
When Andrew is finally in the archive, Scott takes over using the laptop after Andrew has broken through the M.O.D encrypted files and gets into the World War Two Usa and Nazi top secret plans,  With Andrew’s help Scott managed to steal the schematics of the Junkers Ju 390 v2 prototype, the 22 kiloton atomic bomb and the Horten Ho 229, they leave a copy of the evidence they took on the Jaffa Internet Café’s server computer before they are discovered they make there get away and Scott drops Andrew off close to his dad's house not wanting another confrontation with his James Scott leaves, giving Andrew a fifty ticket for his silence.

Scott rings his daughter Sam’s boyfriend Mark Philips, a very capable tattoo artist.
He asks him to tattoo the stolen schematics all over his body, it was a long, boring and itching process which took most of that night and the next day making sure each schematics was perfect and on-point, once the tattoos are finished Scott goes home dresses up in his black SS Leibstandarte Obergruppenfuhrer uniform, replaces the fuse in the fuse box and electrocutes himself in his kitchen, he returns to Berlin in 10th January 1933 but he forgets his fake papers he leaves them on his table in what’s left of his kitchen.
When in Berlin Scott is spotted by the police while walking down the street. They look at him suspiciously, and stop him. ''Halt! You there!'' shouts the officers, Scott stops he turns to the officers and say ''Can I help you with anything, meine Herren?'' to which one officer coldly replies ''Ja, you can start by telling me about the bogus uniform you are wearing.'' Scott replies ''It is a SS leibstandarte  uniform, as I am one of Adolf Hitler’s personal body guards here are my papers.'' The guards look at him with distrusts ''There is no Leibstandarte, only the and the small SS, and they have a brownshirt uniform, not a black one.'' Scott searches  in every pocket for his papers but to no avail as he has forgot them. Just then Scott realizes his fatal mistake: the SS Leibstandarte wasn’t formed untill the 10th  November 1933, on the 10th anniversary of the Beer Hall Putsch 1923 so how will he explain his mistake. Scott is arrested with the accuse of impersonating an officer, a capital offense in Germany.

While in custody he is brought in the basement that acts as torture cellar, left to stand on a block of ice bare foot while his arms are tied behind his back and hung on a hook. Men of the police and the Stabwache SA starts to beat the life out of him, with the intention to make him talk.

During the torture that would have broken any lesser man, all Scott tells them is his name and that he is coming from the future to help Germany win the war, as Germany loses the war in his timeline. Scott  also tells them he wants to make England a better place to live under German occupation . After a week of torture the police finally contacts Adolf Hitler to see what he wants done with the English spy.
When the door opens, Adolf Hitler walks in and sees a man that has been beaten to black and blue pulp,  his hands tied behind his back, hanging from a hook on a beam in the roof with rope tied around his hands, and wiith his shoulders clearly dislocated.
Hitler thinks he recognises the man’s hand and neck tattoos, he's his old English friend Scott he hasn’t seen since the failed coup in1923. Worried and enraged, Hitler orders the police to let him down, tend to his wounds, clean him up and bring him to him in his conference room.
A while later. Scott is also reunited with Himmler and the other comrades. Himmler in particular promises him he will see for the police and SA officers to be punished, and also appoints him SS-Sturmbannfuhrer, one of the highest ranks of the time.

When Scott is presented to Adolf and his inner circle of  gerarchs in Hitler’s conference room he tells them about the future and how he thinks he can help them to win the war over in a discussion.

The generals are amused and disbelieving with what Scott has told them,  Generaloberst Hoffen says '' But there is no war at the moment.'' Scott patiently explains 1 September 1939, 62 German divisions supported by 1,300 aircraft began the invasion of Poland. At 8pm on the same day, Poland requested military assistance from Britain and France. Two days later, in fulfilment of their April 1939 pledge to support the country in the event of an attack, Britain and France declared war on Germany.
World War II had then  begun, and what Scott has tattooed on his body will change the course of history so Germany will win the war and change the world.
Scott explains he has come to 1933 so German scientists have 6 years to build the atomic bomb but the first and foremost the Jewish scientist Albert Einstein must be arrested before he leaves Germany on March 28 1933, as he is the one who helps the Americans to build an atomic bomb before Germany does, when Scott removes his shirt the German Generals are amazed at the diagrams all over his body and they start to believe in what he has to say.
Scott is now guarded around the clock by two Gestapo officers 24 hours aday 7 days per week.
In the following months is assistance and help earn him Himmler's admiration and honors, who appoints Scott as a SS General with the rank of Oberfuhrer. He also gives Scott his own SS guard cadre, with SS-Sturmbannfuhrer Stucks as his aide and handler for day-to-day operations.

Chapter IV – Night and Fog

Finally, on September 1933 Operation Fail Safe, Operation Thor’s Hammer was implemented and ordered by Der Fuhrer Adolf Hitler.

Ireland, January of 1939 German SS and Wehrmacht operatives are secretly deployed in southern Ireland to work on farms, these farms were training camps for the IRA organization.
The German operatives trained them in hand to hand combat, sabotage, guerrilla warfare, along with tactical training during this time the plan for operation hostile takeover was put into motion, like they did with Fracisco Franco's militia in Spain, during the Spanish Civil War. Scott has fought valiantly in it, earning even more of Hitler's respect, several decorations such as the Spanish Cross in gold and diamonds and the rank of SS-Gruppenfuhrer, with a commission of Oberst der Reserve in the Wehrmacht.

The German invasion of Poland  began on 1st  September  1939. A state of emergency was declared by the Government in northern Ireland.
On the 3rd September 1939 England and France finally declare war on Nazi Germany.

The head of the IRA comes up with a plan to run a Christmas Horse Fair in Dublin, Eire, Southern Ireland, and Republic of Ireland from Saturday 16th to Saturday 23rd December. The fair would consist of show jumping cart racing which is a form of  Chariot racing and show horses and presentes every competitor with a healthy horse with a 'chance' in Irish Free States' great £100,000. The money are provided by the German government so people would come from miles around to have a crack at the main prise. The fair would also be a way to get 3000 men into Dublin without anyone smelling a rat or calling the English government.
The fair is going great everyone is in high spirits the IRA's cavalry men are in position tending to their horses while at the fair.
Its Friday night, 7.00 pm and the main group sets off one regiment head off to the Magazine fort while the other regiments head towards the rail station.

It’s nearly 8pm they have arrived at The Dublin Magazine Fort in the west of Dublin city, north of the River Liffey within Phoenix Park. The building is located in the south-eastern part of the park, close by a wooded ridge, and has a commanding view of the surrounding area, useful for cover fire and tactical aid.

On duty was positioned a small detachment, one Non-Commissioned Officer, six men armed with rifles and one Lewis gun, one Military Policeman, a fire picket presidiated by one NCO and four men also equipped with rifles.
The guard party was riled-up for duty on the evening of 22 December and given precise instructions as to their duties for the next morning.

The Magazine Fort did not have its own unit troops, these were supplied from infantry units stationed in the Command area. That particular night the 7th Dublin Infantry Battalion, a reserve battalion stationed at Portobello Barracks, was responsible for supplying the guard whilst the fire picket was supplied by a unit stationed in Island Bridge Barracks.
At about 8pm the commanding officer leaves his post to head towards the city, the MP guarding the gates had to switch on the outer lights on which illuminated the entrance, then opened the inner gate and the outer gate .
This act was against standard procedure, but this was a regular occurrence for visitors arriving or leaving the fort. when the officer cleared the gate the MP closed both gates then went back to his post,
At about 8:20pm that night the son of the officer in charge, a young NCO, arrived and rang the front gates bell and was welcomed in.
At about 8:30pm the front gate bell went again the MP at the gate sees a man in civilian clothes standing there with a parcel in his hands, he sais this parcel is to be delivered to the officer in charge.

The MP replies by saying he would take the parcel in for the man as he bent down he placed the parcel on the floor to unbolt the gate just then he saw the muzzle of a black revolver pointing straight at in his face. The man then told the MP to open the gates then stand back with his hands up in the air ''Do not try anything funny my bud,  or I will blow your pretty face off''.
At this point a IRA hit squad appears from both inside and outside the fort, taking advantage from the darkness, confiscating  the weapons of the sentry and MP. After opening both gates and with threats to his life the cowardly MP run in the other direction crying for help. Another man appears from inside the fort and cracks the MP on the side of his head knocking him to the floor, then he's marched back to the gates.
The two hostages are used as human shields and forced to march into the guard room catching the remaining soldiers off guard who surrendered without a fight.
In the , a second crack team of IRA overwhelms the fire picket troops these captured troops where held prisoners until 10:10pm, during the time of their incarceration the men heard lots of heavy vehicles coming and going at around 10:10pm the IRA team locked their prisoners up in the magazine area that was now completely void of arms and ammutions.
The alarm is quickly raised at the Island Bridge Barracks when the stolen lorries failed to stop and drove through the gates. The IRA troops drive every truck off the base but only 18 lorries helds the weapons.
10-50pm a party of soldiers is dispatched from Portobello Barracks to investigate what had happened at the Fort. The soldiers capture two of the IRA hiding near the fort's entrance and the general alarm is rang.
It’s now 12am, a fresh guard was sent to the Magazine Fort, their orders were to arrest of the old guard which they did.

Although this raid has been successful this night isn’t over by a long shot, there is still a lot of work to be done.
During the time of the raid over 2500 strong IRA battalion cleverly disguised as British soldiers have captured Dublin’s train station. It has not been an easy task, arming so much men and procure the equipment and the false uniforms, but tonight everythig is paying off.
The men start to quickly dismantle the train carriages, ripping out the bench seats, allowing for more standing room, they have also docked livestock carriages to the rear of the train to carry more personnel as possible. With every action, with every preparative, England's downfall is coming closer and closer.

There is an English speaking  officer at the Dublin train station,  dressed as a captain he states on the phone that he needed to speak to all the station masters who were in charge of the station guards, he called ahead from Dublin through to Belfast railway stations, he stated that he was in charge of a British garrison that was recently stationed at Portobello Barracks to which he has called ahead demanding that the rail way line to the Irish border passed between Newry and Dundalk was to be left completely open as this was a national crisis which needed swift decisive action before the capital Belfast is overrun by the IRA, he tells a story that is so unbelievable it could only be true, if they decide to check up the basis part of the story would match but this was a total bluff and could only be carried out if they believed in what he tells them.
The story he told was that the IRA had successfully raided The Dublin magazine fort, he mentioned of two IRA men left behind that where captured then interrogated these men told of a secretly formed IRA battalion heading towards Belfast to capture the capital and that they were armed with Thompson machine guns along with mortars and hundreds of thousands other small arms.
He needs the railway system as it was the fastest way to get his troops straight into Belfast and cut off the IRA attack leading them into a trap. None of his tactical plan would be possible without the use of the Dublin to Belfast line, if they accomplish their task quickly and efficiently this attack could be stopped before they capture any major tactical ground and get any advantage over the army.
If the station guards were to follow his orders without question he will request medals of valour for each of them for their part in stopping the assault on Belfast.
The station guards finally agree to do so, the officer states: ''A small contingency of British troops will lead in the first train to ensure all lines are open, thus readying the way for the main column riding on the second train. Is everything clear?'' to which the guards reply ''Yessir !! We will clear all the lines ahead, you will find them open and while await your arrival.'' ''Then let's get to work and not waste anymore time!'' cuts off the captain.

Before the trains leave the men disable all the phone lines in the area. They don’t just limit themselves to cut them, they go as far as to remove a large section as this will stop anyone trying to reconnect the cut wires if found. They then proceed to wire the station with booby traps so if anyone tries to enter or leave the station it will be blown to bloody pieces.

The first train pulls out of the station, it drives 30 minutes ahead of the second train. It has only two carriages attached inside with 96 men, on top of the first carriage there are 4 fully trained professional snipers, with the task is to clear the railway lines and stations of any personnel guarding them, dismantling phone lines and leaving booby traps at each station.
This tactical action will allow the second train with 2000 troops along with 10 tons of the arms on to drive through to Belfast unimpeded.

The other 400 IRA troops burst into houses and businesses in the surrounding areas and accommodate every transport they can get their hands on, lorries and cars they even acquire a bus, the main bulk of the men drive to their destination along with the other 10 tons of arms within stolen trucks taken from the magazine fort they head off to capture  Dublin’s new airport, Aer Lingus just at the time of its completion so its internal roads, car parks and electrical power and lighting are all set up and running. They encounter very few resistance for the moment, apart from some trigger-happy proprietor and constable.

In the following minutes, the cavalry is radioed, their orders are to head to the train station then guard it at all costs awaiting the backup.
Five-hundred cavalry men mount up, they charge off a crossed the fairground the punters at the fair think this is some spectacular sceptical clapping, cheering as the cavalry ride through and off, the grounds shacking beneath the horses feet as they hit the road. It sounds like thunder rolling down the street.
Some raise their rifles while the others raise their hand guns as they race street to streets making their way to the station. To some of the bystanders, this seems to be a scene from the Far West found in books.

The lorries convoy head off with a 400 men strenght, all are armed with american Thompson machine guns and thousands of rounds, they drive to the new Airport, to capture then establish the first German airbase within Ireland, which according to Scott's plan, will completely change the course of the Battle of London.
On their way to the airport they come under fire by enemies at several road blocks but they smash their way through using the trucks, cutting down the armed guards in a hail of bullets: the British were no match for the Thompson machine gun as they were only armed with rifles.
The men to the rear of the convoy take care to pick off any stragglers at the blockades as they rode through, leaving very few survivors.
When the main bulk of the 400 strong reach the airport and they find it lightly guarded by night watchmen.
Lady Luck is smiling to them, and they capture the airport with ease, securing it by 2am.

When the cavalry arrives at the station they quickly dismount, they armed themselves with better guns from the supplies left behind for them.

During this time the Luftwaffe Squadrons of fighter planes, Fallschirmsjager paratroopers along with cargo planes carrying flak guns, search lights along with other provisions to secure and hold an airfield, takes off from Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany, heading for the newly established airbase. The planes used are the Mark I prototypes, superplanes inquadrated in the Wunderwaffen Program. They however still have some flaws, as somw of them lose their balance and tragically crash on landing.
It’s now 3AM and the Germans come under fire from the RAF, the main bulk of Luftwaffe new fighter planes engage them while the others stay by the side of the paratroopers, there are dogfights covering the night sky and flaming and tracer bullets rain down, there’s just too many Luftwaffe fighter planes for the RAF to put a dent in them also the RAF were not trained in night fighting at the time. Unsurprisingly, it was even more dangerous to dog fight at night with no moon in the sky, and the first wave of RAF gets lucky to fly back to base with no fighters lost.
During the retreat, the second wave comes in for the attack the Luftwaffe losses are minimal thanks to the state-of-the-art planes and the second wave of RAF retreats due to very low ammo and wounded pride. With the superplanes, the fate of more than one RAF ace pilot has been sealed tonight.
Now the Luftwaffe squadrons follow the plan separating into five groups and head for their destinations, during the attack three British planes are lost, the rest were followed for several mile before losing the Luftwaffe while heading back to the base.
It’s now 3.30 AM and the pilots see the landing lights on the runways at the Aer Lingus facility,  it’s a go, and with  the green light on the paratroopers descend from the skies over their destinations,  and over 1000 men are successfully dropped. Along with squadrons of fighter plans, cargo planes landing at the newly acquired airbase, setting up a defensive line and a new command station, they set the anti-aircraft  guns and search lights in place just in case of an attack before the first light.
Now three Luftwaffe's fallschimsjagers squadrons comprised of 1000 men strong each are over their destinations the first drop of men  concentrated in a triangle between the northern half of  Lough Neagh, Divis Mountain above Belfast, capturing the air fields at Aldergrove, Langford Lodge and Nutts Corner.
At the same time, the fourth deployment of Fallschirmjagers 1000 strong was dropped near Lisburn and captured the airfield at Long Kesh and guard access road and rail links between Belfast and the south.  

In the middle of that night the first train comes upon the border.
Both side are heavily armed, but at the south side of the border the four snipers make short work of the main guards as the train blows its horn twice as it comes to a stop.
The IRA men rush out of the carriages, they overwhelm the rest of the Army guards, they capture the station master and the men left guarding the station.
To prevent the call of reinforcement, they immediately cut the phone lines then booby trap the station with bombs, as they did in the previous stops.
Done that, the IRA men heads to the north border station, and by this time the second train sets off loaded with ten tons of small arms and 2000 tactically, German-trained IRA troops to follow the rail.
According to the plan, this journey should go without a hitch, if and granted the first train accomplishes its mission.

It’s now 3.45 AM, and the first train is now at the north border, as the train comes to a stop on fo the sharpshooters misses one of the guards. The startled man returns fire with confusion,and the sound fo gunshot alarms the station master as he sees about 90 English troops rush from the carriages firing streams of bullets at his position but before he can broadcast a distress signal , the phone lines are cut as bullets fly through the main door. As the door swings open armed men rush in and riddle the station master with bullets as he futilely tries to defend himself by firing at the door way. As the man lies convulsing in a pool of his own blood, they captures the guards left, tie them up, then booby trap the station.
they head off to accomplish their mission where they should meet the second train around 5 minutes after they arrive at Belfast’s station. The first train has managed to reach the Belfast train station, the train pull to a stop and they rush out but the place is empty, they now know the surprise factor has been compromised. Startled, the men starts to rediscuss their tactical plan.

As predicted, the second train turns up unimpeded as it arrives on time. The men dismount and set up in defensive positions, and send a search party in recognition to estimate where the enemy is located as they make their way towards the main road leading out of the station.
They come upon a couple of regiments holed behind several barricades spanned across the main roads. One of the men in the search party fires his hand gun in the air over one of the barricades to find out what sort of arms they are packing. After a moment of dead,cold silence, the night is teared up by the return fire fo rifles. The men are pleased to discover this, as it means that they have equipment's advantage. They head back to report to the english speaking captain.
The captain opts to walks towards the exit under the guise of a white flag, he has around 10 men in tow.
He shouts at full lungs force:''Who is in charge, over there? We need to talk!'' to which the reply is ''Why does this interest you? Are you surrendering?''"There is no surrender to be done, as we are on the same side my friend'' replies the Captain with a smile ''We are here to stop the IRA invasion, and we need your help, we have to join forces, and stop this fighting amongst ourselves, it will get us nowhere"
There’s a real English Sergeant with some contingency of English soldiers along with some Northern Ireland soldiers behind the barricade. They have been sent there to investigate the rumours that the IRA forces have  captured the railway system.
The Sergeant in charge ponders the situation for a while. It's a tense situation, and both parties are nervous and uneasy. Then the NCO breaks the silence: ''Sir, I want to trust you, but it's difficult for me to do so. If you are here to stop the IRA, why did one of you men opened fire upon us?""I am sorry about that, old chap. I did hear gun fire but I didn’t know it was one of my men that started it!! You can trust my word of gentleman that when I find out who is, he will be adequately disciplined""Trust your word of gentleman?'' quips the Sergeant''I know nothing about you! You say you are English and your accent seems to be on spot, yet you could be Southern Irish for all I know"
Exasperated, the Captain opens his arms in a reconciliatory gesture "Come on my good man, don’t start to say wankers. I’m not going to fight you or your men as we are on the same side. Come out into the open, let’s talk like real English gentlemen, with civility and face to face"at this words, the Sergeant seems to soften up and replies'' I'll give your word all the courstesy I can afford now, so I an coming out but keeping my gun, be warned"''No problem, keep your gun if that makes you feel safe".
The captain walks to the centre of the road out into the open holding the white flag, and the sergeant walks over to meet him he’s still pointing his gun straight at him.

"So sergeant, brief me about what you know about this situation were in" says the officer wasting no time"Well Sir, in frank truth we haven’t been told much only to investigate the possibility of an attack from an unknown enemy, possibly IRA, using the railway system. Our orders were to go to the rail station to which we heard gun fire from a long way away. I then opted to evacuate the station and establish defensive positions on the road exiting the station to halt any immediate offensive. Then you showed up at the station, Sir". The captain folds his arm and thinks over it"Ah, now I understand. Well sergeant,  the entire story is more complicated than you can imagine. The IRA have put enough men to make an army, they raided the Dublin ammunitions fort semi effortslessly. The wankers got clean away with over 20 tons of small arms and they are heading to our position as we speak.'' he makes an effect pause, as the Sergeant widenes his eyes as he starts to realize the current situation''According to our calculations they are expected to be here within the hour, I have around 500 men under my command that rode the train with me. Sarge, let’s put them to good use and get the ball rolling"
Finally convinced, the Sergeant lowers his gun and says"Fine cap'n, I relinquish my command to you. So what are your orders, Sir?""My orders are to gather your men, follow me to the station, where your men will be needed to guard, and await the reinforcements arriving by train. In the mean time we will setup defences around the town's entrance points to stop the IRA from getting any sort of foot hold on  Belfast".

