Characters - Adolf Hitler's Operation Fail Safe Story By Novice Paul Dutton Rewritten By Jean-Marie Stucksi

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Characters in story
Scott Joseph Sutton
The protagonist of the story. Born in 1965 to a modest but loving family, Scott always thought to be a normal person. In truth, he was a genetically enginered super weapon, the perfect Aryan soldier born to deliver the Third Reich to the Final Victory and World Domination. Thanks to the work of his uncle Hans, in reality SS-Obergruppenfuhrer and Doctor Hans Kammler; and doctor Josef Mengele of Auschwitz, Scott is genetically programmed to develop a brain tumor at the age of 50 which will make him obsess over the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler's Nationalsocialism.
When he receives a mysterious package containing a beautiful painting, a strange watch and an enigmatic letter, Scott understands what his true destiny is, and History and the world will never be the same....
Adolf Hitler
The supreme Fuhrer of Nazi Germany and the NSDAP, and the most important figure in World War II. Born the 20th of April 1889 in the austrian town of Branau Am Inn to an abusive father and a weak-willed albeit loving mother.
Trying to become an artist in Vienna in his young years, he had to struggle with poverty and witness the corruption of the Socialists and the intrigues of the Jews.
He fought valiantly in Wold War I, witnessing in first person what the war for Germany really meaned for the Kaiser Wilhelm II and realizing what the destiny of the German Reich should really be.
First joining a little, obscure party known as DAP (Deustche Arbeitspartei – Party of the German Workers), he was astonished to find out he the party was smaller than he though: memberships were counted from the number 500 onwards as to appear a larger political party.
He quickly took control of the party, renaming it the NSDAP ( National Sozialistichen Deutsche Arbeitspartei) and giving himself the title of Fuhrer.
After a failed coup in 1923 in Munich, aptly named the ''Beer Hall Putsch'', he got incarcerated alongside his henchmen in the Landsberg Prison and dictated his political testament, the Mein Kampf (My Struggle) to his closests friends Emil Maurice and Rudolf Hess.
He finally managed to seize the power in Germany in 1933, and in 1939 he started the Second World War, the war for Germany's future.
After quick victories in Poland and France, the defeats in England, Africa and the Soviet Union managed to bring Germany and the Nazi regime to ruin.
Everyone knows he killed himself in the Fuhrerbunker in Berlin alongside his wife Eva Braun shortly after having married her, but very few know he had a reserve a plan for achieving Final Victory, codenamed Operation Failsafe....
Dr. Hans Kammler
Obergruppenfurer of the SS and German doctor chief of the Wunderwaffe (Wonder Weapons) project, he was also the scientific mastermind behind Scott's birth and Operation Failsafe.
He also collected  the necessary knowledge and resources from dr. Nikola Tesla in New York in 1943.
At the start of the plot, he is in hiding and known to Scott only as ''Uncle Hans'', but stays true to his mission and when the time is ripe, he sends Scott various parcels containing a medal, a beautiful painting and a mysterious watch, alongside a very surprising letter, which kickstarts the entire story and change History as we know it.
Dr. Josef Mengele
SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer and chief medician at Auschwizt-Birkenau concentration camp, he is Scott's ''scientific father'' but not his biological one. His experiments were aimed to create fully human-reptilian hybrids. Scott is the only complete and functional hybrid. One failed experiment, Rowdy, is faithful to him and Scott and kept around as a pet.
Canon History says he was a sadist whose experiments were pointless and only aimed to satify his morbidy curiosity, but there is a lot more about this man that no one knows...
Dr. Nikola Tesla
Croatian-born American scientist and a genious of his time, his main work was structured around electricity and space-temporal jumps. His knowledge is essential for Operation Failsafe, and he is reached by Hans Kammler at his room in the New Yorker Hotel  on a fateful 7th  of January 1943....
Dr. Albert Einstein
Jewish-born German scientifical genious, is unprecedented talent for mathematics and physics earned him a Nobel Prize in 1921. Due to his jewish heritage and his hatred for the National Socialist regime, he is marked as an enemy, but his knowledge is fundamental for the creation of Hitler' Secret Weapon and the Wonderwaffe Program...
Heinrich Himmler
Fist Reichsfuhrer of the SS, and Minister of the Interior.
Born a humble officer cadet and chicken farmer, as he progressed in the ranks of the SS and established it as the most efficient and terryfing force of the Nazi Party, and the main force driving the Final Solution.
He quickly strikes up friendship with Scott, but as the latter climbs up the ranks and gets closer to his position, fear and ambition get the better of him.
Mainstream History says he tried to betray Hitler in the last days of war and surrender to the Allies only to be ignored and commiting suicide.
But with Scott's interference, everything will be different for him.
Hermann Goering
Hero of the First World War and main ace of the Luftwaffe, he flew with the famed ''Red Baron'', Hauptmann Manfred Von Richtofen.
