Items in Story - Adolf Hitler's Operation Fail Safe Story By Novice Paul Dutton Rewritten By Jean-Marie Stucksi

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Items in Story

The Mutter Fokker MF 180 V- II Prototype

These state-of-the-art airplanes are a creation of Deputy Reichsführer-SS Scott Sutton.

The body of this model of plane is the one of a Focke Wulf 190, with the exhaust pipes retrofitted with small mufflers to enhance speed and to silence the plane while in flight.

This guarantees maximum performances in all conditions of combats and stealth action, making the plane excellent for every type of mission.

Scott also thought to retrofit the plane with Horten model 229 Wings to enhance speed and maneuverability, allowing the plane to do an uncoordinated maneuver.

This particular maneuver is called a ''180 degrees turn''.

Due to the wing span the wheel placement has been set back, in contrast to the original Focke Wulf Ml. 190, this caused the prototype to to go on a nose dive while landing.

To counteract the weight displacement, the engineers followed Scott's instructions and fitted a machine gun caliber 7,92mm under the rear tail.

Not only this allowed the plane to land safely, but also fitted it with a deadly weapon on its rear, so it can't be hit freely from the behind.

Hence, the Mutter Fokker MF 180 V-II was born.

The Wolfpack U-Boats Mine Traps

Those particular Wolfpack U-Boats were modified to deploy mines out in the sea, with each mine attached to specifically designed chains with a Magnetic Seal.

When the electricity is cut from it, the Seal opens with the force of each mine surfacing in the inteded position.

This was useful to lay traps for the Kriegsmarine's enemy, the British Royal Navy.

Those traps were designed to give off the illusion of a Wolfpack of U-Boats surfacing together all at once, giving impression to the British about being attacked, forcing them to turn to counterattack.

When the British Navy goes in for the attack, it runs into the German's mines, which weren't there the first pass.

While the enemies are in utter disarray for the mines and the explosions they did not expect, the Wolfpack U-Boats lying in wait to the front deploy their mines and attack the British on both sides with an encircling strategy, cutting of every way of escape and sealing the Royal Navy's doom.

Junkers Ju 390 V2 Prototype

The hull of this airplane has been modified to carry a 22-kiloton atomic device in Operation Thor's Hammer.

Tesla Power receiving station

In the time between February 1943 and April 1954, SS-Obergruppenführer Hans Kammler oversaw hundreds of shell oil companies all around the world.

These facilities were run by the SS alongside the Vril Society, and built hundreds of Tesla receiving stations purposely made to look like ordinary oil rigs facilities.

Those stations have been built specifically in particular nodal points on Earth, to allow electricity to jump wirelessly from station to station.

The station themselves have been built with four specifically designed Tesla Coil dishes placed around the base.
Once powered up those bases resonated electro-plasma around the whole tower, placing them in a fazed state out of synchronization and invisible in our timeline and dimension.

Those towers were to be used to permanently keep powered every type of Nazi Wonder Waffe and devices, like the Die Glockes ( also known as Nazi Bells).

Once each station has been placed out of our timeline's faze, the respective front company would be dissolved or run at loss.

This was the modus operandi for every company until every receiving station was completed, with the final one being ultimated on 30th March 1945.

Professor Hawkings' Magnetic Polarity Power Coils

These 100-feet diameter Polarity Power Coils were made to disrupt the natural magnetic flow of Earth , designed to push north towards north and south toward the south Pole in particular nodal points around the world.

Some of these points are in places like the location in western England called Hy-Brasil, Sedona in Arizona (USA), Belize in Central America, the Nazca Lines in Perù, the temples in Greece, Pyramids in Egypt, Northern China.

The process would slow the Earth's rotational pull movement long enough for the Die Glockes to become visible to the naked eye, making them vulnerable to being targeted by land-to-air missiles to destroy them and stop
the Reichsführer-SS Scott Sutton from interfering with the Past changing History as we know it.

Manually guided Torpedo

This peculiar manually-guided Torpedo was of simple design, with a glass gauge to indicate the safe distance to the frogman to bail off.

Also, a pair of push bike handlebars were implemented and wired on each side of the rudder anchored to let the device steer towards its target.

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