The sergeant runs back to his regiment, he gathers his men then orders them to follow him to the station, he shouts at them saying "More speed ,less hast!! Move it move it!! We’ve got no time to waste men, the fight will soon be upon us!! SO move, move!!", they follow the captain back to the station as they enter the main gates the sergeant is dumbfounded by the quantity of men they found inside. He quips to the captain "I thought you only had 500 men with you Sir. It looks like you have a hell of a lot more than 500 men" with a sudden move, the Captain wraps his arm around the sergeant's neck and says "Well old chap, it’s like this: we are the IRA"

The sergeant tries to help his men by shouting "Fire, fire!! It's the IRA!" as the captain grabs him around the throat and manages to wrestle him to the ground.The sergeant's men raise their guns to fire but it’s too late: the IRA are waiting for them as they are lined up like a firing squad. The first row is on one knee and the second row standing behind and in between each other allowing for more guns but in a tighter space. Their Tommy machine guns are poised straight at the Sergeant's men. In the bloodshed that follows, one can make out the sergeant's cries "No for god' sake, no!!!", as the machine gun bullets fly passing straight through their bodies. As his men are gunned down without mercy every single man slumps to the floor in a massive pool of his own blood.
Dead and wounded men are spread across the entrance to the station, anyone left alive is brutally stabbed through the heart with bayonets, with blood squirting all over as the men are put out of their misery.
The captain keeps the sergeant alive as they will need him one last time: the man is openly weeping after having seen his comrades massacred like that: ''You sons of whores, I will kill you all for this!!'' the IRA men have to rough him up a bit and threaten his family to make him collaborative.

The men then splits into their appointed factions, they are all aware of their orders.
The first group heads to Harland & Wolff with the mission to acquire the newly built tanks and any other weapons at the factory, while the other's quest is to capture the Prime Minister while he’s residing at Stormont House, and a sub-group is to secure the House of Commons booby trapping it before return to the station.
Another group secures the railway station awaiting German reinforcements, Fallshirmjagers and elite Heer and Waffen-SS troops.
There’s an IRA group for each main road entering Belfast to stop anyone entering or leaving the capital. Another uses some of the trucks in the blockade to return to the barracks to finish off any soldiers left, on their approach at the barrack gates the men get ready as the guard steps out of the gate house and walks over to the lorry. He then strikes up the customary greeting with the sergeant.

The guard greets him by saying "Greetings Sarge, how did your trip go? I take it the train station wasn’t over run by IRA then, sir." he says this while chuckling to himself unaware that the sergeant has a gun stuck in his side. The NCO replies ''Nah, it was a false alarm, just some scallywag kids setting off a load of the New Year’s Parade fireworks. It just sounded like an attack. that’s all"
The guard says "Well, in all honesty Sarge, the way they went on about it at the time, in the guard house it was like it was a full blown invasion by what we heard here. But I’m glad It wasn’t anything major to worry about as waking this lot up in the barracks would have been a real nightmare.'' he then chuckles and jokes ''You know what the rest of these grumpy bastards are like when cutting their beauty sleep"the sarge laughs and says"Yes, you know don’t you? But nah just fireworks just fireworks, my good friend""I’m glad everything’s ok, come on in, I will open the gates for you".
The lorries have successfully gained access to the barracks through deceptive means, and the last one drives through the gates.
One of the men wastes no time on the surprise effect and throws two hand grenades into the guard house's open door and into the century point. As the gates are being shut the grenades explodes in a volley of fire and shards.
The IRA militiamen dismount the trucks and take up defensive positions.
The alarm's siren is sound as the hand grenades are thrown towards the men’s quarters, and the doors get blow open. The IRA men rush in and mow down anyone inside. The unarmed soldiers didn’t have time to get dressed, let alone time to run to the armoury to arm themselves, and they all die in their white pajamas stained red by their own blood.
Even the men fully dressed and on guard at century point are also taken by surprise and didn’t even get a chance to fire their Lewis guns, as they get blown in bloody pieces and gore by the several hand grenades thrown at their position.
On a tactical note, the capture of the barracks has been clinically clean and fast, and by first light every faction has captured their objective and are in position.
In the distance it's now possible to hear the newly acquired tanks rolling down the streets heading towards the main road blockades and the train station, at the same time the first German forces arrive by train.

During the first months of 1940 the Germans flew planes that regularly came under heavy fire from the RAF, nonetheless still managed to land a considerable force of artillery commando squadrons, motorised armoured infantry battalions and assault groups into the newly acquired airfields establishing their foot hold in Northern Ireland.
These divisions pushed west from Dublin through Athlone, Ballinasloe up to Galway capturing the bay at Galway. After a brief stop for arm and resupply, the Germans then pushed north to Killala, Ballina  and Sligo, while other divisions along with the IRA division captured Belfast Lough.
The joint forces managed to make their way from Belfast through Derry capturing each town before securing Lough Foyle bay.
Now the German Reich alongside the IRA holds most of Northern Ireland territories and water ways, these captured bays will allow amphibious landings by the Kriegsmarine, pouring in more Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS troops to secure Northern Ireland under the joint rule of Germany and the IRA.

Chapter V – The Might of a God's Hammer

20th of January 1940.
Operation  Thor’s Hammer begins with the testing  of the atomic bomb on the remote mountain range of Tatras, in Poland. A test site is established by building a prop town inhabited by live Jewish and Polish prisoners. After the ordnance is detonated, the town is utterly eradicated by the atomic fire and the living subjects that aren't incinerated on the spot die horrifically for the heat and the nuclear radiations.

10th may 1940.
Sir Winton Leonard Spencer Churchill, the then Prime Minister, takes the helm in facing the German invasion. About the same time on the German side, Scotts gets promoted to SS-Obergruppenfuhrer und General der Waffen-SS, and also gets to command his own Waffen-SS Divison, the Dutton Division. He is also put in charge to oversee the entire invasion of the country, having mastermind the take of foothold in the country for the Germans and the IRA. For this task, he is given full support from the other branchs of the German Military, and by his counterparts: the Reichsmarchall Hermann Goering and the the Heer Feldmarschall Albert Kesselring.

May 1940.
The world get to see the true vision of the german Blitzkrieg principle.
From the Arden forest through the beaches and the harbour of Dunkirk, the beach was presided by a large numbers of British, French, and Belgian troops. They got surrounded by the German Heer and the Waffen-SS during the Battle of France. The British, French and Canadians soldiers are all stranded with no ammuniation or fuel, or even vehicles to protect them. If Dunkirk, also called Dunquerque by the Frenchs is captured it will leave Britain open and vulnerable to attack from the east.

This time Scott makes sure the Panzer groups and Wehrmacht troops rolls in to take the beach and harbours at Dunkirk. When  the German forces  overwhelm and capture the French sea defences they exploit them along with the tanks and the planes to stop the evacuation. The Allied evacuation is made up of fishing vessels that cmae from other French ports - Cherbourg, Saint-Malò, Brest, and Saint-Nazaire.
The Luftwaffe comes swooping down out of the clouds, glaring their ''wolf's howl'' of their mounted megaphones to further terrorize the enemy while were firing into crowds of men killing indiscriminately those trying to hide on the beach.
The Luftwaffe is also engaged in dog fighting with British RAF planes trying to protect the Allied troops that were evacuating. The first wave of bombers flew over dropping oil drums like bombs with high octane fuel mixed  with crude oil on to the beaches soaking the men as the oil drums open on impact on the ground. The allied soldiers get running for cover while watching the next wave of bombers dropping  incendiary bombs. What follows is hellish to say the least: the Allied soldiers burn alive, screaming until their lungs can't take it anymore. The beach is full of charred corpses, some of them still stumbling and walking for the nerve reflexes.
This tactic has killed around 368,000 men, huddled together on the beach. The Germans captured the remaining 130,000 Allied soldiers left. Of the over 500,000 men, only 70,000 are successfully evacuated during the infighting at Dunkirk.
These men captured were marched to arbeitslager in German held territory. They were given no water or food, any that fell because of exhaustion  was run over by tanks or shot in the back to ensure they were dead. Most wished to be simply shot, as being run over by the tank was a gruesome death as the tracks rolls over the body bones breaking while pushing the intestines and other innards out through the mouth before the cranium pops open. The whole affair it's similar to squeezing a tube of toothpaste.
These captured men will work for the Third Reich until they die, only being feed enough food  to keep them alive which in time will make them slowly die of exhaustion.

4th June 1940. Dunkirk falls to the Germans the beach and littered with charred remains and the sea was tinted red by innards and blood.
14th June 1940. German troops triumphantly enter in Paris.

23rd June 1940. Adolf Hitler tours Paris.

1st July 1940. The build of a Top Secret Fighter Plane is commissioned by Adolf Hitler.
The plane designed and built by Prof Henrich Focke, Georg Wulf, Dr. Werner Naumann and Kurt Tank, under the project and supervision of Scott.

10th  September 1940. The Luftwaffe launches in the Battle of Britain. Adolf Hitler orders air supremacy over England before the sea-land invasion.

27th September 1940. The Berlin Tripartite Treaty was signed by Adolf Hitler with Italy and Japan: the military Axis is formed.

December 1941: the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbour on December 7th. December 8th: the Americans join the war, with Presidents Frankling Delano Roosevelt making the speech ''against all tyrants'' in the White House's Rose Garden. 11th 1941, Germany and Fascist Italy declare war on the United States of America.

20th December 1941. Germanys squadron of bombers are sent to destroy the British military air bases and air fields. The battle is not going the way Scott planned it, as the RAF are winning air supremacy over the Luftwaffe. The fight for England is dragging on draining resources that shoul better saved on the incoming offensive against Soviet Union. On the 1st of January 1942,  Adolf Hitler is no happy with Scott' strategy and it's results. Hitler gives Scott time until his own birthday in march to take England or he will sack of his post and responsabilities.
''I know you can do it, my friend'' he says to Scott ''But if you fail, I will have to replace you. I also have to remind you that no Obergruppenfuhrer of the SS fails his objectives and lives with his dishonor, if you catch my drift.''as he says this, he hands Scott two items: a cyanide pill and a Luger pistol with one bullet. Scott understands immediately: if he fails, he is expected to take his own life to save his honor and avoid being sacked.

Scott has to think for a solution, and quickly. He remembers a documentary he watched about the U-Boats, in said documentary  there was a French man called Jacques Stosskopf, who was a double agent. Feigning collaboration with the Germans,  he gave valuable intel  about the U-Boat  postions  to help England remove the threat of the wolf packs, Scott along with the help of the others   Generals and his aide devises a plan to the french swine  to overhear false Intel about the wolf packs. The plan goes excellently, and Stosskopf takes the bait and relays the false Intel to the British. Germany now knows that Enigma code has been broken.

The German High Command used the Enigma machine to relay a month of false Intel, they even allowed a couple of subs to be targeted by British navy fleet and sink them while only manned by a skeleton crew, whose faithful and corageous members volunteered to sacrifice their life for the higher values of the Third Reich, These men thought bravely to adoperate tricks to fool the British fleet by faking large oil slicks along with some clothing and debris to float up to the surface to make it look like they took a direct hit from the depth charges.

When the fleet finally moved away, they surface and go in for the attack. The ''aktion'' manages to cripple one carrier before they are destroyed by the sea-to-depth cannons. After the sinking of two German subs the British Royal Navy fleet' spirits where at an all-time high, and the sense of victory dulls them in false security. They manage to  intercept an order for 20 submarines to meet up at a secret destination to strike at the heart of the British merchant shipping fleet and destroy them; cutting off the British supply line and crippling the overall war effort.

A large section of the Royal Navy proceeds to the specified time and coordinates relayed in the message. As the fleet approach their destination there’s a ping on the sonar.
The Radio operator of the Valiant Battleship calls up the Captain: ''Captain, I’m picking up a very small German carrier on the sonar and its heading in our direction. Sir?'' the captain looks up, then ponder for a second ''Keep an eye on it, if it gets any closer sound the alarm then I will personally blow it out of the water. Darn Germans,  what in the heavens are they up to...''

Nearby on the German carrier, its men are preparing a single seater prototype air craft for take-off, attached to its underbelly is black cylinders that looks rather like three giant gun silencers welded together moulded within the body of a propellers-style blade, along with a hole at the end of the cylinders. In the middle is  installed a huge bearing with a booster rocket attached to it.
The engineers finish fueling the plane, they remove the blocks from under its wheels, the pilot starts the engine, he drives down the run way full throttle, as the plane leaves the ship he pulls back on the stick, the bomb skims a crossed the surface of the water on take-off luckily he manages to keep control then climbs to correct altitude, now that he’s airborne the carrier can pull back to a safe distance. The Royal Navy is the destination for the pilot. He's a young Luftwaffe ace, one of the best of the best, with more than 800 confirmed air kills.
Back on the Battleship Valiant, the Captain is checking the situation with the radio operator and the comm officer ''What’s the update on the German Carrier?'' he asks smoking his pipe''Well Sir,  the carrier has pulled back out of range. But the system detected a small plane picking up possibly a reconnaissance aircraft heading our way.'' answers the radio operator.
The Captain blows another smoke, then says:''Ok son, I’m heading to the deck. Keep me informed on the wereabouts of that plane.''''Eye eye,  Sir, I will do.'' responds the young operator. The Captain lets out a huff of impatience ''You can knock that crap off, son we are not pirates. We are His Majesty' soldiers, understood?'' ''Yes, Captain.''

The captain heads off, he grabs his binoculars then walks onto the deck. He can hear the plane’s engine, sign that it must be getting near, he uses his binoculars to spot the plane he notices some sort of bomb attached to the under belly of the plane.
The Captain shouts:'' Sound the alarm we are under attack; man the guns and knock that son of a good woman out the sky. C'mon lads!!''
There are men running in all direction, manning their posts, there massive anti-aircraft guns spin round into position poised waiting for the air plane to come into range, they see the plane, they open fire. The noise of the guns is deafening, shells exploding around the plane just missing it, but instead of a nose diving in for the attack to drop the bomb as the captain expected, it does the opposite. To the British's amazement, the plane climbs higher then higher, as if it’s trying to get out of the reach of the ships big guns. Now the plane is like a black, little dot in the sky hardly visible to the naked eye. It has now reached a position within the centre of the fleet, the pilot disengages the clamps, as the bomb is released. The rocket ignites  which scorches the underbelly of the plane, there’s a whistle as it descends towards the Royal Navy’s fleet, as the bomb picks up speed it starts to spin, this creates a vortex similar to a tornado.. The ships guns just can’t seem to hit their target as the vortex deflects each shell acting like a shield around the bomb, which is now around three hundred feet above sea level, just then it lets off a massive sonic boom from all three cylinders at the same time, this sends an electromagnetic pulse in every direction, this sends a shock wave over the entire fleet silently disrupting the Royal Navy’s instruments.
Yet again the Germans calculations were on spot as the water density around the German submarines was too great to affect any of their instrument’s  but nothing seems to happen as the bomb splashes down in the sea. That night, one could hear the Captain of the Valiant laughing his head off as he sayd: ''Well that goes to show us that German wonder weapons aren’t all that cracked up they make them to be. They wasted all that effort on duff bomb! How do those goose-stepping jerrys expect to win this war with crap like that...'' his joy is short lived through, as the radio operator shouts ''Captain there’s something wrong with our instruments. Come quickly, please!!'' ''I’m on my way'' shouts back the Captain, and returns to the helm.
''Tell me son, what’s wrong with my ship? What happened?'''' Well, Sir it’s like this all the instruments have gone off all together to not-working land. We have no radar, sonar, radio, nothing but the engine seem to be working fine I just don’t understand.'' ''Well son, let's put it like this: all I can say is that wasn’t a duff bomb after all, those sneaky Jerry bastards made that bomb to blind us. I do not know a cold thing in hell about what's to come but I do know we need to be prepared for the worst. I’m sure they are out there waiting to bait us into a trap and that’s one thing I can’t stand, a low down sneaky, cowardly trap.'''
The Captain gets quiet for a moment then shouts ''Dame it, if it’s a fight they want it’s a fight they will get, put the engineers to work fix my bloody ship, pronto!!'' ''Yessir!''

The fleets is now blind but nonetheless heads in the general direction they were going.  The intention is to make them pay and Ronda vows to destroy the German subs, hopefully they can fix their equipment while on the move,
When the fleet arrive at stated coordinate’s they witness in the distance their largest supply convoy ever to date already ablaze and slowly sinking. It was truly an apocalyptic sight: there were thousands of people floating in the water, some dead some waiting to be rescued but as the fleet moves in to help the stranded men they pass ove: the first  line of 60 German submarines which were sitting silently deep under water in a three mile straight line. Their decks were peculiarly modified with a couple of small magnet locks, each lock is at either end of the deck and has a chain attached. At the end of each chain was a fully armed massive naval mine with magnetic tops twice the power and size of any mine to date. These mines were designed to only have five hammer fuses on top which when afloat only them fuses would show above sea level.
The subs wait until the fleet are in the range one mile away then the subs release the two magnet locks which released the two German naval mines for each.  Chained to each end of the subs these mines blocked a three mile stretch of sea, this is to cut off the Royal Navy retreat's way. Just at the time the mines were released the Navy get their sonar back up and running, they catch the movement of the mines on their Sonar, this hit gave off the illusion that a very large number of the wolf pack were surfacing to attack.
The Battleships Rodney, the Battle CruiseRepulse, and the Battleship Resolution, Cruiser York and Destroyer V Class gets about turn to find and destroy the wolf packs, only to run into the mines that weren’t there before. On hearing the first explosion which hit Battleship Resolution, another 60 submarines lying in wait release their mines along another three mile stretch of sea to cut off the other half of the advancing Royal Navy which is amde up of the Battle cruiser Renown, the Battleship Valiant, the Battle cruiser Hood, the Cruiser Newcastle and the Cruiser Suffolk’s,  blocking them from saving any and all of the stranded people within the water.
Once the mines are in place the rear 60 submarine  line up and attack from the left side holding  the three mile stretch between the two rows on mines. Now the other 60 submarines line up and attack from the right side, this maneuver ties up the entire Royal Navy fleet in that three mile square blanket of ocean within the mine field.
Now that they are in position, the submarines cuts off any and all exits, now the operativestage one is complete. Commences stage two, on both sides there are 10 subs out of the 60 that had X2 torpedo’s held on both sides of the hull with mooring clamps. On top of the torpedo’s was a frogman, these manual guided torpedo’s had a glass shield in front of the frogman’s head on it was makings that would line up with the bottom of the boat this would indicate it was a safe distance to bail off the torpedo to ensure it hitting its mark.
This particular tactic is inspired by the one used by the Italian ''Maiali'' during WWI.
Each torpedo is powered up and the respecitive frogman disengages the clamps , as they go they pick up speed around 40 knots. They are skimming a foot under the surface of the water, they steer their way to their targets as each target metre lines up each man bail off by letting go of the push bike handles that controlled the stearing. Nearly every torpedo finds  its mark, blowing holes in the sides of the ships. Flames and explosions everywhere , the British guns firing hopeslessly into the water , the torpedoes explode, flames along with bodies flying through the air and  down into the water.
Most of the British Rotal Navy tries shooting their way through the mine field but it’s too late as more torpedoes are on their way, the English Battle ships and cruisers change course and turns towards the submarines to take the fight to the Germans.
Firing shell after shell and depth charge after depth charge, it’s starting to look like the Royal Navy might break through the three-mile blanket, so to stop this several submarines kapitans surface with torpedoes loaded in their tubes, at full speed they ram the ships head on, as the subs collide they tear massive holes in the side of the ships.
The kaptains and crew shouts as they land the hit and make impact ''Fur der Fuhrer und der Vaterland!! Wir geben unsere Leben! Sieg Heil!! Fur die Ehre des Reiches!''
Several Royal Navy ships still afloat break through the German defensive line, now it’s up to what’s left of the wolf packs to search and destroy any straggler. There were too many submarines.
The Royal Navy was overwhelmed in what was  a futile effort,  but being though as nails men they kept on fighting down to the last ship. Some tried to retreat and limp back to England but was ruthlessly hunted down and destroyed by the wolf packs.
In the post-operative briefing, the Germans assess that 33 submarines where damaged and 29 submarines were sunk. The other 58 submarines survived without a scratch on that fateful day,  but the impacted the wolf packs had on the Royal Navy’s fleet was devastating.This offensive crippled the main convoy of the fleet, now it's is time for Scott to put his major plan in effect.
What Scott doesn't know, however, is that the vengeful British have alreday conferred with Stosskopf, who managed to identify Scott as the mastermind behind the whole affair.