Canon historians depicts him as a lazy, edonistic and obese man. With Scott's arrival, Hermann manages to become again the daring ace and hero he was in his youth, and with new planes engineered by Scott he is able to lead his Luftwaffe in battle against Britain, changing the course of History.
Reinhard Heydrich
Head of the SD (Sicherheitdienst – Security service) and Obergruppenfuhrer of the SS, he started his career as a young officer of the Kriegsmarine, only to be kicked out due to an affair with the daughter of a superior.
Joining the SS, he was tasked to create an intelligence system to investigate into the upper echelons of the German State and the Nazi Party itself. Called by Hitler himself the ''man with the iron heart'', he was intellingent, good-looking and ruthless, and quickly made his way in the ranks of the SS, from simple private to full General.
Among his initiatives were the ''Salon Kitty'' and the Night & Fog decree.
In the canon timeline he was killed by British-trained Czech commandos in June 1942, ma Scott's arrival changed his future as well as the world.
Léon Degrelle
Wallonian fascist, chief of the Rexism, he joined first the Wehrmacht and then the Waffen-SS in the early days of the War.
He quickly became to be regarded as a model soldier and Hitler himself said he was the son he always wanted.
With Scott's help, he's quick to show he is fully worthy of the trust placed upon him, by leading the German offensive in the Soviet Union and apprehending the Soviet leader Josef Stalin.
Professor Stephen Hawkings
Scientifical genious of our era and the entire human History, his discoveries in the fields of the quantum mechanics and theoretical physics are astonishing and forwarded our scientific research by  decades worhty of study. He suffers of a rare form of amyothropic lateral sclerosis that nearly entirely paralizes him.
When Scott begins to change History as we know it, professor Hawking become his main enemy and a battle of wits between the two commences, on which outcome dangles the destiny of the world.
Cyril Sutton
Scott's father and a brave RAF officer, he is a man faithful to his motherland and of strong principles.
Scott's insistence to meet him in a concentration camp will lead to unforeseen consequences that will change the course of Scott's mission and History.
SS-Oberfuhrer Dr. Joachim Marie Stucks
A young SS officer and Gestapo chief, he quickly becomes Scott's aide and trusted right-hand man, and also foils an attempt on his life.
As his position in the SS grows, also does his loyalty to the cause and Scott in particular.
One of Scott's friends, he is the most reliable and helps him through a lot of dangerous situations, risking for himself.
A really loyal and brave man, Scott soon learns he can count only on him and a few others in the direst times.
Thomas Lomax
One of Scott's friends, he's a laid back character and a joyful fellow, but he isn't the most reliable and trustworthy person in the times of peril.
Other minor characters
Rebecca Sutton, Scott's companion, she doesn't believe him at first, but when he changes History, so does her opinion.
Jane Sutton, Scott's little daughter
Sam Omar, owner of Sam Omar Computers and Scott's employer
James Sutton, Scott's brother
Andrew Sutton, Scott's nephew and James' son
David Cameron, British Premier
SS-Oberst-Gruppenfuhrer und Panzer-Generaloberst der Waffen-SS Josef ''Sepp'' Dietrich
SS-Gruppenfuhrer Otto Hoffman, Head of the SS Race and Settlement Main Office
SS-Gruppenfuhrer Heinrich Muller, Head of Gestapo
SS-Oberfuhrer Dr. Karl Eberhard Schongart, Commander of the SiPo and the SD in the General Government
SS-Oberfuhrer Gerhard Klopfer, Secretary of the NSDAP
SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Adolf Eichmann, Head of Referat IV B4 of the Gestapo
Recording secretary
SS-Sturmbannfuhrer Dr. Rudolf Lange, Chief of SiPo and SD, RSHA for the region of Latvia
SS-Brigadefuhrer Wilhelm Stuckart, State Secretary
Dr. Roland Freisler, State Secretary
Dr. Georg Leibbrandt, Reichsamleiter
Dr. Alfred Meyer , Gauleiter for the NSDAP
Dr.Josef Buhler, State Secretary
SS-Oberfuhrer Erich Neumann, State Secretary
Friedrich Wilhelm Kritizinger, State Secretary
Marthin Luther, Under Secretary
SS-Sturmbannfuhrer Lindstrom
Josef Stalin, State secretary of the Soviet Communist Party and Generalissimo of the Soviet Union
Jacques Stosskopf, French double agent
Colonel Claus Schenck von Stauffenberg, Operation Valkirye mastermind and conspirator against Adolf Hitler
Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister
The British soldiers
The RAF soldiers
The Royal Navy Soldiers
The policemen
The IRA insurgents
The SS soldiers
The Gestapo agents
The Wehrmacht, Kriegsmarine and Luftwaffe soldiers
The Nokmim assassins
Bill & Ted the Mossad Agents
The Jewish inmates
and Rowdie the reptilian pet.
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