The British, with support from the French Maquis, assemble a German-speaking hit team to track down and assassinate the SS General who caused them so much pain. To better coordinate the German War effort, Scott has taken up residence in a garish Villa near Dunkirk, France, alongside his staff.
One evening, Scott is taking a rare moment of relax, reading books and browsing his vast collection of antique firearms. Like always, two SS guards of the division under his command are vigil outside the door, manning MP40 machine guns. Every location Scott visits his full of loyal SS troops. They are such an elite section of the SS that every member is to be at least ranked SS-Oberscharfuhrer (rank equivalent to the 1st class Sergeant in the U.S. Army) and is vetted through careful selection. Chief of staff is the now SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Stucks, who is also the aide de camp of Scott.
At the 10.38 AM of that evening an envoy of french diplomats and heads of industry arrives at Scott's mansion in two limousines. They have appointed a meeting with Scott regarding a possible exploitation fo Jews for camp labor. In reality, they are the hit-team appointed by Stosskopf, and the meeting is a guise to take out the  SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Scott Sutton with a suicidal bomber attack. Two of the men wear a bomb-filled vest under their shirts: at the opportune moment, they will detonate themselves, killing everyone in the room.
They know that it's impossible to assassinate Scott and make it out alive, so the mission is a suicidal one. They are fully willing to sacrifice their lives, as they know that by killing Scott, they will halt the technological and tactical advantage of Germany, and have a more fair possibility against the Axis.
The men park their cars in front of the mansion, and are greeted by the SS guards: they were waiting for them. At first everything seems normal: SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Stucks greets the french guests and already notices something wrong: two of the industrialists seems to be uncomfortable in their clothes, and while not very evident, he seems to spot some kind of from their  shirts. He says nothing, and politely escorts them to the upper floor. The men are trepidating: everything is going according to the plan.
Stucks takes his time showing the mansion to the guests, and makes a point to show them Scott's collection of antique arms and art. The men make their best to hide their impatience, and to show interest to Stuck's explanations. When he will get them to Scott?
After a good thirty-five minutes, Stucks takes them to Scott' study room. The men hide it, but they are jubilant and worried at the same time: they are about to kill Scott, but also to lose their lives.
In the antechamber, Stucks suddenly stops them. Before he can bring them to Scott, he has specific orders to frisk them., to ensure they have no weapons or bombs. This makes the men nervous: if the SS guards frisk them, they will find the bombs, and the mission will be a failure.
One of the bombers decides to try all-for-all. He slowly reaches for the detonator in his jacket's pocket: he hopes that by detonating himself, he will not only kill all the bystanders in the room, but also make the ceiling and the roof collapse, potentially killing Scott. As he reaches for the detonator, Stucks spots the sudden move and gets alarmed thinking of a weapon. Without a second thought, he  draws his Luger and shoots right between the man's eyes, killing him. At his command, all the SS in the room jumps on the rest of the men, immobilizing them. The detonators and the bomb vests are soon discovered, and Stucks has the men to be taken away by the Gestapo to be tortured and interrogated. Soon the name of Jacques Stosskopf comes out, and after their usefulness is over, the would-be murderers are personally executed by Scott.
For his role in exposing the murderers and foiling the assassination, Stucks is double-promoted to the rank of SS-Oberfuhrer and is awarded the Iron Cross 1st class and the Golden NSDAP Badge.

After this Scott has Jacques Stosskopf  arrested by the Gestapo, and taken to a concentration camp to be tortured. In 1944 he finally gets executed with a single bullet to the head.

20th of February 1942. The Royal Naval fleet was slowly being rebuilt but due  the wolf packs destroying  every and all  cargo ships carriyng materials bound for England , the operations gets slowed up, and consequentially it's progress.
Scott's new air planes are finally finished: his new  squadron of top secret fighter planes which he affectionately  nicknames the Mutter Fokkers MF 180 ( the Mother of all fighter planes ) and the  first three Junkers Ju 390 v2 prototype long-range bombers that were modified to each carry  a 22 kiloton atomic bomb. The bombs were planned  to be dropped  on three secret destinations. Nothing of this  would have been possible if it was not for Scott stealing the plans from the Americans  M.O.D. archives, which he had cleverly tattooed on his body.

Chapter VI – The Fall of the Red Giant

Now it's a leap to the date of June 22, 1941, when Germany and its Axis allies began a massive invasion of the Soviet Union named Operation Barbarossa. About 4.5 million troops launched a surprise offesinve and are deployed from German-controlled Poland, Finland, and Romania. Hitler had long had his eye on Soviet resources. Although Germany had signed a non-aggression pact with the USSR in 1939, both sides remained suspicious of one another, and the agreement merely gave them more time to prepare for a all-but-sure war. Even so, the Soviets were unprepared for the sudden blitzkrieg attacks across a border that spanned nearly 2,900 km (1,800 mi), and they suffered horrible losses. Within a single week, German forces advanced 200 miles into Soviet territory, destroyed nearly 4,000 aircraft; and killed, captured, or wounded aound 600,000 Red Army troops.
Due to the harsh Russian winter the Germans lost a vast amount of their troops but they still dug in for the winter, thinking they would starve the Russians into submission.
As an unforeseen effect, due to the lakes being frozen the Russians used the lakes to cross so they could rearmed their troops with food, weapons and supplies, after January the number of Germans on the out skirts of Stalingrad grew by nearly 1000 a day bringing their own supply’s food and arms,  At the capital Josif Stalin, the ''Man of Steel'', decides to send his main forces to protect Stalingrad leaving a smaller contingency  of troops guarding the capital.
He believes that the main forces of Germany would try and take Stalingrad first before heading north to Moscow, otherwise why would they build their numbers up, if their intention is not to attack?
By February of 1942, German troops were within sight of Moscow and Stalingrad, they laid siege by bombarding them with all they got but Moscow and Stalingrad still hold strong.
It’s now 26th of February and the Germans are still on the outskirts of Moscow but with their main forces positioned on the outskirts of Stalingrad.
Back in Germany Operation Thor’s Hammer with maiden flights has been green-lighted to set off at 12 mid-day for its 12 hour flight. Both planes hold enough fuel for the return flight destination:  Washington D.C. 's White House and the Pentagon. The third plane left later at 8pm, its destination is Stalingrad. As soon as it becomes dark the newly promoted field marshal Leon Dégrelle  secretly pulls the whole of his forces out of Stalingrad and heads north towards Moscow during the night all is quiet, there not even a bird singing. The Soviets wonder why there is no fighting going on, their forces push through house to house, street to street but there are no Germans, it’s like a magician magically made them all disappear. Now the officers within Stalingrad  gather together to prepare themselves for a possible German surprise attack. They think they have pull back to regroup then attack at first light little did they know what was really coming their way.
The weather has started to warm and the lake started to thaw, now the Russians are prepared for when the Germans main forces comes next to try to capture Stalingrad.

Upon take off the atomic bombs in the bellies of the Junkers Ju 390 v2 prototypes were unarmed as a safety measure, as it was too unstable to make a take-off with armed nukes. Two hours before the destination the Bombs were primed by removing the tail cover plates, four bags of cordite gunpowder where placed inside the tail on each nuke, then the covers were bolted back on. Nonetheless, the bomb's detonation system is still not armed so the engineers now remove the three green plugs from the side of the nuke, and they replace them with three live red plugs.
This completes the systems electrical circuitry so sparks will ignite the gun powder, the atomic bombs are now live and ready to detonate.
It’s now 11.50 PM the Soviets in Stalingrad hear a single air plane flying overhead. They suspect it is a German reconnaissance plane to gather Intel for the next attack.
The weather is clear the planes are flying at 52000 feet, they proceed to drop to 32000 feet ,  90 seconds to their targets, all three planes open the hydraulic actuator door which fly open within minutes of each other. The engineers have done their calculations , they are over their appointed targets and the bombs are released.
They count 42 seconds in their heads: upon detonation the bombs detonates 2000 feet over the top of the White House, the Pentagon and the centre of Stalingrad, Because of the needed Strategic Precision Bombing that was required and delivered by the engineers for the night time raid, the explosions release a pocket of air. This created a flash ball hotter than the surface of the sun, gamma rays, neutrons and the break up uranium shoot outwards to form a deadly invisible radiation fields, as the fireballs expanded a blast wave pushed out more than 700mph, the thermal flash radiated heat traveling more than the speed of light. It creates temperatures as high as 4000 degrees Celsius, which is twice the melting point of steel.

People in the light and heat turned to carbon and ceased to exist, while using his special glasses the engineers reports seeing massive mushroom clouds which were about 10 miles high and 3 miles wide. The pilots all report feeling the shock waves created by the explosions and nearly losing control of their planes on returning to Germany the pilots are hailed as Heroes of the Reich, and bestowed the German Order.

Now the Germans from Stalingrad have started their push to the north to Moscow, there are divisions of German troops, both south and north of the capital they wait until the backup divisions arrive from Stalingrad. After their arrival, they are ready for the final assault to take Moscow, to capture Josif Stalin alive as now Stalingrad is destroyed, they only need to take the capital and Victory will be theirs.

27th February 1942. The United States of America reports the devastation of the bombs that were dropped on the White House and the Pentagon. President Franklin D. Roosevelt alongside his chiefs of staff died in the explosions. Brought to the brink of ruin and humiliation, the once mighty United States of America surrender and they relinquish their country to the might of Der Fuhrer Adolf Hitler and The Third Reich to save more lives from being lost in another atomic bomb attack.
Later that day the Soviet Union reports that Stalingrad is no more due a single bomb.
There is nothing like they have ever seen before was dropped at around 12 midnight.
The devastation from just one bomb killed and injured millions of Russians, now Thor’s Hammers have fallen and the backup forces have arrived from Stalingrad.
Now Germany advances into Moscow from the north and south to take the capital intact in which this will be The Reich final assault on Soviet Union.  
Although the Russians have secretly rearmed themselves they only left  around 100,000 troops to protect  Moscow. It is going to be a lot harder than the Germans expected, even though Russia’s main forces were destroyed by the atomic bomb in Stalingrad.
The battle is fierce:  the Russians are ready for them, the capture of Moscow is slow moving.
It has all the presages to to be a blood bath, with the German troops only moving from street to street and clearing house to house. This is more the Bolsheviks' style of fighting, as the Germans are more mechanical blitz fighters moving fast and capturing vast amounts of land every hour.

Field marshal Leon Degrelle is heading up the assault,  his troops slowly push from north and south trying to encircle the Russians within the capital.
They capture a number of large pockets of resistance within the outskirts of the capital, but they can't keep prisoners so they execute them and advance. During the firefight Stalin was reported to be injured, he took two bullets to the left hip but one of his officers dragged him to safety.
They made their escape, there was one stocky Russian officer, a mountain of a man running with Stalin slounched over his shoulder. Degrelle's Waffen-SS squad gave chase but they were cut down in a hail of machine gun fire from three positions within a block of houses that the officer sought refuge to.
These houses were heavily fortified, this must be the Soviets' main stronghold, the Germans need to assault the block of houses without killing Stalin and it’s not going to be pretty nor easy.
The Germans regroup for the assault on Stalin’s position they try an head-on assault but it’s of no use: the troops get mowed down so they wait for darkness to try again. They crawl along on their bellies hoping they wouldn’t be seen but a flare is fired in the sky and illuminates them with it's red light. Now they are discovered, they all scramble running for safe cover with bullets flying all around them, some fall where they stand some make it to cover they need to come up with a different plan.

Field marshal Leon Degrelle splits his unit into four large groups: one will assault the front while one  will assault the rear making enough noise to cover the other two groups that will blow through the main walls that separate the houses using satchel charges and detonators.
It's 5 AM, the Germans are in position they have picked their advantage points in the blocks of houses at the front and rear.
They  start their assault from the front and back of the Soviet position by firing their four Hitler's  buzzsaw machine guns at either end of the block of houses they  fire mortars at the Russians position to cover up sound of the satchel charges blowing through the inner walls,
The left side's assault through the walls is going just fine, they are through 4 houses already nearly closing in on their targets but when the right sides satchel charges blows the third wall one of the engineers trips when he throw the satchel : his timing was off he blows the wrong part of the wall and the main structure of the building fell and  trapped them underneath the rubble, encirrcling them in ruins and dust.
The left side has one wall to blow. The mood is tense, Dégrelle  passes a small canteen with rum in it to his men, giving them some Dutch courage and before the wall is blown, he smiles and shouts the order to attack.
The wall is blasted open,  the Waffen-SS rush in and bullets fly everywhere.
Troops from each side fall, Leon Dégrelle is at the front he has his knife drawn amd stabs a Russian officer in the neck then through his chest he falls to the floor, squiritng sanguine blood. Leon then draws his MP40, pulls the trigger and fires he hits the mountain of an man that saved Stalin earlier he hits him several  time to the chest area but he just doesn’t go down he just keeps walking forward. He’s shouting  "Hurrah for victory" as he runs straight into Leon he grabs him with both arms wrapping around Leon’s chest. The pain he feels is like his ribs are being crushed as he stabs the Russian officer three times in the left arm,  and the golem finally loses his grip, Leon stabs him again this time in the chest but he still refuses to go down, he stabs him again through his chest and nothing happens, all he can hear is him shouting "Hurrah for victory".
Once again he grabs Leon picking him up like he was a paperweight doll crushing the air from his body still shouting "Hurrah for victory"  Leon manages to get his left arm free and stabs him through his ear,  the handle of the knife hits the side of the Russian officers head, with the blade  completely embedded in his skull. Leon twists the knife then lets go of the handle. The Russian officer falls to his knees and then slumps face first on the floor.
The Germans sweep the room but still no sign of Stalin, Leon and company advances to the staircase where they are fired upon. He throws two hand grenades up the stairs, they explode and five Soviets are thrown into the air and land downstairs. The Germans rush on the position throwing two more stielhand grenades into the top rooms, all while firing their MP40s through the doorway before entering the room.
They finally find Stalin in a corner behind a large oak table which protected him, the earlier report was correct: Stalin had been shot twice in his left leg.

Field marshal Leon Degrelle  tended to Stalin. Looking at the two bullet wounds, he puts  a finger in each hole to probe around causing him vast amounts of pain.
He  forces  Stalin under interrogation to  order his naval fleet to return to docks and surrender to Adolf Hitler and The Third Reich.  Even though Stalin has been captured the Red Army tries for 10 days to retake the capital but without their main officers to guide them they were fight a losing battle. On the 11th  day the Russians cease their hostilities and gave themselves up, for them at least their war is now over.
Stalin, the so-called ''Man of Steel'' is now a shadow of his former self and the Soviet pride is shattered.

The Germans have now acquired the Russian naval fleet along with their air force to use in Operation Tigershark.

Chapter VII – Conspiracy of Death

With the death of General Walther Wever in 1936, early research and development of heavy, long range bombers came to an end. Scott knows this is one of the unfortunate reasons the Luftwaffe's bombing campaigns in his timeline fell short. After General Walther Wever died Scott continued his work to ensure that the long range high altitude bombers were developed and built.
Now Scott’s new planes are finally ready.
Before the offensive starts, he is appointed Stellvertreter des Reichsührers-SS (Deputy Reichsfuhrer) and Oberst-Gruppenfuhrer-SS. Himmler is not thrilled by the idea of giving Scott such a position, and he says to him ''Remember...that is title is given to you by the Fuhrer with my benevolence... If you fail, you will lose everything. The expulsion from the SS is the least of your worries. I will not be able to protect you, be advised''
Shortly after that, on 20th January 1942, the Wannsee Conference is established to detail the policies to be implemented in the Solution to the Jewish question. Scott is required to be there due to his position of Deputy of the Reichsfurer.
The conference is to be held in the Berlin's residential suburb of Wannsee on 20 January 1942. The purpose of the conference, called by the director of the RSSHA, SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Reinhard Tristan Eugene Heydrich,  to ensure the cooperation of administrative leaders of various government departments in the implementation of the Final Solution.
The partecipants are the following:

Deputy Reichsfuhrer-SS und Oberst-Gruppenfuhrer Scott Sutton
SS-Obergruppenfuhrer und General der Polizei Reinhard Heydrich
SS-Gruppenfuhrer Otto Hoffman, Head of the SS Race and Settlement Main Office
SS-Gruppenfuhrer Heinrich Muller, Head of Gestapo
SS-Oberfuhrer Dr. Karl Eberhard Schongart, Commander of the SiPo and the SD in the General Government
SS-Oberfuhrer Gerhard Klopfer, Secretary of the NSDAP
SS-Oberfuhrer Dr. Joachim Marie Stucks, Chief of Gestapo and Chief of Staff of the Deputy Reichsfuhrer-SS
SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Adolf Eichmann, Head of Referat IV B4 of the Gestapo
Recording secretary
SS-Sturmbannfuhrer Dr. Rudolf Lange, Chief of SiPo and SD, RSHA for the region of Latvia
SS-Brigadefuhrer Wilhelm Stuckart, State Secretary
Dr. Roland Freisler, State Secretary
Dr. Georg Leibbrandt, Reichsamleiter
Dr. Alfred Meyer , Gauleiter for the NSDAP
Dr.Josef Buhler, State Secretary
SS-Oberfuhrer Erich Neumann, State Secretary
Friedrich Wilhelm Kritizinger, State Secretary
Marthin Luther, Under Secretary

In a beautiful ballroom, sitting at a lavish banquet rich of fine foods and beverages, surronded by splendid statues and piece of art, the seventeen men discuss the policies to implement to effectively vanquish the Jewish presence in Europe.
In reality, the conference is a pretext to force the policies already established by the SS on the other NSDAP branches. Adolf Eichmann has already provided the method, the gassing with the Zyklon-B gas, and the locations, the centers of Auschwitz-Birkenau, Treblinka, Chelmno and others.
Heydrich and Scott force the other partecipants, the non-SS members, to accept the policies and support them with their specific branches of competence, with veiled treaths and plays of words.
At a certain pont, SS-Oberfuhrer and Scott's main assistant Dr. Stucks , proposes to keep alive the Jews with rich acquaintances in America, as means to get fancy ransoms in money.
Scott and Heydrich agree, with the condition that after the money are received, said Jews are to be liquidated like the others.
Scott also proposes a rule that has to be implemented after the war is won, in order to clear any Jewish ''leftovers'': even a 1/16 part of Jewish blood is enough to be declared to death. This is in order to clear definitively any trace of Jewish poison in Europe, no matter the position. Heydrich is note exactly thrilled by the idea, due to rumours about his uncertain genealogy, but Scott forces to accept it nonetheless.
After the conference is over and the night has fell, Heydrich, Scott, Stucks and Eichmann relax to the fireplace and discuss about the success of the conference. They make a toast to their success.
The day after, Scott returns to the front.

Chapter VIII – Air of War

Scott is firmly convinced  that their improved manoeuvrability will allow them to have the air supremacy over the RAF on the day of the attack.
Scott knows the moment is ripe and it’s the right moment to strike, due to the capture of Dunkirk and the recent devastation that the German wolf packs had on British Royal Navy. Most of their ships are still in docks being built and repaired, and only a small, reserve contingency of the British Navy joined the fight. They did not know that 115 U-Boats were lying in wait to cripple what was left of their ragtag Navy.
The landing parties are the following.

Three regiments of 7th Luftjager Division Initial landings of elite fallschirmsjager, along with gliders and seaborne troops between Hythe and Deal, and from Aycliffe to Abbots Cliff, secure the beaches below with minimal effort.
A concentrated drop of jagers within the triangle of  Dover, Canterbury and Ramsgate, lands overnight in West Hougham, west of Capel le Ferne, Newingham, Arpinge, Lympne and Hawkinge. This takes the British by surprise, but the plan has not took off yet.
The 16th Army set off from Boulogne, Calais, Dunkirk, Ostend, and landed at Ramsgate, Dover and Bexhill. Their orders are to push through and secure Rochester, London and Maldon.  
The 9th Army sets off from Le Havre and lands at Brighton, Portsmouth and Ventnor, their orders was to push through to Reigate, Reading, Oxford and London.
The 6th Army set off from Cherbourg and landed at Lyme Regis, their orders ware to push through to Bristol and then Gloucester.
The 17th, 21st and 55th Infantry Divisions landed on open beaches to the west of Folkstone and Hove, with instrucitons to hold the beach head once taken.
The 6th, 141st Divisions alongside of the 143rd Mountain Divisions landed between Folkstone and Dover, their mission is to climb the cliffs between Folkstone and Dover and capture all enemy positions.
All the groups are supported by small units of Scott's elite SS Division.

The German forces execute a surprise attacks between Hythe and Deal made by Special Unit 800 (Abwehr, German Military Inteligence) along with Infenterie Regiment Grossdeutschland using Feisler Storch which has the capacity to land on airstrips only needing very few yards to land.

Using the proven events of the D-Day landing, which took place on the  6th june 1944 in Scotts original timeline, he sees fit to appropriate their plan, just in reverse.
Its 3:30 AM and the pale moon is high in the sky.
There are several cruise ships that are creating a cortain of smoke across the channel  to hide the advance of the Kriegsmarine's naval  fleet, which comprised of 4 Aircraft carriers, 10 Battle ships, 12 Battle cruisers, 3 armoured ships, 5 Heavy cruisers, 44 Light cruisers, 158 Destroyers and torpedo boats, 115 U-Boats and numerous smaller crafts.
Those crafts comprises amphibious Personnel  carriers, landing carriers for tiger VI tanks and other heavy  equipment that has to dropped on the shores of Britain,  amphibious panzer 4 tanks converted into flail tanks designed to explode the mines on the beach, and new, state-of-the-art amphibious Panzer Drei tanks converted in bull dozer tanks to clear a pathway for the German troops along the beaches.

For the British it was all quiet, yet the invasion was already upon them.
The lookouts didn’t even notice the advance hidden within the smoke, which they have mistake for mist, and beneath the surface are two small five-man crews submarines which are fifteen metres long two metres wide.
The conditions inside the submarines are very cramped, but all this is vital to the success of Operation Tigershark: these men have been doing reconnaissance of the beaches for the past two days to find out the best places for the landing parties to land.
It’s now 3.45AM the Kriegsmarine Kapitans of the submarines are listening to their radio to hear certain words to be mentioned, that will be the signal to start the operation.
They hear the signal on the radio, now Operation Tigershark is a green light, their instructions are to surface  near the beach they shine a guiding light for the landing parties. Its now 4.00 AM.

The German Navy is using French and Russian ships they accrued, captured and refurbished, totaling a 2000 plus vessels.
Every one of those vessels has a load invoice: every invoice hadsa roster of names and equipment which has to go on a particular vessel in a particular order in a particular place at the correct time.
These invoices are all carefully handwritten.
The might of the 2000 strong force is now proceeding with heavy and precise bombardments provided by Kriegsmarine forces within the Dover area but also along the South coast in each direction, from Portsmouth to the Thames estuary, they bombarded British sea defences and beach heads for circa 30 minutes.
During that 30 minutes the first wave of Luftwaffe proceed to do precise bombardment with their three hundred strong Heinkel He 111. Also,  Junkers Ju88 bombers fly over, they destory radars, radio towers and hammer the sea defences.

The amphibious assault is only minutes away from the drop points, the first wave of troops are sent in.
While landing their crafts the Germans see shells impacting on the surrounding sea, they hear bullets whiz past their heads so they crouch down in their vehicles and take cover.
Each wave is comprised of 6 vessels per wave and per beach. Each vessel is full of men and supplies that are unloaded within walking distance of the beaches. These vessels are like a conveyor's belt.
This has been made to effectively outnumber the defenses and to ensure some men made it a crossing the beaches.
These vessels would return to reload with men and resupply. This scheme of operation is to be done another time and other time again, until every one of the troops loads has been deployed inland.

As the bombardment falls silent the first wave of men storms the beaches.
They walked in as it was an eerie silence, not even a sound.
But the British were biding their time and the machine guns suddenly starts firing.
The British fire their heavy guns,  the shrapnel from the blast is devastating within 60 feet, they are practically showering the Germans in a hell of bullets.
The Germans objective is to push enough Heer and Waffen-SS men up against the defensive positions. They rationalize that the enemy can’t kill everybody, as some will get through and then more will get through and eventually they will overwhelm the defender.
The Germans are to attack as a mindless human wave, which is supposed to drown the British in bodies, flesh and bullets.
In war men are expendable and acceptable losses. The commanders always decide everyday how many men have to die in order to accomplish their objective. While that may sounds cold-hearted and inhuman, being a military commander means being able to think about the casualties as selling the lives of the men for the price of Victory.
The troops go from walking to running in a split second, some hiding behind the anti-tank defences are caught  within the deadly cross fire of 100 machine gun positions on each beach, and some of thhem gets shredded to pieces.
The German troops call forward their own machine gunners carrying MG42 models, affectionately nicknamed Hitler’s buzzsaws and Der Fuhrer's Voice.
The operators of these guns have a thick metal plate covering the front of their helmets, also these men are equipped with the very first bulletproof vest.
It is a cloth design with thin layers of metal, one placed on top of the other covering both sides of the chest and the stomach.
This is to give the machine gunner more security while manning his gun allowing him to fight even after he’s been hit. These machine guns have a devastating effect due to the fact that they can fire twice the speed of any other gun on the planet.
The German Juggernauts return fire on the British machine gun nests, with the sandbags bursting as the German bullets pass through. One after the other the British machine gun posts fall, the second and third wave of men runs up a crossfort of the beaches to make room for the next wave of troops.

Those men only have one thing on their mind: to get off that beach alive.
The German troops are still being cut down by machine gun posts and mortars, also the British heavy guns are still firing. The young and old men have fear in their eyes as the Germans run a crossfort of the beaches towards them screaming ''Charge!!'' ''Fur die Ehre des Reiches!''.
The British men have been told that if the Germans ever make it to a crossfort of the beaches and capture them, they would be tortured to death.
This fear drives them to do unspeakable acts such as boys killing men indiscriminately, those young and old British men are using a cross fire pattern along the beaches so they can cover more ground, killing more German troops on the inner side.

The troops keep trying to cross the beach still returning machine gun fire by this time the beach is blood soaked.
For Germania's grace a handful of Germans make it to the first position they need to capture, allowing them to set up their own defences. When enough troops are in position, they assault with a surgical strike disabling the British sea defenses and manage to  stop the onslaught.
This will allows the rest of the men to cross the beaches safely. During the attack it is possible to hear explosions from France. the British sea defences open fire on the ships and amphibious vehicles, the amphibious mine flail panzer 4 tanks hit the beaches.
These thick chains are spinning around and around, the mines explode one after the other and bits of chain get blown off in all directions. But the tanks keep going, then the amphibious bulldozers Panzer Drei tanks hit the shore to clear the beaches of anti-tank placements.
This allows the rest of the German Troops to exit the landing craft then to advance up the beaches, as the main fighting forces finally make their way up the beaches, the Germans take many casualties. The men left see the second wave of  three hundred Heinkel He 111, Junkers Ju88 bombers, two hundred and eighty JU87 Dive bombers, two hundred and fifty Messerschmitt Bf 109.  The sight amazes and frightens them at the same time.
They fly overhead to destroy air fields with the objective to cut off any air assault by the British, The cannon on the Bf 109 proves itself to be very effective against metal aircraft and is a very good anti-bomber weapon. However it is less effective against the wood and fabric structure of the early British Hurricanes, who can absorb more cannon damage than their monologue partners, the Spitfires. So the Bf 109 main targets are the Spitfires. Even though the British airfields took a good pounding a lot of the British RAF has taken off before the bombs were dropped,

The RAF has managed for twelve Squadrons of Spitfires, fourteen Squadrons of Hurricanes to take off before the runways and all the other planes were destroyed.
Their numbers totaling six hundred and twenty four fighter planes that joined the fight.
Six squadrons of RAF swoops in for the attack on the Heinkel He 111, Junkers Ju88 that had dropped their payload and are flying back to France to refuel and rearm.
All the while, the Messerschmitt Bf 109's were dogfighting with the Spitfires.
The devastation of their cannons took a toll on the Spitfires: there are just too many of the Messerschmitt Bf 109's to keep them at bay, the other twenty squadrons radioed in and are told to converge on the beaches so they fly to the coast where they all meet up.
As they approach their destinations they see the third wave of 1000 Ilyushin IL-2 Sturmovik , Lavochkin La-5, Lavochkin LaGG-3 Russian planes all painted in German colours towing DFS 230A-1  transport glider operated by Luftwaffe officers, with each glider carrying 9 soldiers with equipment, Five hundred Junker JU52,  Junker JU90's Troop Carriers, each carrying 12 fallschirmsjagers,  flying in a Staffel of 12 aircraft broken down into 4 Vics, formation, along with 600 Messerschmitt Bf 110 towing  200 Messerschmitt me 321.
These giant gliders needs rocket boosts and three Messerschmitt Bf 110 towing every one glider, Just to take off during the flight they dropped their rocket boosts to save weight and drag each one carrying 130 men totalling 41,000 troops.
They were accompanied by 87 six-engined Messerschmitt Me 323 Gigant Cargo planes each carrying one Panzer Vier tank, two hundred and fifty Messerschmitt Bf 109's the carriers split up as they approach their drop points, the initial landings of paras, gliders and seaborne troops is between Hythe and Deal, Aycliffe to Abbots Cliff, securing the beaches below.  A concentrated drop of paras within the triangle of  Dover, Canterbury and Ramsgate, landing in West Hougham, west of Capel le Ferne, Newingham, Arpinge, Lympne and Hawkinge.
On the approach, the RAF pilots notice a new type of fighter plane they have never seen before. Tje intelligence never mentioned this and they are genuinely confused and frightned by this.
The markings on the new plane say ''MF180''. At the moment is present a force made up of two hundred of  fighters, eighty of these planes have a black top with white underbelly.
Those particular planes are flown by Adolf Hitler’s personal body guards of the SS, the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler. These men are trained in the art of aerial combat, their nickname is  the Totenkopf (Death's Head) squad. It's not just for effect: they earned this name for their brutality and sheer willingness to complete their mission in the face of death.

The other hundred and twenty are camouflaged MF 180s flown by the Luftwaffe and headed up by their commander, the Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring. These planes have the body of a Focke/Fokker Wulf 190 with an improved  air-cooled engine. This particular type of engine has been retrofitted with small exhaust mufflers to increase speed and make the plane silent while in flight. Also, the wing design is from a Horton Ho model 229, and due to their shape the landing gear was slightly further back than the normal Focke Wulf 190, so they had a rear gun under the tail fitted to counter act the balance. The gun in the tail stopped  the plane from nose diving when landing as did the MF180 version 1. The Luftwaffe has camouflaged his planes' top with grey paint. The plane of Hermann Göring is the only plane with a camouflaged  top and a red under belly.
These planes have a delta wing shape, they have white German crosses on the wing with swastikas on the tail.
Scott nicknamed his planes the Mutter Fokkers  MF 180 V-II Prototypes.
The camouflaged  MF 180s were sent in to protect the Parachute Division but the black and white SS-marked MF180s and the two hundred and fifty Messerschmitt Bf 109 were the dog fighters of the Luftwaffe.

During the amphibious assault the wolf packs are waiting at their secret destination for the British naval fleet to enter the fight.
As predicted, due to the recent destruction of the British fleet, most of the carriers and watercrafts are in port being built, so only one hundred of the fleet joined the fight but the wolf packs were lying in wait alongside the French and Russians ships.
They catches the British in their trap and starts bombarding with everyting they have.
Missile after missile, shell after shell, they manage to cripple the British fleet into submission, writing the final chapter of the Royal Navy's road to ruin.

The Luftwaffe camouflaged MF180s are flying between the convoy, escorting them in a manner akin to prison guards, the black Mf180s are flying above the convoy.
Reichsmarshall and WW-I ace pilot Hermann Goering is at the helm in  his special camouflaged MF180, although the German planes outnumbered  the British  Fighter planes  the courage of the British was that of a lion matched by its pride.
With sun shining to their backs the British swoop  in for the kill, the black MF180s take a stream of machine gun fire to which they pull up into a steep climbs while using their rear tail machine guns to return fire.
One novice Spitfire pilot turns hard to his left to avoid the bullets, but his decision to turn hard left  turns out to be a fatal mistake as he collides with two Hurricanes.
On impact all three planes bursts into flames, a fiery, ear-shattering explosion occurs. Parts of airplane debris flee in all direction damaging two Spitfires and one Hurricane, so they are forced to bail out of the fight.
Two English squadrons pull up to chase the black MF180s as the rest hits the convoy, as they lock their sites ready for the kill, 40 rear black MF180s all do an uncoordinated turn of 180 degrees and start to return fire. It's a massacre,  it’s like the sky is raining bullets , the English squadron don’t stand a chance at the manoeuvrability and ferocity  of  the new German fighter planes.
This gives the Germans forces the advantage, Goering notices the three damaged British planes,the  two Spitfires and one Hurricane with smoke bellowing out of their engines. They have left the fight to fly to safety but Goering wants to taste blood, it's passed too long since he had really fought.
He notifies his men that he’s engaging the fighters, his orders the Luftwaffe to protect the jagers convoy at all costs any pilot that fails his order will be court-martialed and punished with death for gross incompetence.
Goering leaves the convoy and start to give chase to the burning planes, he swoops in cutting down the first Spitfire, of which the right wing brakes off and the plane spirals down to the ground exploding on impact.
This excites Goring, he feels like he's young again, the daring Ace of Von Richtofen (The Red Baron)' squadron of the Great War. Excited, he wants more blood, he dives in on the remaining two planes from behind and fires a stream of bullets into the two plane as he’s weaving from left to right.
The left plane turns into a steep climb while the other fly’s straight ahead. Goering fires another stream of bullets and the remaining Spitfire's engine bursts into flames as the plane crash dives to the ground. Goering looks around to find the Hurricane, it has managed to loop over Goering while in its steep climb and come from behind, bullets fly by Gorings MF180 as he returns fire with his rear gun. He peppers the cockpit of the hurricane and kills the pilot blowing his face off, he leans over the controls and puts the plane into a nose dive. There is a loud explosion on impact.
Now Goering is happy and heads back to his rightful place at the helm, just then he notices two ace Spitfires heading straight for him.
They fire streams of bullets at his plane, he shows the British aces the manoeuvrability of his MF180 as he de-throttles his engine banks a hard right spinning it in a 180 degrees.  He turn powers up and flies straight at them weaving left and right it’s all like a game of chicken who will turn first. They nearly head on to each other, all three planes bank right just at the last second their undercarriages just misses each other as they fly by, Goring turn another 180 degrees and gives chase. The Ace pilot has the two Spitfires in his crosshairs, he fires another bust of bullets as the first one catches fire and put his plane into a steep dive to put out the flames. This one is dropped out of the fight, Goering fires another bust at the other Spitfire, it takes fire and it's pilot bails out as his plane crashes to the ground.
Goering respectfully salutes  the pilot parachuting as he has put on a good fight and heads back to the convoy.; lots of skirmishes are occuring but the convoy holds strong.
One of the RAF planes that has been hit makes a dive to him, intending to take him alongside to hell, but a German plane intervenes shooting the British down and saving Hermann's life.
The paratroopers are dropped and the gliders are released and set for landing, while parachuting the RAF shot at the men to take out as many as they can before the German Fighter planes dominate the skies.
In Georing’s  eyes that’s not a very British thing to do, he orders the Luftwaffe MF180’s Messerschmitt Bf 109's and the Messerschmitt Bf 110 to attack, his orders are to take out as many planes as they can to protect the paratroopers at all costs and if any British bails out kill them.
Those pilots are not like the one he fought against earlier, and he regards them as cowards.
The fallschirmsjagers that are on the ground start their fight with the objecitve to take the sea defences and to relieve the main fighting force on the beaches.
The Totenkopf squad shows the British pilots how manoeuvrable their brand-new planes really are in combat, every time a Spitfire or Hurricane has a MF180 in their sights the plane returns fire with their tail gun forcing the British pilot to come from a different angle. These MF180 ability to spin 180 degrees and returns fire head on is wearing thin on the British, their commanding officer thinks ''How can we take them down? There is just too many of these darn planes to make a dent in the Germans defences!''.
Not only there are thhe Messerschmitt Bf 109 with their cannons , the Messerschmitt Bf 110 have released the  gliders and now they are also in the fight. The Spitfires and Hurricanes that are left retreat hoping the Totenkopf squad and the Messerschmitt’s will follow, as they thought the Germans followed the British Squadron, twenty British aces are left hidden flying in the clouds. They wait until the Germans  move closer in for the chase, their timing is impeccable as they dive in for the attack while the rest of the squad keeps the much reviled Totenkopf squad busy.
The Germans engage in fighting but the British aces swoop down out of the clouds onto the main bulk of the German fighter planes:  their ruse has worked and they are free to attack but they are confronted by the a squadron of Messerschmitt Bf 109s and Messerschmitt Bf 110, mucht to their surprise and panic.
Those models may not have the manoeuvrability like the Death's Head squad's models, but they are formidable fighters, the British aces hit their target dead on the cockpits. Fifteen black MF180s are on fire with smoke bellowing from their planes.
Now the aces go in for the kill at least if they can’t shoot them all they will take out as many as they can in an honorable death. Due to this, fifteen MF180s are no more: some explodes in flight, others spirals down to the ground in a trail of fire and blow up on impact.
Five pilots manage to jump out their planes and pull their parachute. By this time 177 of the Me 321 gliders and 59 Me 323 Gigant six-engined  cargo planes and 640 DFS 230A-1  transport gliders have landed, and they start immediatley to unload their cargo of 59 Panzer Vier tanks that made it safely to the ground. There are around 28770 men that survived  and about 6,000 paratroopers, these men split up into three small Panzer divisions and attacks the sea defences relieving the amphibious troops that were stranded on the beaches.
Two hundred and sixty-nine vessels along with sixty submarines were crippled or lost by the British naval fleet and sea defences before they fell.
After the mine fields were cleared and the anti-tank structure were removed.
The German  fleet unloaded the Tiger Ein Tanks so the Panzer Divisions and ground troops can strike at their designated positions. Every man captured was executed on site as a ''No prisoners, no surrender'' policy was in effect for all the German units.

Once the sea defenses are captured the main bulk of the Panzer Divisions make their way to Reigate, Reading, Oxford and London, while the rest takes Rochester, Maldon, Bristol then Gloucester.
There are only small pockets of resistance due to the loss the British had at Dunkirk, their numbers were just a few than one hundred  thousand troops comprised of battle weary troops along with old men and boys, there was not enough to stop the invasion due to the bombers that were left had returned to France, refuelled and rearmed for their blitzkrieg attack on southern Britain.
The Panzer Divisions follow the devastation of the blitz attack killing everyone in their path the main strategic places of southern Britain fell to the Germans within twelve hours of the attack.
The Luftwaffe’s old and new planes have the advantage in the skies, the English RAF Eva ran out of ammo or was shot down, only a handful of English pilots return to base only to find the landing strips destroyed.
The Luftwaffe lost four hundred and eighty two planes in the assault on Britain, although the Totenkopf squad lost a few they were victorious on this day; now Britain is within Adolf Hitler’s grasp.

England falls to Germany after a short two-day, hellish hand-to-hand bloodbath in which hundreds of men fell on both sides, even though there was a probability of the Germans dropping an atomic bomb on London Churchill was still defiant: he believed the Germans wouldn’t destroy Buckingham palace so Churchill’s England put up a fight.

Chapter IX – Mutter und Vater

Thankfully for Scott England falls on 4th of March 1942 a day before his birthday as he promised, Adolf Hitler finally has something to smile about, he decides to give Scott an award called Sieg uber England which means Victory over England.
Adolf Hitler also commission the large oil painting of the medal ceremony at Nuremberg, he also appoints Scott as joint Reichsfuhrer-SS alongside Heinrich Himmler and Reichsleiter of the NSDAP.
The cerimony takes place on the balcony of Buckingham palace.
At first, Himmler is not very happy with Scott taking the position of Reichsfuhrer-SS and has to share his second in command title, but after a night of thoughts he cames to the conclusion that a title and rank is not worth the bad blood with his friend : the most important thing is the feeling of camaraderie and the loyalty towards the Reich and the Fuhrer.
The morning after, they make breakfast together and take a photo together, with Scott in full Reichsfuhrer-SS uniform and proudly wearing is Sieg uber England medal.
The photo is published on all the Reich's journals with the caption '' Die zwei Reichsfuhrers der SS – der Stolz der unsere Nation'' (''The two Reichsfuhrers of the SS – the Pride of our Nation).
It’s now the 6th of April 1942, and there are no traces of Sir Winston Churchill and his bodyguard. Later that day Scott finds out that his father, Cyril Sutton, is located  in a P.O.W. Camp.
Using is authority as Reichsfuhrer-SS, he requests a visit to go see the man.
Naturally, Scott's wish is granted. On 7th April 1942 he makes his way to the P.O.W. camp with two Gestapo bodyguards.

When Scott's entourage reaches the camp there is an eerie silence not even a bird singing making a truly downbeat and depressing atmosphere. On their arrival they are greeted by the Camp Kommandant, SS-Sturmbannfuhrer Karl Linze Riefehl.
Scott is lead to an interrogation room were his father Cyril Sutton is being held.
Cyril is about 18 years old and is wearing a still pristine RAF uniform.
Scott asks the Gestapo to wait outside the door while he talks to his father.
He starts friendly, saying ''How are we doing, Cyril?'' ''Not very well, Herr Offizier'' replies Cyril in a sour tone '' I'd wish for room service and some good after dinner Whiskey, but what can we do about it here?'' he continues with a bitter laugh. He then gazes at Scott's insignia and says ''Last I heard, only that ratface of Himmler had that rank. Did the old bastard die?'' Scott shakes his head ''He's alive and well, thanks for the interest. I have some things I have to tell you.''
''And what would that be, Herr Reichsfuhrer?'' replies Cyril ''Well'' says Scott ''Let's talk on a glass of whiskey and a good cigar, shall we?''.
Scott has high quality cigars and 33 years old Whiskey from the Kommandant's private reserve brought in, and the two men chat.
At a certain point, Scott says ''Listen Cyril, what I am about to say you will shock you beyond belief, and you will find it to hard to believe, but it's the truth, the pure truth.'' ''Don't tell me, you have a Jewish relative?'' jokes Cyril ''Very funny.'' replies Scott '' But I am serious. The truth is, I am your son, Cyril. My name is Scott, Scott Joseph Sutton. '' Cyril raises an eyebrow. ''You are kidding me. You must be. This is a cruel joke you want to play on me before you have me executed.'' ''I assure you, it is not.'' replies Scott ''I have come from the future to turn the tide of the war and bring The Reich and Der Fuhrer Adolf Hitler to victory. With this, we will achieve a brighter future and a better life.'' '' But why?'' says Cyril confused ''Why would my son, a proud British man, betray his own country?'' ''It's not betrayal'' retorts Scott in a firm tone ''It's hope, and love for my country. Hitler does not know the best for Germany only. He wish the best for England, France, Scandinavia. He wants to enlighten those peoples, and wish for a world preserved and dominated by Germany and it's allies, Italy and Japan.''
They spend the following hours chatting, drinking and smoking, with Scott briefing in Cyril on detail about his future life and how he traveled back in time. At a certain point, Cyril puts out his cigar stump in the heavy steel ashtray, With a sudden move, he picks it and violently bashes it on Scott's head.
Instantly Scott is engulfed by the white light and is back in his kitchen in the future.

Finally Scott body has healed his body and  now he’s awake.
With firm decision, he stands up and goes to his brother to apologise about headbutting him and kidnapping his son Andrew. While entering James' driveway Scott notices he has got a new car. ''Good for him'' he thinks. Scott knocks the door and a Pakistani man opens it. At this sight he goes berserk, shouting ''Where’s my brother, you Paki bastard! What did you do to him and what are you doing in his house!!''
Panicking, the man tries to tell Scott he has been living there for the last 10 years and does not know of his brother, by now Scott has lost his temper, he lashes out at the man knocking him to the floor with barrage of punches to his face.
A neighbor calls the police and Scott is arrested and taken in shackles to Parkside police station.

In the interview room Scott talks about his brother who also lives in Chesterton.
He angrily spouts ''My brother James is white and not a fucking Paki!'' Scott is reminded that his actions and his words are very racist.
Scott is given a coffee and calms down, he says ''So, where is my brother if he doesn’t live there?'' The agent sees fit to suspend the interview and check Scott’s story. To their amusement they discover Scott has no family other than his mother. The police keep Scott under lock and key while they go and have a word with his mother, she tells the police that Scott is unwell, he has a large brain tumour and hasn’t got long to live, and she tells them of his hallucination about time travel helping Adolf Hitler conquering the world. When the police get back they ask a doctor to check Scott’s mental state. What the doctor discovers just talking to Scott leaves him dumbfounded as he has never seen someone with so many personalities in one mind and requests Scott to be put in a secure wing at Fulbourn hospital Cambridge, for his own safety and for study.

During his stay in Fulbourn hospital the doctor have to inject Scott with the highest volume of antipsychotics drugs and his hormone replacement from his doctor's surgery. Scott seems like  subdued, he is transported to the secure Psychiatry wing at Fulbourn hospital.
During his stay there Scott is heavily medicated, this seems to keep him calm and stable.
Little they do know that Scott's body automatically fights off any illness or drugs in his system so it’s not as effective as they think.
The process goes on for several days, Scott wants to get out but they won't let him.
He watches everyone to see if there is a weak link in the chain of command in his plan to make a break for freedom. His superior mind and his training in the Elite SS made him a soldier in every situation. He notices a janitor walking freely through the building using his own key card, it’s just what Scott figures: there is a weak link after all, there is always one.

Scott waits for the janitor to clean the toilets and then makes his move into the toilets. Scott goes and he gets the janitor from behind around the neck with his full might and snaps it like a twig.
The man slumps to the floor dead, quickly Scott changes both their clothes and notices the schematics are no longer tattooed on his body. Carefully he sits the janitor on the toilet, he locks the door from inside and climbs over the door, dressed as the janitor. With this disguise no one notices him leaving the hospital, now Scott needs some answers and the only person he knows that knows the truth about his brother is his mother.
He uses the janitors car to drive to his mother, she is surprised to see him when she opens the door, Scott grabs her by force he ties her to a chair using a electric cord from her desk lamp.

Scott asks where is his brother and sister, why did she let the police lock him up in a nut house. Scott says ''Mum I’m not mad! I have been time travelling with this watch attached to my chest. I can go anywhere any time in the world I want, I have to get back to World War Two and help the Germans win the war.'' she replies ''If that is so, then why don’t you go back if it’s so easy? And then, why would you do that?'' to which Scott patiently replies ''The watch power is broken, I need a high electrical shock coursing through my body to jump start the watch. After this it relies on my brain wave electrical impulses to keep me in said time, my house is the only place I can leap from because of its old electrical fuse box which allows me to place higher voltage fuse wire so I get an electric shock without burning the fuse wire out, but my sanity isn’t at question mother dear, tell me why you never married Cyril Sutton. Why you did not?'' His mother replies ''That question is easy answered: he was my lodger but he was tortured to death in a P.O.W. Camp. It was something about killing the Reichsfuhrer but they never found the Reichfuhrer’s body so they just tortured him slowly until he died.''

''Fuck it'' says Scott ''I think I’ve messed up my own time line, if I have caused a paradox my dad died in WW2  so my brother and sister were never born.  I never got my brother' son Andrew to hack the M.O.D.. Consequently, the schematics were never tattooed on my body; but the question is: how am I still here if my dad was killed way before I was born?'' his mother says ''I don’t know son''. At the limit of his patience, Scott asks''So, mother dear who is my father? I got a letter from uncle Hans saying I am the first full hybrid test-tube youngling is that how my body fought off the drugs I was given in hospital. I faked my movements while watching others around me what they did so I mimicked them, foiling the ward' staff.'' she replies'' I don’t know. All I know is your ill and need help.''

Regretting what he is going to do, but knowing it's necessary, Scott walks to the kitchen. He boils the kettle keeping his finger on the button keeping the kettle water on boiling point , he opens a cupboard finding a bag of brown sugar, he pours the sugar in the kettle water, he walks back into the front room where his mother is tied up. His heart in agony, Scott pours the sugar water over the back of her head, with boiling brown water running down her back. She screams in agony as her skin starts to blister, she cries ''Stop it! Please stop it!'' Scott just keeps pouring, finally the kettle is empty, and mother nearly passes out form the pain, Scott says ''Wake up mother dear I need some answers, if you don’t tell me I'll start pulling teeth.'' The woman chuckled, then said pull all the teeth you want they are false you fucking moron, Scott smiles he pulls out a small 3 inch blade, a pair of pliers that the janitor had in his pockets, you will tell me what you know even if it takes all night to torture you, he starts by picking up the blade, cutting around the blistered burnt flesh, then he peels off her scalp slowly with his hands like ripping a page from a book then he peals her skin off  her back. The pain is unbearable and she passes out.
Scott wakes her up by rubbing hands full of sea salt over the exposed flesh he found in the kitchen, by this time she’s ready to tell him everything, if she does divulge the truth he would properly kill her anyway, he says ''Now you will tell me who my father is, or I'll make you die very fucking slowly.''

''Uncle Hans letter says I’m the secret symbolic representation of the Black Sun design on the back of the watch what does this mean. Is this true, what do you know and does that mean I am the son of Adolf Hitler? If so that makes you the true Aryan female and my surrogate mother.'' she replies ''You are fucking mad so is your uncle who by the way isn’t your uncle. He is a Nazi general that somehow escaped punishment since World War Two for his war crimes as no one knew where he went or where he was hiding. He just vanished after the war without a trace , I first saw pictures of him in the World War Two, I then saw him in 1963 again in 1964 it was like he hadn’t aged one bit since the war. You got one thing right, through: you are correct about me being your surrogate mother. Sadly for you,  you are wrong about me being the true Aryan female as I’m Jewish.''
This revelation fills Scott of rage. He picks up the pliers and shouts ''Don't say bullshit! You can’t be fucking Jewish, the Nazis wouldn’t have put me in a fucking Jew whore!'' Enraged, he starts by clamping the pliers on her nails until they go black and lifted, he pulls her finger nails out one by one as he shouts ''Tell me, tell me that you are fucking lying to me!'' she screams in pain and laughs ''You’re a fucking Jew boy, the Nazis won’t want you when they find out the truth about you, who’s going to tell them as you certainly aren’t!!! You fancy yourself as an Aryan,but you are just shit for them!'' ''After I’ve finished with you mother dear...'' threats Scott ''Who else knows of this, why where you my surrogate mother, what happened to the true Aryan female destined to be my mother?''
After some persuasion, with all her fingers and toe nails pulled out she finally tells Scott everything about herself, where the true Aryan female is, this is what she said: ''My true name is Dinah and it means "judgment". Your own judgment day is coming my son.'' '' I’m not your son you fucking Jew whore, you are nothing to me. Tell me everything I want to know or I'll start cutting off your eyelids, your fingers and your toes as well as your breasts.'' ''Ok ''she says ''me and two other Mossad agents who are only known as your uncles Bill and Ted Woodhouse, the same surname as me.Your last name is Woodhouse, not Sutton. When we knew of notes of the next Adolf Hitler to be born we watched on at a meeting hall in Cambridge in 1963, Our agents noticed the female looked very similar to me, I needed a little bit of facial reconstruction so we could replace her with me, the Nazi guardians would never find out if we disposed of her body.
After the swelling went down , I looked just like her double and then we made our move, she was heavily guarded by the Order called Guardians of the Black Sun, we managed to sneak in. Swap her for me late one night, they never found out about the swap , in 1964 you was put inside of me, you were feed by my Jewish blood we all thought tainting your blood would be enough to stop you from your purpose. Of that we were unsure of what that was, when you was born I grew to love you as if you were my own, I still do even though you have done this to me it’s a mother’s love that is unconditional I brought you up, I am your mother please stop this my son.'' Scott replies ''Son, son... you must be fucking joking you’re not my mother you may have tainted my blood but that’s all I’m a true Aryan, don’t you say otherwise.''

''I will kill my so called uncles, your two brothers in arms and then my secret will be safe'' and mother said ''You can’t fight your way out a paper bag, you are no match for them they are Mossad agents trained to  kill with their bare hands, you won’t even get near them, let alone kill them.
Scott walks out the back door, enters the shed, he comes back with a machete he’s found, he says ''This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you'' with tears in his eyes and his heart full of regret he slowly cuts her throat spilling her Jewish blood. It's squirting everywhere, the sounds she’s making is like a pig killed in a slaughterhouse as Scott hears her last words she’s trying to say ''Stop, please stop'' but her voice is gargled as blood runs down her throat.
Once he has cut through to the bone he hacks away at her neck beheading her, he looks around the room to find a bag there’s one in the cupboard in the corner he puts her head in it, he gets cleaned up and then he leaves.

Chapter X - Nokmim

By this time Scott's face is shown all over the TV news. The police is instructing people to stay away from him after he killed the janitor of a mental institute to escape. He is believed to be armed and dangerous.
Not knowing his face is all over the media Scott makes his way to see his friend Barry who is a known MMA mix martial arts fighter and instructor. Scott knocks his front door and Barry is quick to answer. Scott asks Barry for a favour: ''Barry my friend, I'm gonna ask you a great favour. Can you teach me everything you know about mix martial arts? I really need your help'' to which Barry replies ''Of course my friend. So, when do you want to join the club?'' At those words,  Scott laughs and tells Barry about his tumour and the skills it gave him. He also tells him about his bucket list that learning mix martial arts is on top. ''I've only got a couple months to live, but since I have had the tumour my learning abilities are astonishing.''''What do you mean?'' asks Barry confused. With a smile, Scott replies ''Whatever you show me I will be able to master only by seeing it. I will mimic every of your moves''.
Barry finds this fascinating if it really is be true, so they go into the backyard.
True to his word Scott mimics Barry’s every move, shocking him, and after about a couple hours of teaching and sparring they are both a bit knackered. Barry tells Scott ''Well, I think that’s enough for today.. I gotta admit, I’ve never know a pupil like you – it’s truly a shame the tumour helps your abilities to learn things fast but will kill you in the end. I sincerely do hope that will be of help for you to start your bucket list mate.''
Scott thanks Barry and says with emotion in his voice ''I’m glad I got to know you. You are what I call a true friend, as there are not many that would have done what you did today for me''Barry replies ''Would you fancy a cup of coffee before you leave?'' ''Yes mate, that would be nice, thank you''.
Barry makes the coffee and they sit down in the front room. Barry turns on the TV and to their surprise there’s a news flash showing Scott's name and face. The journalist says he is wanted for murder of a janitor, he has escaped from a mental hospital and the police believe Scott to be armed and dangerous. The police warns to do not approach him. If anyone is to see him in the streets he si to  just phone the police.'' Shacken, Barry turns to Scott asks ''Mate, is this true? What they’re saying about you is the truth?''.
Scott sighs and says ''Yes,I'm afraid it is mate, but I’ve not come here to hurt you in any way, shape or form. You must believe me about this.'' Barry scratches his chin and says ''I’ve known you long enough to be able to tell if you’re lying or not. I'll put it this way, for our friendship' sake: if you leave now I won’t tell the police you’ve been here. I gather the lesson in mix martial arts I’ve just given you today wasn’t for any bucket list then, am I right?'' ''You are right my friend'' replies Scott ''I nee your knowledge to kill the only two people left  in the world that know the truth about me. They are both my uncles, Bill and Ted. Supposedly uncles on my mother’s side, in reality they are Mossad agents working for the Jewish government. '' he makes a pause to let that sink into his friend's mind ''They are very dangerous men, trained to kill with their bare hands. With what you have shown me today I don’t think they have a chance in hell of surviving my visit - but you never heard me say that did you Barry?'' he quips with a wink. Barry replies ''No, not if you leave now before the misses comes home from work; then no one will ever know of your visit today, not from me, I assure you.'' Smiling, Scott says ''Then, thanks again for all your help even though I lied to you in the first place. I still hope we can be friends, and I hope to see you one more time before I depart from this world. Take care Barry.'' ''You too Scott.''
Scott leaves to visit his uncles' house, using the janitor's car.

On Scott's arrival at his uncles' house he parks the car around the back as to not be seen.
Scott picks up the bag and heads to the front door, and knocks the door. After a moment of silence Bill answers and opens the door.  ''Hi Scott, what a surprise! To what do we owe the honour for this visit? We haven’t seen you for at least four years...'' Without saying anything, Scott pushes Bill and goes past him shouting ''Uncle Ted are you in? Uncle Ted?'' Ted shouts out ''Scott! Yes, I’m upstairs I’ll be to you in a minute!'' when Ted finally walks down the stairs he’s holding a small calibre hand gun with a silencer attached. With a dead serious expression on his face, he’s pointing it at Scott.
Nonplussed, Scott quips ''So I gather you watched the news today.'' ''Yes we have'' says Ted ''So, what’s in the bag?'' With a smirk, Scott holds the bag out away from his body, opens the bag and then turns it upside down, his mother’s head drops out. The disembodied head rolls across the floor stopping at Bill's feet. Using his enemies' shock to his advantage, Scott throws the bag at Ted who’s still on the bottom of the stairs, his gun goes off Scott's head by that much. With a quick move, Scott turns to Bill and with one hand strikes his pubic bone. As Bill leans forward Scott hold his hands clasped together holding the back of Bill's head he knees him in the face. Bill's nose explodes and blood squirts everywhere. Dazed and fighting against the pain, Bill tries to stand up, Scott does a reverse elbow to the temple this dazes Bill even more. In a split second Scott grabs Bill' shoulders and drops to the floor using him as a human shield as Ted empties the whole clip into Bill trying to hit Scott. Bill's bullet riddled body is thrown to the sides.
Ted jumps off the stairs and hits Scott in the face with the hand holding the gun knocking Scott to the floor. He then dives on him using both hands around his neck and Scott's face starts turning blue. He however manages to shakes it off and with a palm strike to the nose makes Ted let him go. Ted falls backwards, they both stand up standing opposite to each other standing in a fighting stance. Ted tries a reverse kick and catches Scott on the chin making him stumbling backwards, He drops to one knee, Ted thinks he’s got the advantage and attacks, while on one knee Scott strikes Ted in the centre of his chest stopping him in his tracks, Scott grabs Teds left arm, he wraps both legs around the arm, one leg across his neck the other across his chest and pulls back with all his might. Teds arm snaps breaking in two places, as the man screams in pain Scott flips him face down. Scott then gets him in a neck hold and puts Ted to sleep. When Ted finally wakes up he is gagged with his arms and legs sprayed open he’s tied to nails in the floor.
With a smirk, Scott says ''Well, I see you are awake so let’s play'' Scott then proceeds to nail both of Ted's wrists to the floor with 6 inch nails to ensure he can’t escape. With every hammer blow he hears Ted's muffled cries, and sees the man's eyes droppimg tears and his wrists getting red from blood. Scott sits on top of the man's waist, he picks up the small 3inch blade he has on him, and starts to gut Ted like a pig then Scott puts his right hand inside, he holds Teds beating heart in his hand then tightens his grip Teds body goes into convolutions Scott watches the life go out of his eyes he holds a tight grip, his hand stopping the heart from beating altogether. Finally Ted dies.

Scott searchs around the house and finds Bill's car keys in his coat pocket hanging on the kitchen door. He then heads outside, parks the janitors car in Bill and Ted's garage then reverses Bills car up to the front door, opens the boot and puts both bodies in the boot along with his mother’s head.
He drives back to his mum's place: there is no sign of the police so he reverses up to the front door goes inside, unties his mother’s body from the chair, puts her headless body in the boot, all he needs to do is get rid of the bodies now.
Scott phones his good friend Jonathan Taylor, he asks Jonathan if he’s still has his industrial wood chipper and tipper truck from his landscaping days. He already has a plan in mind, but says nothing to Jonathan.'' If you have them, can I please borrow them for an hour or so?'' he asks. Jonathan says ''No problem mate, I’ve still got all my landscaping tools as I’m thinking about restarting the business as being a taxi driver these days is not paying it's way. As for the truck I will have to drive it as you’re not insured. Hope it's not a problem for you.'' Scott agrees and he tells Jonathan ''My friend, I have to warn you: you’re not going to like what I’m putting in your chipper. Are you sure you want to come with me?'' Jonathan responds ''Mate, there's no problem, how bad could it be?'' Scott replies ''So you have not seen the news today...'' Jonathan says ''No mate I haven’t.'' ''Ok I will be with you in about 10 minutes then, wait for me'' Scott replies.

Scott arrives at Jonathan's house and pulls up, Jonathan comes out. He asks ''Where’s these trees you want to get rid of in such a hurry?'' Scott replies ''There are not actually trees, my friend. Prepare your stomach, try to keep your luch.'' then he opens the boot, Jonathan’s face drops color and his skin turns white as a ghost. He almost yells ''What the fuck have you done mate?!? Isn’t that your mum and your two uncles? But why ?!?'' ''Yes they are but  I can’t go into the detail now mate, all I need  is to shred the bodies then put them in the river cam as fish food'' answers tiredly Scott ''Is that a problem?'' he notices his friends his in a daze ''Jonathan, I’m talking to you is that a problem?'' insists Scott. '''Err no problem Scott, as long as you’re not putting me through it as well...'' retorts Jonathan. ''Of course not, what do you take me for? I’m not that cruel to kill a friend who’s helping me in my hour of need.'' responds Scott nearly offended ''I only kill when deemed necessary.'' ''Sorry mate, that shouldn’t have crossed my mind, I’ll start the wood chipper for you'' says Jonathan with a feeble smile. Scott tells Jonathan ''Not yet, first I need to use your large chest freezer so when the bodies are cold enough I can cut them up into smaller parts. This way they will  pass through the chipper with little or no blood splatter.'' Jonathan says ''I can put a sack over the back of the chipper to catch the bits, then you can throw whatever you want through it as long it not me. Sorry Scott, but I need to sit this one out for a while if you don’t mind''. ''No problem mate. So where’s your freezer, is it still in the shed? May I take it?'' ''Yes Scott it is, take it''.

Scott puts the bodies in the chest freezer to make them ready to be cut up later. He also turns the freezer to full, to freeze the bodies faster. Jonathan takes a seat as he’s feeling a bit sick, later that day Scott cuts up the bodies into smaller parts cutting every joints with his 3inch blade then severing them with the machete he used on his mum. He then proceeds to pass the parts through the industrial wood chipper. The sounds of bones cracking and crunching fills the air, as the bodies are  smatched  into small fragments flying into the sack. The sack turns red soaked with blood dripping out the bottom as the fragments start to defrost, and a stink of dead meat starts to be in nose range. Once Scotts finishes he turns to Jonathan he says ''I could murder a coffee, forgive the pun mate'' Joathan simply says ''It's black with no sugar am I right?'' ''Yes mate that's correct.'' after they drink their coffees it’s starts to get dark.
Scott turns to Jonathan and says ''I will need you to drive me to the river, reverse up to the bank and tip the remains into the water, when we get back to yours I’ll help you jet wash your truck and wood chipper so no one even know what I’ve done unless you decide to blab.'' he takes on a stern look ''I have to warn you that will only get you jail time for helping me get rid of the bodies anyway, its best you keep your mouth shut'' Jonathan say ''Yes of course, no problem mate: mum’s the word.'' he then gets pale and blurbs ''Oh fuck, sorry about that pun I didn’t mean anything by it'' ''That’s ok Jonathan I trust you not to drop yourself in shit''. Jonathan jokes halfheartedly ''I’m always in shit it’s just the depth that varies'' this makes Scott laugh.

It's dark Scott and Jonathan place the sack of grounded up body fragments onto the buck of the tipper truck;  then  set off to the Green Dragon pub; Scott tells Jonathan ''There is a place opposite the pub where you can launch a small boat from a trailer'' Jonathan thinks it’s too dangerous to tip it there as it’s a busy pub but Scott disagrees as no one would expect anything dodgy going on in such a busy place. With that in mind, that’s where they go, luckily  its cold and everyone’s in the pub and not a lone soul in the garden. Jonathan reverses the truck so the rear wheels are submerged in the water, Scott raises the tipper while holding the corners of the  bag, it falls into the water and he opens it.
The gory body fragment  get washed away; Scott throws the soaking wet red blood stained sack into the back of the buck and lowers it, as they start to drive away their mutual friend Thomas Lomax comes out the pub with beer in hand and says ''What are you doing mate?'' to which Jonathan replies ''Nothing you would be interested in mate'' ''Ok then  Jonathan. So, who’s with you then; why he is  covering his face with that hoody, doesn’t he want to be seen? Wait I know, it’s a she? Bloke, don’t you know married women have their secrets, eh?'' jokes Thomas. ''Never you mind Thomas, it's best for you to go back in the pub and enjoy your beer. Please mate I’m in a hurry I’ll catch up with you later'' Scorned, Thomas say ''Ok, feel free to be rude then, see if I care.'' and returns in. Jonathan drives back to his house; he’s a bag of nerves and can’t wait to get rid of Scott, he tells jim ''Just go, I’ll clean the truck and wood chipper myself, its best you go now'' Scott agrees and leaves.

The next day Scott rings his friend Thomas Lomax,. He asks Thomas for his help, Scott needs a  shower and some clean clothes.  Thomas says he’s got one hell of an hangover and that he has seen the news; he tells  Scott there’s a  warrant out for his arrest . The police have found loads of blood at his mother and uncles' houses, Bill's car is missing and they found the janitor's car in the garage but no bodies. He says ''They believe you have killed them as well as that janitor at the hospital. They are looking for your uncle's car so if you have it get ird of it quickly as they will catch you.''
''So, what are your whereabouts?'''' I can’t say mate'' answers Scott. Thomas says ''So, what were  you hiding in the truck last night?'' ''No mate, what truck; nothing you don’t have to worry about.''
Not totally convinced, Thomas says ''If you can make it round the back of my house and walk along the train tracks you'll get to my back garden. Just jump over the fence, I’ll leave the back door open. See you soon, you can tell me all about it when you get here''
Scott does what Thomas tells him, he opens the back door and calls Thomas, who responds ''I’m in the front room mate, come in'' Scott goes in and finds Thomas sitting watching the news: it’s all about Scott. Scott turns to Thomas and says ''My friend, you know I wouldn’t ask you for help if I wasn’t so desperate, right? I wouldn’t want to get you involved in this mess I’m currently in but you’re the only one I can turn to at this time.'' Thomas simply says ''Mate, get cleaned up and refresh yourself. There’s a change of my dad’s old clothes that should fit you: I’ve put them in the bathroom already. You can tell me all about it when you’re done.''
Scott takes a shower, gets dressed and goes to see Thomas in the front room, he turns to Thomas and says ''Thomas, you’ve known me for a long time now, you know? I must admit that since 2006 I live, breathe and think about everything that is Adolf Hitler. I’ve been back in time to 1923 and made contact with Der Fuhrer, I had a way to change the past as to change the future, but because I caused a paradox in the timeline  I no longer have the tattoos of the plans I stole to show Der Fuhrer. Now, I will need you to drive me to the back of the Jaffa Internet Café in Mill Road. I also need to borrow your laptop so I can hack the M.O.D and get my schematics back.''. Dumbfounded, Thomas says ''That’s all well and good, but you lost me at hello.'' ''But I didn’t say hello did I?'' asks Scott ''No, but you know what I mean Scott. I haven’t got a clue what you’re going on about, it seems all cuckooland. But it also seems to me that you do, so let’s go get your schematics.''
Thomas  does as Scott asks of him as they have been best friends for over twenty years, although he thinks Scott has lost his mind he would rather help him than get on his wrong side, given what he did to his mother and uncle.
They drive to the back of the café. Thanks to his enhanced mind, Scott remembers what Andrew showed him. he hacks past the firewall and into the main frame. He finds the schematics, as before he leaves the evidence on Sam’s server computer, just as they drive off the police surround the front of the café, they arrest everyone in the place as the hack was traced to the café itself. This evidence will implicate Sam as a terrorist. Once they are back at Thomas’s house Scott borrows Thomas’s phone to call his daughter’s boyfriend Mark Harris to come round Thomas’ place. He has to tattoo the schematics on his body: as before this takes most of the night and the next day.

Now Scott needs to get back to his house as it’s the only place he knows the watch will work. Thomas drives him near his house, Scott gets out and Thomas does a drive-by to see if any police are present. He notices there are two patrol cruisers outside his house, and the house itself is sectioned off with police tape. Thomas  goes back and tells Scott that the police are watching his house, Scott says ''Well then, cheers my friend. Please go home, burn my clothes at your place and tell no one you’ve seen me as I don’t want you to get into trouble. Is that clear?'' Thomas leaves, then Scott runs as fast as he can down the road straight passed the police cars, the police men jump out of their cars and start chasing after him but Scott's headstart is enough to get into the house and lock the door behind him, the police run back to the car to get the ram to open the front door they see a bright white light through the window. Much to their shock, when they enter the house Scott is nowhere to be seen.

Chapter XI – Blood is thicker than water

Scott has returned to 1st of May 1942. Thirty seconds after his father Cyril Sutton knocked him unconscious, Scott arrives in the white light thirty seconds after he disappeared, Cyril drops the ashtray, falls to his knees, Scott says ''Now, do you believe me father?'' all Cyril can do is nod his head as the Gestapo rushes in after hearing the commotion. Scott tells Oberfuhrer Stucks to take him away and put him in front of a firing squad as a warning the other prisoners for trying to kill the Reichfuhrer-SS. Upon hearing this Cyril cries out ''I thought you were my son or was that all a lie?'', ''There's no lie, father'' Scott says coldly ''I just can’t leave you alive as I won’t find out the truth  about my mother otherwise.'' Scott then tells Stucks and the Gestapo agents to stop, he has changed his mind. Cyril smiles with a shy of relief but not for long as Scotts says ''Better have him tortured to death, why change history if you don’t have to ? Well, goodbye father.'' Cyril is dragged away to another interrogation room on the other side of the camp, this room is nicknamed by inmates and SS alike the Death's door. It is also known for its hollow screams of men being tortured to death by Obergruppenfuhrer Reinhard Heydrich. Cyril is dragged kicking and screaming ''You are no son of mine, you fucking Nazi cunt! You are a shame to me and England!'' Cyril is tortured, he lasts for 6 days and he dies from his wounds on the night of the 6th day.
Later that afternoon on 7th May 1942 Scott secretly uses a generator to return to 20th January 1923 and recreates the events of that year, once the event has played out, he uses another generator to returns to Berlin in 10th January 1933 to be yet again tortured and saved by Adolf Hitler to return the schematics tattooed on his body. This is in order to ensure that his Mutter Fokkers MF180s, the 22 kiloton atomic bomb, the Junkers Ju 390 v2 prototype and the Wolfpacks Magnetic Clamp Locks are made. This allows all the events that happened exactly as they did last time round.
It’s now 9th April 1942 Scott is instructed by Adolf Hitler to hunt  Winston Churchill for his war crimes against the Third Reich. Scott,  Stucks, and two Gestapo bodyguards alongside Reinhard Heydrich set off for London, Churchill last known locastion is in number 10 of Downing Street .

11th April 1942: The hunt for Churchill is on, Scott Woodhouse ( Reichsfuhrer-SS ) ,  Reinhard Heydrich  ( SS-Obergruppenführer ), Stucks (SS-Oberfuhrer) and Scotts two Gestapo bodyguards (ranked SS-Sturmbannfuhrer and SS-Obersturmfuhrer respectively) starts the hunt in number 10 of Downing Street, in a building that is over three hundred years old.
The building contains about one hundred rooms. There is a private residence on the third floor and a kitchen in the basement. The other floors contain offices and numerous conference, reception, sitting and dining rooms where the Prime Minister works, and where government ministers, national leaders and foreign dignitaries are met and entertained. There is an interior courtyard in the back, a terrace overlooking a garden of 0.5 acres.
About 2 hours and 20 minutes into the search they check the basement again to see if they have overlooked anything. Reinhard has something in mind and picks up a newspaper found on the kitchen table he rolls it up tightly and lights it, the smoke starts to fill up the room they  notice some of the smoke is drawn to one walls which they discover has a secret panel within the wall of the kitchen. All the men struggle to open it as it is possibly locked from the other side. Reinhard tells the Gestapo to fetch him two hand grenades. When they return, Reinhard  unscrews the caps, he pulls the pin, throws them towards the wall and with a loud explosion  the panel blasts open with a hole big enough to crawl through, Reinhard sends the Gestapo through first with their torches on , their mp40’s locked and loaded, when they are all on the other side they find a secret complex of passageways running underneath London.
The pathways seem to branch off towards Buckingham palace, the House of Commons, the River Thames. Scott along with one Gestapo agent and Stucks takes one passageway that branches off towards Buckingham palace where Der Fuhrer is staying, Reinhard  takes the other Gestapo  with him down the second one heading towards the houses of commons, they all set off to see if they can find Churchill’s last movements.
They both come to a halt as Churchill recently had installed locked metal gates within the passageways every half a mile to stop anyone from freely walking around, this angers Scott and Reinhard as they will have to get reinforcements’ down the passageways to cut open the gates and the hunt for Churchill will have to wait till tomorrow.

12th April 1942 the hunt is back on, this time they take 20 members each of 1st SS Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler, coordinated by officers from Scott's own SS Division, the eager young men are ready to follow Scott and Reinhard to their deaths if need be. The Wehrmacht have been busy overnight cutting all the locks from the gates within the passageways. They came upon resistance within the passageway towards the River Thames: maybe this route is the one Churchill took, but it may well be a ruse to foil them as someone attacks Buckingham palace where Der Fuhrer is staying. They once again split up this time Scott takes the River Thames route; Reinhard takes the Buckingham palace route to ensure that no one is attempting to assassinate Der Fuhrer.

When Scott and his 10 men of the 1st SS Division make their way to the exit of the passageway towards the River Thames, they come under fire by a sniper the first man to exit the passageway is shot in the head. His helmet flies away in a shower of blood and he drops to the ground dead. They all scrabble back to the passageway to take cover to see if they can find out where the sniper is. One of the nine men left hands Scott a small mirror. He sticks it on the end of a bayonet attached with some chewing gum he was chewing.He slowly holds the mirror out to see if he can find the shooters position, just when he notices a spark come from a small armoured barge on the river the mirror is shattered into small pieces as it is pierced by a single bullet. Scott orders five of the men to stay at that position to keep the sniper busy by pocking their helmets out of the exit by using their bayonets.

Scott heads back to number 10 with 4 of the men of 1st SS Division; they exit number 10 Downing Street they head for the nearest Tiger tank, they drive towards the bank of the River Thames. When they arrive at their destination Scott fires a warning shot over the top of the barge, the shooters replies with a hail of bullets over the tank, Scott fires another warning shot directly in front of the barge this time the waves rock the barge from side to side. Scott climbs out of the tank hatch, he shouts to the sniper ?'Give yourself up or we will sink your vessel,understood?'' the sniper replies yet again with another sporadic hail of bullets over the tank. Angered, Scott drives back in the tank, he fires the cannon, the HE shell hits the rear of the barge. Splinters of wood and metal fly everywhere but the barge is still afloat. ''At least now the engine isn’t running anymore'' thinks Scott. Unfazed, the sniper still replies with another hail of bullets, suddenly  it all goes quiet, a single bullet is fired from the barge and it’s a direct hit through the left eye of the tank driver, he is thrown from his seat he falls onto his left side with half of his face blown off. It’s truly a remarkable shot as it come through the small opening drivers slot, but Scott says ''Enough of this shit, let's sink that bastard.''. They fire another shell, it hits the cabin dead centre of the barge which is now crippled and slowly sinking. Bu the sniper is still alive he fires yet again but this time he uses mortars and one-hits the track of Scotts tank, the track breaks clean in half and another hit the top hatch. The load bang as it hit disorientates everyone in the tank , Scott replies with a shell directly at the snipers position, he hits the front of the barge it explodes into small pieces, the sniper is blasted clear from the barge he’s thrown into the air he falls into the water motionless. Scott orders the Wehrmacht to retrieve the body from the Thames to find out his true identity, when the body is retrieved they find he is no other than Walter Thompson - Churchill's bodyguard so if this is Churchill's bodyguard was Winston Churchill on the barge with him. They stand around waiting to see if there are any more bodies, after some time a body floats to the surface, the Germans retrieve the charred remains of a large body it’s just the top half of Winston Churchill the Germans cheer Scott as Churchill is dead but Scott fears Adolf Hitler’s wrath as Hitler wanted to punish Winston Churchill in a court law for his war crimes against the Third Reich.

Chapter XII – A Phoenix of Blood

Scott reports back to Adolf Hitler at Buckingham palace with the bodies of Winston Churchill and Walter Thompson in the back of his truck. Der Fuhrer is furious with Scott, he has him arrested and put in the Tower of London's dungeons until he can figure out what to do with him, a week goes by Scott still in the Dungeon with just stale bread and water rations, late in the afternoon  the door is unlocked, Scott is frog marched to the courtyard as he notices there is a large wooden post in the centre which wasn’t there before. He also sees  there are Stucks and nine men 1st SS division men standing in a line , Scott fears the worst and thinks he is there to be shot by firing squad, Scotts hands are tied together but he is facing the post with his hands around it, if this is a death by firing squad why do I have my back to them he thinks to himself.

Scott’s shirt is ripped from his body exposing his back and Oberfuhrer Stucks from 1st SS Division walks forward: he’s been handed a whip with small metal razor blades on the end, he walks over to Scott he tells him to bite down on this piece of wood then he steps back and gives him ten lashes then hands the whip to the next man and so on, each man giving Scott ten lashes at the end Scott slides down the post he bravely fights againt the pain shouts  ''Heil Hitler!! Long live the Third Reich!!'' the pain is excruciating but at least he’s still alive and only passed out, his brain is still producing electrical currant to keep the watch functioning properly. Adolf Hitler stands on the balcony he decrees, for his crime Scott will be demoted to SS-Mann (private) and he will be guarded by the Gestapo twenty four hours a day, Scott is rushed to the nearest field hospital to tend to his wounds. Adolf Hitler requests the presence of Recishfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler to a meeting at Buckingham palace.
Adolf Hitler tells Himmler the main reason for Scott being flogged. He explains it was to ensure that anyone who would capture Scott to create their own atomic bomb, would never be able to read and understand the tattoos as without the back tattoo. The front one is meaningless, so there's no fear about it.
Adolf Hitler then orders Himmler to go to the field hospital where Scott is having his wounds attended and knock him unconscious, send him back to his own time. Himmler answers  ''Yes Mein Fuhrer. But I ask,  who is this man? Can we really trust in him and what will sending him back to his own time line accomplish?'' Adolf Hitler replies ''My treue Heinrich, don’t question my orders ever again: my word is God's word, you should follow my orders without question but because you have been such a loyal subject even after I gave Scott the title of Reichsfuhrer and you had to share your position as my second in command, I will explain myself but only this once. You see, Scott is the Operation Failsafe which I started in the year 1933; he is the only full human hybrid to walk this earth. He is my son, created in the laboratories at Auschwitz concentration camp in 1945, with the help from SS-Obergruppenfuhrer and Doctor Hans Kammler. He was born in 1965, we used a serum invented by SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer and Doctor Josef Mengele  which allows a brain tumour to grow forcing him to live, breathe everything that is me, Der Fuhrer Adolf Hitler. The serum was developed to control his every move: this effectively forces him to research history and figure out how he could change the past for the greater good of the Third Reich, but when test subjects died from the tumour we had to change his blood chemistry with blood extracts from crocodiles to allow his body to heal itself  or he would naturally die from the tumour.''
''Hence, we got the ruse about his pituitary gland function being switched off producing  testosterone in his timeline, this allowed us to inject him with the serum without anyone questioning why.  As we have no antibiotics to treat his wounds that the whip inflicted on him, although he is a full human hybrid there is not enough data to say whether his body will heal itself under that amount of trauma, as what medicines England had Winston Churchill mischievously hided them. I admit that’s partly why I wanted him captured alive, to find out the drugs secret location, so sending Scott back to his time will possibly save his life. I will promote you back to your rightful place by my side as the only Reichsfuhrer second in command when you have done this task but tell no one what I have told you today or it will be you getting flogged yourself. As for Scott, he's my heir and I have ready the place for him.''

A little dumbfounded from threse revelations, Himmler walks away to do the task his master ordered him to do, but Himmler has a mischievous idea of his own, when he reaches the field hospital he asks for a portable generator, he turns Scott over on his back, he sets the watch on Scotts chest to 28th August 2012 with location Cambridge town centre market square. He hopes that if he send Scott to the future in his own time line, he will be arrested and won’t be able to return to the past, so Himmler will reap the rewards instead of Scott. With an evil smile, Himmler turns Scott onto his stomach and electrocutes him.
On Scott's return to the future he is found lying face down on what looks like to be  a World War Two German field hospital bed under him in the market square , he is arrested and then taken to Addenbrooks hospital in shackles to treat his wounds.

Chapter XIII – A Game of Minds

When Scott finally awakes he finds himself handcuffed to the bed by his right arm, a doctor walks in with the blood tests results in hand, he tells Scott he is amazed at his biology  as he’s got 3 times the amount of plasma in his blood than a normal person, better yet, than anybody else on the planet. This amount of plasma creates vast amounts of haemoglobins to aid his recovery in a faster way, as Scotts back has already started to heal itself without any medical intervention. The doctor also tells Scott he knows no reason why Scott is still alive with such a massive brain tumour. He says how his brain is now creating  new neurons which are replicating fast, and he thinks this is the reason for Scott's delusions about the Nazis and the Third Reich .
The doctor tries to take some more blood for different tests, Scott grabs the doctors coat with his free hand, he smashes the doctors head on the railings of the bed where he is handcuffed, just then a policeman runs in to help the doctor but Scott is ready for him, he lets go of the doctor, he grabs the policeman’s vest, Scott pulls him forward he raps his legs around his throat and squeezes the life out of him.
He searches the policeman’s pockets, he finds the keys to the handcuffs, and unlocks himself.
He dresses in the policeman’s uniform then makes his way out of the hospital to Thomas Lomax home.

Scott needs to check what changes he has made to his timeline, so when Scott arrives at Thomas’s he climbs over the large security gates to finds Thomas in his back garden having a beer.
Scott startles Thomas and this makes him jump up, spilling his beer in his lap, Scott asks Thomas if he can use his computer to which Thomas replies ''Of course you can, you already know where it is, also please put the kettle on as I’m in need of coffee right now.''
When Scotts on the computer he finds the information that Germany's hold on the world collapsed on Adolf Hitler’s birthday celebrations on 20th April 1945 due to Der Fuhrer Adolf Hitler and all his generals and heads of state among other staff were all killed at the same time on the same day in surgical strikes around the world by the Nokmim organization. Nokmim is a Jewish word which means  the Avengers. Scott is devastated to find out all he has done in WWII was fro naught, as still doesn’t change anything in his future and Germany still lose the war in April 1945 as history states.

Scott has never heard of the Nokmim. He only saw them in comic books and movies but they were referred  to as the Avengers, he thought the avengers was all a ''make believe'' tactic.
But now he knows even make believe has some truths about them as writers always twist the truth to their way of thinking to create a story line and what does he have to do to stop this crisis. Scott makes himself and Thomas a cup of coffee. He drinks his, then he says to Thomas ''Thanks for all your help, you’re a true friend'' just as Scott is about leave via the security gates the police ram them open knocking Scott to the floor, three policemen wrestle with Scott and they overpower him, as he is handcuffed and his hands put behind his back they stand him up and drag him kicking and screaming to the van.
A policeman  turns to Thomas and says that once Scott is convicted the reward money will be his. ''Great work by the way, without your tip off he would still be at large.''
On hearing this double cross, Scott shouts to Thomas saying ''You fucking bitch, traitor you’re dead ,trust me you are fucking dead you cunt! I will be coming for you, you fucking traitor, and when I do it’s not going to be pretty.'' Thomas replies with a smug grin ''Yes yes, I’ve heard it all before. Mate. you’re not going to see the light of day for the rest of your life. Why should I worry?'' Thomas laughs as Scott driven away to the police station.

On their way to the police station the van is side swiped by a tipper truck with no number plates on as it  jumps  a red light on the east road roundabout. The police van violently rolls over and over until it stops rolling and lands on to its roof, it carries on sliding sideways down the road with the back doors flung wide opened, Scott starts kicking the door of the cell he is in, but it doesn’t open, just then he hears a familiar voice that pops his head around the door saying ''Do you need these keys by any chance mate?'' Much to Scott' surprise its Jonathan  with a ski mask on, as he unlocks the cell door he removes Scotts handcuffs and tells Scott he believes him about his mission to the past to change the future, he says that it doesn’t matter what happens to himself,  Scott needs to run with his destiny. They both climb in the truck and drive away within minutes the street is blocked off and the hunt for Scott is re-established.

29th of August 2012. The TV news flashes, Scott Woodhouse is wanted in connection with several murders, five in total. In detail the murder of a janitor at Fulbourn hospital and a policeman at Addenbrookes hospital. While in transit the police van was attacked by an unknown assailant allowing Mr Woodhouse to escape, also due to the amount of blood at the scenes of Hilda Woodhouse, Bill and Ted Woodhouse homes there being treated as murder inquiries. If anyone is to see Scott he/she is pleaded to do not attempt to approach him as he is possibly armed and dangerous. There is now a £50,000 bounty for his arrest and conviction.

After the news flash,  Prof. And Physic Stephen Hawking is presenting the opening Ceremony of the London Paralympics 2012, when the meteor hits the simulated earth in a show Prof. Hawking Big Bang theory,  he has the brief feeling of déjà vu. All around him there are Nazi flags flying and where his big bang theory display was now stands a towering bronze statue of Adolf Hitler.
He thinks this isn’t the Ceremony he has planned for so long. Could this be a vision of his possible future? He recons he was he the only person that saw this vision, now that the vision has stopped, his questions will have to wait until the tomorrow to be answered as he has to fulfill his duty in the ceremony.

Professor Hawking gets very little sleep that night as his mind in working overtime for what he saw, the very next day he figures out that someone must be trying to alter the timeline, he also remembers he had a machine that records, measures, locates, locations, dates past and present  where temporal disturbances are created by wormholes. This machine never recorded any disturbances in the past but it was possible if someone has time travelled this time the machine might actually work and gather some readings.

30th Aug 2012.
The machine is taken to a secret Cambridge Laboratory under the watch full eye of Prof Hawking its now ready to test, the new test show up better than he expected as it locates several temporal disturbances left from wormholes being opened and closed all their locations and recorded dates being  between 1923 to 1942, 2012 over certain areas of Germany and Cambridge England this only strengthens his belief that someone is trying to alter the timelines for Germany in WWII, he has the machine reconfigured to alert him as and when a new temporal disturbances accrues , Prof Hawking contacts the M.O.D. to alert them of his findings.

The M.O.D. treats Prof Hawking discovery with the utmost seriousness, under security they have the machine taken to headquarters, and it’s now referred to as Hawk's eye. While at headquarters Prof Hawking’s asks is there anyone in the Cambridge area in the last year or so that has shown extreme values for the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler. General Sir Peter Wall says there is one man that could fit the profile the first time he heard of this man was when he walked into a ASDA shopping centre wearing a full uniform of his idol SS Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich but the police thought he was a harmless mental health patient whose story was in nearly every newspaper around the world and also crossed the internet. Then it has been heard he was on the news after he escaped a mental hospital as well as escaping from a police van while in transit to park side police station, if I rightly remember correct, all his belongings from his home should be in the police lockup, should one look through his items could he/she determine if he is the one we are looking for. Hearing this, Prof Hawking sais ''Yes its possible, but we have to check the items.'' So the general sends a small contingency of armed guards to retrieve Scotts belonging from police lockup. When they return Prof Hawking’s is amazed at what they have brought back, while he reads Scotts police record he says ''In this large oil painting you can clearly see he is dressed as an SS Obergruppenführer  receiving a medal called Victory over England. This oil painting is dated 1942. This oil painting along with a smaller oil painting of Scott promoted to Reichsfuhrer results to have been recently stolen from the Berlin museum along with another diagrams of a watch and medal. Professor hawking’s sees a small cut in the brown backing paper to the Victory over England painting , he asks one of the scientists to look and make sure Scott hasn’t hidden anything inside, on examination there is a letter found. It was from Scotts  uncle Hans who is really SS-Obergruppenfuhrer und Doktor Hans Kammler from WW2. After reading the letter Prof Hawking’s explains the concept of the Die Glockes , he tells the general and chief of staff that there are three  Die Glockes shielded via key coded mystic runes with a special coating over the outer surface that bends light to make it totally invisible to the naked eye and that Scott Woodhouse must have a pocket watch attached to him. The watch is called ''The Designator'', this watch will be part of his flesh according to the letter and diagrams of the watch. ''It is remarkable that these where built in 1945 I didn’t think it was possible to make a machine large enough to pass a man through a worm hole without the radiation feedback loops, destroying the man and wormhole at the same time'' admits Prof. Hawikings ''it seems they added a radiation feedback loop coil system to counter act the affect to ensure that the wormhole stays stable this could be there downfall, as I could possibly trace the radiation loops energy  signal  before its shield is lowered and the wormholes open. These valuable seconds means we can destroy the Die Glockes  before he time travels and changes history for good.''
He then quips ''Now gentlemen, let’s get started and let’s build a radiation loop energy signal tracer. Before Scott changes any more history as the WWII archives state Scott Woodhouse was the main driving force that allowed Germany to have victory over England and dominate the world.
However Germany still lost the war due to the coordinated attack by the Nokmim on Adolf Hitler’s birthday on 12 noon 20th April 1945 taking out every German head of state around the world. Still, we can't run on the risk, or gamble in any way.''

Scott makes it safely to Jonathan's house thanks to his friend's daring rescue. He is a bit battered and bruised, but nothing to worry about.
Scott thanks Jonathan, he asks ''Mate, why did you rescue me?'' to which Jonathan replies ''I couldn’t take the chance that you would talk and implicate me. I know in my heart you wouldn’t but I just couldn’t take that chance, I’m sorry mate...'' Scott says ''Don’t be sorry I would have done the same thing if had been in your shoes my friend, you have done well; it was a good plan that you executed. So, how did you know I was arrested,?'' Jonathan says ''Well mate I was there to drop my car off for repairs with Thomas Lomax and I witnessed it all, wrote down place and  right time.''
Scott says ''I know I’ve put you through a lot, tell me to go if you’re not comfortable with this I need you to help me with another idea I got swimming around my mind''.
Jonathan agrees to help Scott one last time and this is what they did.

Jonathan calls Thomas Lomax mobile mechanics, he asks Thomas can he fit him in tomorrow as he couldn’t leave his car with him that day as Scott was arrested and the road was blocked off. If not when could he service his car for cash no receipt, Thomas said ''That’s no problem, drop it round in the morning and I'll sort it for you'' Jonathan turns to Scott and says ''It's on mate''.
That night Scott breaks into arbury road vet surgery; where he steals a bottle of ketSamne, needles, scalpel and syringes then he returns to Jonathan’s house and waits until the morning to exact just revenge.
The very next day Scott climbs in the boot of Jonathan's car, then his friend drives his vehicle to the home of Thomas Lomax and drops it outside his home.
Scott lurkes in the gloom of the morning, waiting for the traitor. After a while, Thomas arrives.
He drives the car into the garage, shuts the garage door to stop the cold from getting in and turns the radio on then he opens the bonnet and starts to check what parts he will need to service the car. Scott looks through the gap in the seat he sees Thomas under the bonnet, and folds the seat down slowly so the car doesn’t rock to warn Thomas something’s up.
Scott opens the back door and slides out shutting the door carefully behind him so Thomas remains none the wiser. Just as Scott is behind the front wheel Thomas pops his head out from under the bonnet, walks to the phone and turns the radio down, he picks up the phone and orders  the service parts from his local supplier. While Thomas has his back to Scott he ends the call, Scott with syringe in hand wraps his left arm around Thomas’s  neck holding him tightly then he plunges the sedative in the man’s neck.
Thomas falls to the floor. Inside the garage there is a small toilet and this is where Scott gags Thomas, then drags him to the toilet door, while there he hammers six inch nails through Thomas’s hands; he nails each hand to each side of the door frame, keeping him stuck and making the blood run down his wrists.
Now Thomas can see  and hear but has no ability to move due to the sedative; within the toilet door frame he feels paralyzed and scared. With a grin on his face, Scott cuts Thomas’s overalls and t-shirt off, then he tells the trembling man ''You betrayed my trust, Thomas... Your betrayal cut me like a knife, so now I will be the one cutting you up. This won’t be quick, it will hurt, the pain in your hands is only a taste of the pain you will endure before you depart from this world...''  Scott notices Thomas’s lunch on the table and opens the bag and eats his sandwiches then he puts the bag over Thomas’s head. When Thomas is about to pass out Scott removes the bag, takes out the three inch blade from his pocket that he always carries with him and walks behind Thomas. He then proceeds to cut down both sides of his back, the blade cuts the flesh but won’t cut through the rib cage. As the dark red blood squirms out, the pain on Thomas’s face looks unbearable, with tears in his eyes and drool on his chin. Seeing this makes Scott smile, he walks over to the welder and picks up a large pair of blue  rusty tin snips, he shows them to Thomas then he walks around to his back. Scott starts cutting the ribs, Thomas felt and heard every crack of his ribcage as Scott hands clench tight around the handles he cuts up both sides of the rib cage with the pain from the breaking bones Thomas violently pukes, then blacks out with blood running down his back. Scott slaps Thomas around the face to bring him back to consciousness. When Thomas comes back to senses, Scott walks round to his back and whispers in his ear from behind ''I’m going to turn you into an angel, the angel of pain and suffering. Soon you will earn your wings from the suffering you are enduring, your pain will last for eternity...''. With that said, Scott pushes his hands through the two open cuts in Thomas’s back, he moves his hands around and he can feel Thomas’s lungs moving. Scott grabs a lung in each hand he gruesomely pulls both of them out through the openings he has cut in Thomas’s back.
Scott whispers in his ear ''Little angel, you now have the most perfect pair wings. My friend, now you are free to fly to heaven.'' Thomas tries to gasp for air, his gagged mouth wide open as his lungs shrivel up, then his eyes turn white and he is dead. Scott picks up the garage keys and opens the door,  drives Jonathan's car outside then shuts the garage door. Just then, the delivery man pulls up with the service parts. As Scott locks up he explains that Thomas’s hurt himself, he has been taken into hospital so he won’t be doing the service today its best he returns the parts until further notice. The delivery man recognizes Scott from the news flash but manages to keep calm and says ''Ok, there is no problem.''
They both get in their respective cars and they drive in opposite directions, when the delivery man gets around the first corner he stops he picks up his mobile. He calls the police and tells them he thinks his customer Thomas Lomax is in trouble as the labeled serial killer Scott Woodhouse was seen coming out of his garage, The delivery driver gives the police his and Thomas’s details so they can investigate it further but as he was so scared he forgot the type, model or registration of the car Scott was driving.
After catiching his cool for a couple of minutes, te delivery driver is about to start his van to go back to his depot, when his door is flung open and standing next to him, much to his horror is Scott himself. Scott leans in and cuts the driver's throat from ear to ear, then proceeds runs back to the car and drives back to Jonathan house as fast as he can.  

After rushing to the location and finding Thomas’s body the police implement a nationwide search for Scott. The Ministry also orders another TV bullet-in this time to ask the public for their help in capturing the known serial killer called Scott Woodhouse. According to the TV report, he was last seen at the Lomax Garage in Long Reach road, in the town of Cambridge, where he killed one of his latest two victims, Thomas Lomax. Scott was last seen wearing a black woolen hat, a black hoody with the hood up and he’s also wearing a full length wollen black WWII-era German greatcoat with black combat trousers and metal toe cap Dr. Martens combat boots with red laces. Scott is described  as unshaven with greying black hair slightly balding at the back of the head.
During the bullet-in the police show a photo artwork of how they think Mr. Woodhouse looks like at the moment. They plead to the public to contact the police and absolutely not engage Mr Woodhouse as he is believed  to be armed and dangerous, and has already murdered multiple people.

That night Scott has a self-brainstorming session, analizying the situation and collecting his thoughts. His military mindset, the one of a first-class soldier, his really useful for laying a tactical plan. He gets a brilliant idea.
Later, he breaks into Cambridge Computer Supplies, a building located in High Street, Chesterton Cambridge. He once worked there, and his luck holds out as the alarm code is still the same as when he was an employee. He turns off the alarm, while he is in the shop he kicks the store room door open with all the might of his boot, then walks in and finds a box of motherboard batteries and a box of Bluetooth dongles. There are 100 in each box, he searches Sam Omar’s office for the throw away cameras that he uses when he goes abroad. With Madame Luck's bless, Sam has left them in his top draw of his desk. Scott goes into the technical workshop where he dismantles the cameras. He removes the cardboard body by cutting it off with his SS combat knife, he removes the batteries first, then carefully takes apart the plastic body using a Phillips screwdriver.
Once the plastic body is removed he sees the circuit board. He is careful to remove the plastic body so he doesn't break any wires or crack the circuit board, he locates the two connectors that connects the flash to the circuit board as these are the wires he is going to use. He takes the 16-gauge wire and cut it into two pieces measuring approx. 6 inches in length. Carefully, he salders them to the connectors then he removes the flash bulb.
Scott removes 30 capacitors from customer computers ,he then attaches them to the board to create a higher voltage shock, placing the circuit board back into plastic body he leaves the wires out of the case. He then proceeds to trim the wires in a way they are about 3 inches long, he tapes the ends so the wires are laying flush on the plastic body to use the camera as a taser. He then places the batteries back in. His idea is to simply touch the wires onto his body then he will press the button he charges the 30 capacitors fully before zapping himself on his chest next to the watch power switch, enabling time travel.

Scott puts the batteries and dongles into a bag, he tapes the bag around his waist with duck tape that he found in the shop, now he’s ready. He recharges the capacitors to full and pushes it against his chest,  presses the button a cracking sound appears the shock drops Scott to the floor, then the watch kick starts and a brilliant white light emanates from the watch and Scott disappears within it.

Scott’s destination is Auschwitz concentration camp, on 10th June 1942. On his arrival, Scott uses his authority as Reichsfuhrer-SS (in this timeline he still kept his rank and title due to his Victory in England) Dr Mengele for help. His plan is this to attach Bluetooth dongles to the brain stem of 10 Panzer 1 division troops, they would be powered by mother boardbatteries, and the dongles would be linked together via Bluetooth sync on Scott’s HTC sensation mobile phone.

The real downside of this idea was the HTC needed charging but the power supply wasn’t adequate. This first obstacle is overcome by building a 240 volt portable generator. While this is being built, Dr Mengele uses Jewish camp workmen to test out Scott's theory. This task is the hardest, as it consists trying to attach a dongle circuit board to the brain stem powered by batteries.

76 Jewish men lose their lives as test subjects before Dr Mengele makes one successful implant.
Scott personally picks 10 of his bravest men to go on his one-way suicide mission. His trusted second-in-command, SS-Oberfuhrer Stucks is one of them. All their implants are successful, even Scott's connection from his brain stem to the HTC mobile Bluetooth is a success he is now linked to his troops. This link has two side-effects: the first is that in the occurence of the link being broken or if the men moved over 33 feets away from Scott they would burn up within the Die Glockes' light. The other side effect was more of a bonus than anything: all of Scott's thought patterns have been relayed through the Bluetooth dongles to his troops. Now, they can hear and see images and sounds that Scott's brain can project to them without saying a word.

Scott does some calculations for taking ten men back with him using the watch, he hope his calculations will hold up as the generator will have to be push to its brink of destruction to make this jump possible. He also works out that they will have to jump from the exact destination they want to go to as this will put less of a strain on the generator and the Die Glocke.

The plan is set, the men are all ready, Scott hands each man a brass container. They travel to the jump site coordinates, they fully arm themselves and put on their welding  glasses, the HTC  phone is fully charged the Bluetooth links are connected, each man one after the other confirms the ability  to hear Scott's thoughts. They encircle Scott with their backs to him  as they stand on the open power coil grid each man holding a bare wire from the grid to their hands, all are connected to the 240 volt generator which is now running.
Scott gives the command to activate the electrical switch, this runs a current through the grid their standing on.  The watch starts to glow the men’s bodies are shaking the white light engulfs them and just as the generator blows, they all disappear.

Scott and his encircled group of SS troops appear within a bright light at the centre of the EU headquarters table on 12:00 PM on December 14, 2012 in Brussels. Scott projects an image of David Cameron to each SS Troops brain, as the one person he wants captured alive. As the light dissipates the 10 SS troops remove their glasses,  arm themselves with five hand grenades each, they throw them towards the back of the conference room while everyone is blinded by the light. As the hand grenades go off, body parts fly everywhere with blood trails, and the committee members are all in a panic. The walls around them are bloodstained there is nowhere for them to run as all the exits have been destroyed. While they flail around and cover in a panic the SS troops mercilessly gun them down on live TV. Every man and woman is cut down in a hail of bullets, this is the biggest mass killing since World War II. Everyone is shot and laying in pools of blood and gore,  except for two men: one is premier David Cameron  and the other is a camera man who is still filming for some reason, all while being scared out of his wits. During the bloodbath the SS troops climbs on the tables firing clip after clip after clip into the bodies of the damned EU committee members. Two of the youngest SS jumps off the table, they run towards the back of the room to kill any hiding stragglers but they forget about their link to Scott which is to be absolutely not to be broken. As soon as this happens, a light glows around them, their bodies go on fire, burning them until they are a pile of carbon ash on the floor.This all because they broke the link a nd went further than 33 foot distance away from Scott.

Scott walks over the mutilated dead bodies he approaches David Cameron who is hiding under a table he is trembling and mumbling ''Please don’t kill me, I have children...'' Scott tells Cameron  ''Stand up, be a man for once in your life! Don’t beg, this is not the English way.'' Cameron reluctantly stands up; Scott puts his right arm over Cameron’s shoulder he walks him to the one camera which is still running. Scott addresses the people who are watching on TV, he says ''Look, Mr David Cameron didn’t have to cut his holiday short for this world crisis, did he? Rest assured, now he is part of the crisis and I will tell you this world as you know it is finished. The world, this planet, is now under the New World Order of Ein Volk, Ein Land und Ein Fuhrer.'' Scott grabs hold of the back of Cameron’s neck, he forces him to his knees then while holding the top of his hair, Scott shouts ''I think you have already guessed it ,this man is not your leader anymore. You now swear allegiance to Der Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler. Heil Hitler!'' then Scott undoes the clip on his holster he removes his Mauser he tells David Cameron to look straight at the camera and don’t blink. Scott places the gun to the back of Cameron’s head and pulls the trigger, as he shuts his eyes and tenses his body Cameron hears an empty click. Scott says ''It would be better if I actually loaded the gun, don’t you think?''
Scott pulls out his spare magazine, he loads the gun pulls the hammer back to load the first bullet into the chamber, he once again points the gun at the back of Cameron’s head while pulling back on his hair lifting his chin up with his other hand. The gun fires as Scott empties the full magazine shooting bullets in a circular motion, the bullets passed through the back of David Cameron’s head ripping massive holes out of his face as the bullets exits him and into the chest of the camera man. Once the magazine is empty Scott lets go of David Cameron hair, his faceless body slumps to the ground, the camera man also falls at the same time, as viewers watched on as David Cameron was publicly executed by the Nazi serial killer known as Scott Woodhouse.

Scott calls back his 8 SS men left to the centre of the table he tells them they executed a perfect assault and he is proud to call them his personal friends and that they will be forever remembered in history, and will be posthumously promoted to Obergruppenfuhrers and be awarded the German Order to their families. He orders 7 of them to open their tubular brass containers he gave them earlier and remove the Cyanide Ampoule from within the container. The men do as they are ordered and place the ampoule between their teeth, they scream ''Heil Hitler!'' and then bite down. Each man falls to the floor dead, due to their link between them and Scott is broken their bodies are engulfed within the light they burn to carbon ash. Only Stucks is left, and he is ordered to hit Scott at the back of the head using the butt of his MP40 to render him unconscious. He raises his MP40, he cracks Scott in the head with the metal butt, this allowing to return to Brussels in 1942 where they all leaped from, Scott falls to the floor  just as Stucks gives a last salute and bites down on the Cyanide Ampoule, his last words being ''Heil Hitler!''. As he falls a crossed Scott's right arm then burns up in the light just as Scott disappears within the blinding white light. He is returned back to Brussles in 1942, then the Die Glocke malfunctions and returns him in the future with in the technical department at Cambridge Computer Supplies High Street, Chesterton Cambridge.
All the event was captured live on camera which was still running even though the camera operator has been killed. On Scott's return through the light his right arm has been badly burnt due to Stucks' body falling on it as he turned to carbon ash. The Die Glockes  radiation buffering coils along with the anti-gravity unit were fried, but luckily Scott makes it back in one piece. But the Die Glocke start to fall through the atmosphere hurtling through space, crash landing in Brussels and destroying 12 houses as it impacted on the ground and formed a massive crater.

Professor Stephen Hawking is watching the news about a Nazi know as Scott Woodhouse destroying the EU Brussels' summit and assassinating David Cameron on live-TV. While he is watching the news he sees another video that someone filmed on their mobile of a seemingly alien space ship crashing to earth. he notifies the M.O.D. to retrieve the remains of the fallen Die Glocke, Prof Hawking’s sees his chance to destroy the Nazi regime once and for all.

At M.O.D. headquarters Prof Hawking’s is astonished to see the Die Glocke still intact. He has it examined to find why it was destroyed. On examination he finds on the Die Glocke something   that looks like a radiation buffering coils along with the anti-gravity unit fried. But the mini power receiving stations and what looks like a modified Tesla Coils and other systems of the Die Glocke are completely intact, lucklily for them. He also notices  it was way to advanced for the date it was made, Prof. Hawkings remembers that a UFO space craft crash landed near Freiburg in 1936 and that the Thule and Vril Gesellschaften (Societies), along with technical assistance of the SS Technical Branch, were possibly the first groups in history to attempt the reverse-engineering of a non-terrestrial spacecraft based upon persistent reports of a crashed disc discovered in the Schwarzwald (Black Forest) in Germany. Their efforts must have been successful otherwise it wouldn’t have been possible to build these Die Glockes. he realises it must have been due to the amount of people Scott had travelled with must have over loaded its systems and burnt it out. On further exSamnation he finds a magnetic field emanating from within the Die Glockes power station, and inside the power stations core was a functioning living infants brain, the
magnets field was the same siginture as a place west of England a place called hy-brasil a natural accruing magnetic field.
He also thinks the lettering around the base of the Die Glocke and the rim of the watches outer casing must be a form of ancient mystic runes simular to binary code to navigate earth or the Solar System.
Not knowing that the SS Technical Branch and Vril Society had built hundreds of Tesla tower receiving stations around the world, Prof Hawkings thinks that the power receiving station and power core of the Die Glockes must also draw power directly from the sun in conjunction with the natural accruing magnetic field around the world to keep the Die Glockes fully charged using the modified Tesla Coils.
The material of the outer surface of the Die Glocke is made from an unknown material that is like nothing Prof Hawking’s  had  ever seen before, as when one manually lockes in four rune keys in position the materials seems to bend and reflect light rather than actually making an object invisible. In summary, everything behind the object can be thought of as visible as though the object were not there to impede the view.
The German scientists and engineers synthesized materials that can bend light around whatever object they encompass, creating the illusion that the object is not actually there, thereby making it seem invisible. This is the reason no one has discovered the Die Glockes before.
Prof Hawkings contacts the U.S. goverment to inform them of the Die Glocke that landed in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania in 1965 from above Area 51, as he wants to make a good one out of the two, so he can study it while in full motion. First of all he had the U.S. Army dismantle the Henge and bring it back piece by piece. They have reconstructed it in his underground laboratory, While professor Hawkings is working alongside Britain’s top scientists he is mortified with their findings as there are number tattoos dotted around the Die Glockes. They now believe that the outer shell covering on each Die Glocke is a ''Living Tissue'', which they cannot cut, this were actually the skins of Jewish children which is  forged together by the light of Vril, its believed to be the refined skin of pure bred Jewish children that harness the light and the power of Vril because their blood is meant to be the direct descendants of Jesus  Christ himself. They think this is the work of a WWII  Nazi-backed cult called the Vril society which was Der Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler brain child, now known as the Guardians of the Black Sun. They think Scott is a founding member as he has the designator black sun pocket watch forged to his chest.
The scientists think the children’s skins must have come from the Auschwitz concentration camp as part of SS-Sturmbannfuhrer and war criminal Doctor Mengele’s  experiments with twins and cloning, but prof Hawkings thinks that his version is correct: the theory that the children were born in Heinrich Himmler's Lebensborn program as it only stands to reason that they bred pure Aryan Germans, so why not jewish children that held the light of Vril. They then skinned them alive durying a summer solstice ceremony at the Henge site, as the Henge circle itself is a complex of stones in a circle just like Stonehenge in England which also has magnetic properties within the stones. The skin of vril once forged together became harder than any material on the planet, the light keeps the skin alive which covers the Metal Endoskeleton of the Die Glocke with this concept along with The Designator watch allows Scott to travel in time changing future's history as he changes the past. Hawkins speculates that if it wasn’t for Albert Einstein’s help in creating the radiation buffering coil systems none of this would have been possible so in hindsight Albert Einstein is the catalyst for the destruction of his own race.

The scientist gets to work, fully dismantling the two Die Glockes,  and proceed to swap out the burnt elements for the replacement elements. During their dismantling operation he finds that the burnt Die Glocke had a infants brain inside the power core, where the other one has a android device inside that power core to run its systems.  The android brain is the size of a small android mobile phone with its own display panel, so during their conference they decided to rebuild the one with the infants brain as that Die Glocke was more advanced in Prof Hawkings opinion , so they got to work fixing the Die Glocke, on completion of the build they hoist it into place within the Henge Circle.

Now they are ready to test the rebuilt Die Glocke which they nickname the Zionists. It has an electrical fibre optic cable in the centre that can withstand 500,000 volts, needed to power the Die Glocke. Now the Zionists has been repaired to their best abilitys, some of the scientists along with Prof. Hawkings are behind a bullet and sound proof box room. Prof Hawkings tells the scientist to throws the power switch; but he keeps power on low to trickle charge it, the Zionists lifts up, it hovers around a foot from the ground its spinning faster and faster, there is an electrical magnetic pulse waves bombarding the labs electrial systems, the Zionists starts to make a high pitched noise; which bursts the ear drumbs of the scientist with in the labatory but the sound can not penetrate the bullet proof glass which keeps Pro Hawings safe, blood starts running out of the scientist ears, nose and eyes their screSamng in agony as their blood start to boil in their bodys. the Zionists is draining more and more power; Prof Hawking tell them to shut the power off; but they can’t  as the switches and keyboards have melted in the on position. It doesn’t take long till the Zionists is draining so much power the lights and electrical systems fuses blow they are now in total darkness, just then the white light above the mystic runes lights up the room; then the base started to slowly spin as its still a foot from the floor its mystic runes moved around the base locking in a rune it does this four times with four different runes, then to their astonishment it emitted a blinding white light then the Die Glocke flew straight upwards crashing throught the roof of the building then it flew up and out into the atmosphere. Luckily for the scientists, prof. Hawkings' hindsight had a satellite GPS tracker fitted to the Zionists before he decided to power it up.

Due to the changes Scott has made in the past; time waves run through time itself allowing the effect to run its cause. No one knows how or why Prof Hawkings can see these changes where no one else can, scientist call this the ''Butterfly effect'', when Scott was in the hosptial under arrest his blood was taken and analysed. The head doctor that Scott rendered unconscious which allowed him to escape, that same doctor discovered Scott's blood could be the cure for possibly every illness on the planet. He then proceeded to synthesize Scott's blood and created a serum which quadruples the amount of plasma in the human body, creating vast amounts of hemoglobins to aid recovery from any illness. This genetic trait creates new and repairs old neurons within the human brain, the doctors first test subject was prof Hawkings himself, he has been having injections twice a week for the past two months; now his fingers and toes have once again slight movement and the doctor thinks that with time he will fully recover and walk and talk once again. Unknowingly and ironically prof Hawkings is trying to stop the very man that is his possible cure within this timeline Scott has created.

Prof Hawkings is tracking the Zionists, now it's hovering in the outer atmosphere of the Earth. every time he finds it on the GPS tracker the the Zionists changes runes and becomes hidden once again. It's like a game of cat and mouse, its enough to drive anyone crazy, its like the Die Glocke they repaired has become self-aware.
Will prof Hawkings finally work out a way to destroy the three Die Glockes before Scott changes history for the greater good of the Thousand-years Reich?
Only time will tell.

Professor Hawkings alongside several top scientists, studies the remaining Die Glocke to determine the materials its made from, the human skin covering the Die Glocke was impossible to cut even with a plasma torch. It didnt scratch it let alone cut it, so they decide to figure out the inner machanics of the Die Glocke.

They stripped what was left of the Die Glocke into several pieces. What they found was astonishing; it seems this Die Glockes power core wasn’t as impressive as the core of the Zionist, as this one had a brain that looked simular to a clone of an Android HTC mobile that was run by a software called ''brainstorm'', that would explain their theory why the Zionists they just repaired had become self aware and rotating its Runes whenever it was vunerable to attack, its purely the basic survival instinct of every organism on the planet. The Germans scientists when working on the fourth and final Die Glocke now known as the zionist used a child’s brain to run it along with the Tesla power coils that linked to the power recieving stations, that would continuously feed power to the brain keeping it alive with the electrical impules, this would make it faster than any computer of that era as the brain would adapt, learn as time went by becoming smarter and smarter soaking up the knowledge of the universe. The scientists think the Die Glockes used the earths natural magnetic forces but prof. Hawkings thinks there is more to it than that, as there must be something they have overlooked something they havent seen yet, some powerfull electrical system and not the earth its self.

The scentists gets to work on machines that can disrupt the Earth's magnetic pull, by disrupting the natural magnetic forces around the world, hense tryng to slow the earths natural rotation, by using these natural magnetic forces places like west of england called hy-brasil, sedona arizona, belize central america, nazca lines ica peru, greece, egypt, northern china, these machines would have to be switched on all at the same time, so they get to work building them. They use a simular system  to Albert Einsteins radiation feed back coil system which when modified creates a giant magnets with elecrtic passing throught them to switch the magnets to either north or south pole, to power them the scientists converted tesla coils which were fitting in the centre, they created smaller units but more powerful than tesla could ever imagine, hopefully these would disrupted the Die Glockes magnetic flow within the outer atmosfer making the Die Glockes visible long enough to destroy them once and for all.

This idea could have catastrophic effects on the Earth, by exerting pressure on the Earth's magnetic poles could cause tectonic plates to shift and could cause a world wide tsunami, but they think its worth the risk as better Planetary Annihilation over  a Germanised world ruled under fear of the Nazi Requiem.

These 100 feet round monster magnetic coils were actually lightweight but needed two powerful helicopter like military Boeing CH-47 Chinook to anchor them into place, the scientists also work out that they would need all the Hadron Colliders around the world powered up before powering on the magnets , only switching on the magnets at the time of the impact when the God particle is created  would utilize the 17 mile circumference of the Hadron Colliders as its own magnet which is situated 300 feet below the Earth.
If their calculations are correct this would make  the Die Glockes visible long enough for the military to be able to send missiles and destroy the three remaining Nazi devices ; this window would only be open at the most 60 seconds.
Could this be long enough to destroy them and stop Scott changing history for good, thwarting his plans for a Nazi World?

Four months pass by all the portable testing projects worked better than they expected, now they’re ready to test the full size ones. It’s the morning of Operation Take Down all the helicopters have powered up and released the magnetic coils each one hovering above their designated points each one powered up north pole over north south pole over south, in each helicopter is an engineer operating the power flow on the magnetic coils wirelessly, the hadron colliders are powered up they run their course, when the large hadron collider is cooled this turns its magnets into super conductors at this point the magnetic coils are wirelessly powered up to full each one now spinning faster and faster each magnet pushing down exerting vast amounts of pressure on earth’s natural magnetic sources, unknowingly the scientist created the power units from tesla coils these units are now connected to every tesla power receiving station that were built during World War two which are still out of sync with our timeline, this unexpected wireless power source is now powering the magnetic coils  each one has increased speed the faster they spin the more pressure they exert on the earth, within 30 seconds they are spinning nearly at the speed of light the pressure on the earth is becoming too great, as the magnets work the force of the magnet pull on the earth’s core starts to slow its natural rotation this make the world start to shake, as feared the tectonic plates are shifting causing earth quakes a crossed the world but as they predicted the Die Glockes become visible, now the military fire six missile directed straight at the three remaining Die Glockes , 10 second go by the Zionist has reset it runes and disappeared now the other two start rotating their runes locking them into positon just as one disappears two missiles pass through just missing it by a millisecond but just as the third one locks its final rune in place it is hit dead centre the missiles explode on impact the Die Glocke is sent spinning into the suns orbit which pulls it into its firey doom melting it into liquid metal which is absorbed by the sun. During this time the engineers had powered down the magnetic coils but not all of them responded three carried on spinning their power units burnt out two crashed to earth one spun out of control hitting two helicopters which exploded killing everyone inside. Their plan worked but not without its flours.
During that day the Zionists was picked up on gps as the tracker that Prof Hawking placed on it became live but it the Zionist learnt that it was being tracked and fried the gps unit then they lost contact with the Zionist altogether.

They decide that the only cause of action would be recreating the same mission with the magnets but create a way of firing the missiles faster than they did before so this time they will fire the missiles before they turn the magnets to full power, then they will control the missiles flight path via computer on the ground which should give the missile enough time to reach their targets.

The Scientist have another three magnets built its now the day of the operation the missiles are fired, the coils are spinning in postion, the large hadron collider super conductor is on, the engineers thrown the switches on the coils to full power, the earth  starts shaking there are earth quakes yet again felt around the world tectonic plate are shifting, San Andreas takes the brunt of it as the north american plate and the pacific plate starts to break away at the fault line, each side crumble as the two parts of land separated Creating an island from whats left of the pacific plate. The two remaining Die Glockes Appear the missiles are guided to the objectives but as before the Zionists disappears as fast as it appeared but the other Die Glocke is hit simultaneously by two missiles as it locked its third rune, this time the Die Glocke crashes to earth and lands in the ocean, on impact the Die Glockes Power core explodes which is equivalent to a 5-kiloton nuclear bomb impacting on contact, this vaporizes the Die Glocke and blows a cavity in the ocean 5 miles across and all the way down to the seafloor, which is about 3 miles deep at that point. The blast even excavates some of the seafloor. Water then rushes back in to fill the cavity, and a ring of waves spreads out in all directions. The impact creates tsunSam waves of all frequencies and wavelengths, with a peak wavelength about the same as the diameter of the cavity. Because lower-frequency waves travel faster than waves with higher frequencies, the initial impulse spreads out into a series of waves. Creating a massive tidal wave that washed over japan. Although the pacific plate was turned into a small island and that a tidal wave damaged alot of japan, the mission was hailed a success.

During the second part of Operation Take Down large receiving stations along with Tesla coils became visible to the naked eye, people around the world filmed them on their mobile phones lightning bolts were shooting forth from one station to another, there was some people that got to close to the stations that were vaporised by the lighting bolts, when Operation Take Down  was shut down all the receiving stations seemed to disappear, Prof Hawking’s see thousands of these videos that have been posted on youtube, the scientists initial thoughts  about the planets natural magnetic forces and the sun recharging  the Die Glockes was way off, as in these videos it clearly show Nikola Tesla’s receiving stations with four modified Tesla coils placed around them, when powered up the coils resonated electro plasma around the receiving stations this placed them in a fazed state out of sync and not visible in our time line, Now professor Hawing’s try’s to devise a plan to stop Scott using the final and most effective Die Glocke which he repaired himself, if the military can’t hunt, capture or kill Scott before he goes back to change the final chapter in his history which would be the downfall of the Nokmim as Professor Hawing’s believes that would be the last point in time Scott needed to change before history knows his name as the saviour of the 1000 Year Reich.
Now Professor Hawkings needs a way to disrupt electromagnetic frequencies to fire pulsed directed energy beam in order to “temporarily excite a limited area of the ionosphere.” To bring down the last and final Die Glocke and he knows exactly where he can find such a weapon which is owned by the United States of America and that weapon is called Harrp.
Now the struggle for Destiny is started.
Will Scott be captured, killed, trapped in the future or the past?
Will Scott finish what he started and complete Adolf Hitler's destiny to germanise the world or will Prof Hawkings stop Scott once and for all?

Scott finally comes to his sense, it’s about 02:00AM he finds himself in Cambridge Computer Supplies Technical department. He clears his mess up,  locks the door and activates the alarm on his way out to make it look like hasn’t been there. He then heads for Jonathan’s house; on arrival all the lights are out so he brakes the lock on the shed door and settles down for the night.

Its 08:00AM:  Scott finally awakes as he walks out of the shed he startles Jonathan, causing him to lash out, he hits Scott in the side of the head with a tire iron, dazing him.
As he falls to the floor, Scott can hear Jonathan saying “Fuck I’m sorry mate you should have texted me that you were hiding in my shed then at least I wouldn’t have hit you that hard”.
Scott is still dazed and says “That’s ok mate, I would have texted you if I still had my mobile phone but I don’t, the last time I used it, it got fried”. ''The government is planning to be convening sometime later today to discuss the dilemma about you evading capture by the police for weeks. As far as I know the government will call for martial law in Cambridge, if that happens you won’t get near your old house as the military will be on patrol in every street in the Chesterton area. Lucky for you, at this moment in time there are only armed police in and outside of your old house” explains Jonathan to Scott, who replies ''Jonathan do you still have your old contacts in the firearms business? I need to buy guns from them but I don’t have any money so can you get them for me? That would ve a lifesaver.”''So, now you’re asking me to find you weapons and pay for them? When would you be likely to pay me back ?”“I won’t, so let me rephrase that: can I please have some money to buy guns with and do you still have your old contacts?”“You do take the piss don’t you? Well, why not, in for a penny, in for a pound... so what guns are you after” “I hope you can get these for me... I need a CBJ-MS PDW SMG... it must hold a spare magazine in forward grip along with aim point sight; also I need MP-443 Grach hand gun, stun grenades, some duct tape, a pair of ear plugs and a lot of spare magazines for both guns... Oh, and a bullet proof vest if you can get one, mate.”
Jonathan sighes, then says “Ok Scott stay here out of sight, I’ll try and fulfill your little shopping list. I won’t be away for long stay hidden in the house until I get back”
Scott “That will do mate, see you when you get back. Say, do you still have your X-Box360? I need to run some tactical simulations as I want to be prepared for the assault.''''Yes it’s in the front room under the TV, try Battlefield 4 as it’s the best one, so play nice. See you soon, my mate. I hope I find everything you need.”

When Jonathan returns he has a huge smile on his face. He is carrying a large black rucksack and he chucks it at Scott’s feet,
“There you go mate one, shopping list filled along with a new outfit for you” says Jonathan as Scott unzips the bag.
Scott smiles amazed “Fucking hell mate that’s wonderful! You are still the big man I see.”“Of course... you didn’t doubt me did you?”replies Jonathan with a sly smile“Not even for a moment mate, I knew you would come through for me”.
Jonathan heads to the kitchen saying “You must be starving let me cook you some grub”“That would great, thank you.” replies Scott.
Jonathan cooks sausage chips and beans, and Scott stuffs himself.
After lunch, Scott asks “Jonathan, is it ok to crash here for a couple or three hours? I need to recharge, rest and meditate”“No problem mate, feel free to use my bedroom, it’s the large one at the front of the house”  
Scott goes to rest. When he wakes up, he looks at the clock and sees it's nearly 1AM, he takes the clothes  out of the bag and places them on the bed, he gets dressed in the new outfit Jonathan brought him. He heads down stairs and finds Jonathan asleep on the couch. Scott places an envelope into Jonathans top pocket then covers his friend up with a blanket that was draped over the back of the settee, then makes his way to his old house.
Now he’s wearing the bullet proof vest, black hoody, black combat trousers, black metal toe cap Doc Martens combat boots with red laces, full length black leather coat, with army green and black make up on his hands and face. He puts the hood up as  he approaches his house, there are two armed officers standing at the front of the house, two out the back and God knows how many inside.
Scott rationalizes that it’s now or never, as he walks slowly by the house, an armed officer, with the writing PC-1488 on his vest shouts“Halt, stand still, identify yourself!” he’s got his gun trained on Scott, he looks at the ground he says “Sorry I can’t hear you office, I have ear plugs in,“I’m not going to ask you again! What’s your name and why do you have ear plugs in?” insists the police officer.“Well it’s like this catch” replies Scott nonchalantly.

Scotts throws a stun grenade towards the officers, it lands directly under their feet with a loud bang. Both the officers PC-1488 and PC-1889 are disorientated. Taking advantage of their daze Scott opens his coat, draws his MP-443 handgun then double taps the officers, one bullet to the chest knocking them to the ground, then one to the head to finish them off. Now that both officers are lying on the floor dead, as fast as he could run the officers inside the house smash windows then return fire, and Scott runs behind a tree for cover. He flicks the safety on the handgun then puts it in the front of his trousers, he grabs hold of the PDW SMG on a sling around his neck, he has several magazines duct taped together in up and down position. He returns fire at the house, then makes a break for the front door while still firing towards the windows, he dives at the door using a shoulder block the door fly’s open, Scott lands on the floor in the hallway, he’s been hit in the shoulder, he scrambles to his feet and returns fire at the officers in the house. He empties the first clip, he changes the magazine and cocks the gun, then opens fire through the living room door by this time the officers at the rear of the house have made their way to the front, the officers in the living room fall back and take defensive positions, one behind the settee, and one behind the large overturned wooden table.
Just then the other two officers are standing either side of the front door they point their guns in the open door way they each fire a burst of bullets towards Scott's position, Scott has been hit in the chest several times and is thrown backwards on to the floor.
Luckily for him his bulletproof vest holds, Scott scrambles backwards while on his back kicking his legs to propel himself through the dining room door, when he’s through he kicks the door shut, he is bleeding from his shoulder wound.
He is also breathless due to the shots he took in the chest, the two officers enter the house calling for the other officers to join them as they have Scott cornered within the dining room, now the four police officers are about to blow the dining room door and rush in all guns blazing, Scott knows this and reloads his machinegun he walks over to the hinges' side of the door and fires a full clip concentrated on one point of the wall at waist height the bullets rip through the bricks slowly making a hole for through the wall. The last lot of bullets in the clip hit the officers on the other side, just as the door blows open it hits Scott knocking him into the wall, Scott can hear one of the officers shouting they have men down call for back up and medics. Scott reloads his gun, he throws a stun grenade through the hole in the wall, as it goes off the officers are disorientated, Scott rushes them there are just two left, he empties a full clip at them. Now, they are badly wounded but not dead yet.
Scott grabs his hand gun flicks the safety off, then executes the officers with a bullet to the head, he walks into the kitchen holding the bare exposed wire in the wall socket and throws the switch but nothing happens. Alarmed, he rushes to the fusebox. There is not a lot of time left before backup arrives but there are no fuses in the box, he sticks his small knife in the box to cross one the two poles in the fusebox but nothing happens as the electricity has been cut off.
Scott runs to the kitchen, looks through the cupboards to find a pepper grinder he grinds pepper over his feet and all out the back door way, as he can hear sirens heading his way he jumps the fence and runs through the back gardens until he is on the train tracks.
To his dread, he can hear the helicopter getting closer, he needs to get far enough away, running as fast as he can down the tracks towards Thomas Lomax house he knows there will be no one there as he already killed Thomas and he lived on his own. It is his only hope left.
When he arrives at Thomas’ place there are no lights on, there is a ''For Sale – Real Estate'' sign out the  front. Scott brakes a window then enters the house. He hides as he can hear the helicopter overhead, the police call for the dog section and K-9 units to track Scott's movements.
On arrival the dog handlers enter the front of house, the dogs pick up Scott’ scent as they walk through to the kitchen towards the back door, they sniff around, but the dogs refuse to go any further as they keep sneezing. The police search for a couple of hours but they can’t find Scott, once again he’s got away, and they have failed.
But unknowingly to him, Scott has killed two Nazi collaborators that were there to help as they had a portable generator in the back of the police van that would have powered his house allowing Scott to travel back in time and finish what he started. The two police men on Scott's side were guarding outside the front of the house as the numbers on their vests were a sign to Scott that they were there to help him but he just didn’t notice as he threw the stun grenade while looking at the ground, and then he executed them with a double tab one to the chest one shot to the head.

Will Scott ever find a way back to stop the Nokmim?
Or did he blow his only chance?
Only time will tell.

Adolf Hitler Into The Storm Oil Painting

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